How Fast is Fiber Internet?

In theory, each fiber internet link has the potential to carry up to 44 terabits per second. This is almost one million times faster than the average speed of the internet that most U.S. citizens have access to. Coming to reality, as of now, fiber internet speeds can go up to 1,000 Mbps.

We all know that a higher bitrate indicates higher internet speed, which makes fiber the better option. Another great detail about fiber internet is that it offers symmetrical speeds, meaning identical upload and download speeds. This further means that the latency levels of fiber internet connections are very low comparatively, making it a perfect fit for gamers, streamers, and other heavy internet users.

How Fast is Fiber Optic Internet Connection than Cable?

Fiber optic internet speeds are much faster than both cable and DSL connections. The maximum download speed that a cable internet connection can offer is 500 Mbps, while the maximum upload speed is just 50 Mbps. This substantial difference between the upload and download speed further means that you can expect relatively higher latency levels with cable internet.

Having said that, since cable internet uses coaxial cables that already have an extensive network in the country, it is far more affordable and accessible than fiber internet.

How Fast is Fiber Optic Cable Internet than DSL?

DSL connections have become obsolete in some metro cities in the U.S. because of the availability of better counterparts, such as cable. This clearly means that fiber is way better than DSL connections. An average DSL connection can offer up to 35 Mbps of download speeds and up to 20 Mbps of upload speeds.

DSL internet is transmitted through telephone lines and since these lines are deployed vastly all over the country, accessing this internet is a much easier option. Another thing that ensures the existence of DSL connections in this modern age is that it is a reliable internet choice for people living in rural areas.

Comparing the speeds and latency levels of fiber and DSL, it is quite evident that fiber optic internet wins all the way!

The Final Verdict: Is Fiber Internet fast?

Assessing the fiber internet speeds and those of its counterparts, it is clear that fiber optic is the fastest internet connection that we have right now. Fiber optic Internet has high bandwidth and low latency, which makes it a very reliable option for those who want to stream videos and play online games.

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