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Grow Your Business, Get a TV!

Author: Andy Updated: 30 Oct, 2019

Blue light has been a trap for everyone. It does not matter if you are a millennial or not. There is something that you have that emits the eye-catching, attention trapping, and addictive blue light. It encapsulates all digital screens and devices. There is no way you have not interacted with one. It has taken the world by storm and the movie WALL.E seems like the reality.

Television or TV is a device that is commonly used. Its size and attraction is unparalleled. There are alternatives to entertainment but it is almost irreplaceable. The introduction of smart TVs ensured that this device does not get replaced by phones, phablets, and other smart devices.

Its size and availability makes it attractive, useful and a must-have item. It is in our bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. Why? There so much to watch, relish, and enjoy. There is an option to watch an episode that you look forward to, grab onto it. There are more reasons to have a TV everywhere than there were before. The interesting thing is TV is not a domestic need anymore. It is something that has to be in business places. Here are some businesses that can benefit from the presence of a TV:


TV is not just about entertainment. It can also be used to display information. Offices with lobbies need to add a TV. It can serve purposes. It can be a source of entertainment. Put on cable, news, or display stocks if you are in that business. It can also carry your logo, mission statement, short promotion videos or customer experiences. It makes people feel connected and inclusive. Communication seems something important to you and the lobby looks lively.

Restaurants, Cafés, Bars

These places need to be like magnets. Attracting people all day every day. No one is going walk in again after a bland first experience. To make your place a go-to spot, get a TV. You can play music videos, shows, sports, and almost anything you like. Casual restaurants, diners, and coffee shops can become a den where regulars can sit and watch morning news. Coffee in the hand, sandwich on the table, eyes on the TV, and newspaper on the side.

Fitness Centres

Everyone cares about health. With all the things the new century brought with it, the fitness craze is my favorite one. With all the muscular people all over social media, everyone gives it a go. Of all the things you do, treadmill or other cardio workouts can be long, exhausting, and boring. These are the sweet spots to add some entertainment. Put up a TV against the machine and people might stay longer. This fun is the ticket that they would want to stay in your gym or studio.


Gathering the crowd, holding people down for a while, and making the experience is all good but not convincing. It is especially not convincing when it comes to those who see things as profit or loss. They do have a point, a valid one at that. Business, in essence, is run so that it can generate money. When it comes to adding a TV it is an expense. This expense grows based on the type, model, and size of TV you choose. The price jumps to another level when you have multiple screens to get. Here are a couple of reasons how TV can help you financially:

1. Deductions

No matter what business you are in, there’s a good chance that you need internet. Coffee shop, restaurant, Café, bar or a corporate office. You need internet and there is no alternative. The thing with internet is that speed matters. This speed defines the kind experience you may have. Every business likes its customers to have a good one. It is a key that ensures repetitive visits.

Internet is a resource that we love. The more, the merrier. It does not mean that you should get more than one internet connection. It points to the fact that speed is what needs your focus. Getting an internet connection for your business place means there will be a large number of users. All of them will suck up the speed and there is only so much your connection can handle. The solution is to get a high-speed connection. That is all good but when you want higher speeds the cost go up. An internet connection can cost as much as $100 a month. Now that’s a lot. The real question is how can you get great speeds and control the cost?

You are not the only one that wants services. The providers want that as well. Why? More services for the same customer would mean lower costs and greater revenue. They, like you, are running a business and they want what you want. Lower costs and greater profits. What they do is that they offer better prices when you are willing to bundle up your services. You already have internet. Telephone is something that you use as well. Get a cable TV connection on top of these and lower the cost. You may just get a great deal. If you are lucky you may not even have to pay extra to get an additional service. Added benefit with no additional cost!

2. Taxes

We have already established that getting a TV is a big expense. You can lower it using different means and ways. How about getting a TV and reducing tax due? Yep, that’s right. Small businesses can and should deduct services and equipment from their taxes. If you are starting a new business, you may be able to add it to capital expenditures. You just added a service, got attention of your customers, and saved. All at the same time.

We know adding expense to any business is difficult. The decision to add it is worse when the cost is big and getting a TV is expensive. Then again, there’s another financial reason to get a TV. You can list the cost as deductions and lower the costs. It has now started to look more like an investment than a cost. About time you start sizing up your options!

Wrap up!

This was our view of how the introduction of a TV to your business may be of some help. This looks to be an extra reason for your customers to stay. A perk that should get you higher number of sales. This may help to soften the image of your company or maybe convince that talent that you have been looking for. Inclusive, entertaining, informational with saving!

In order to get the best use out of your TV, it should have the channels, services and features that fit your business needs. Check out the best deals in your area at LocalCableDeals and compare providers and plans to ensure you get the best value for money out of your subscription plan.



Andy has a keen interest in technology, digital marketing, and sports. He loves to write about these topics and stay updated with emerging trends. He regularly writes for Spectrum internet and other digital platforms.

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