Charter Spectrum is the second-largest cable provider in the United States with internet, cable TV and home phone coverage in around 44 states. Let us look at Spectrum Internet and all the benefits you receive with it.

Usually, the first question that comes to mind is, does Spectrum Internet require a contract? Well, it does not. The best thing about Spectrum is that all its services are offered without a contract. Yes, that’s how sure they are about the quality of their services and the training of their customer support staff who are there to help you any time you face a problem.

Along with no contract Spectrum internet comes a 30 days money-back guarantee, no data caps, free anti-virus software, and a free modem. However, there will be an extra monthly cost for the Wi-Fi router (if you require one) and a one-time Wi-Fi service activation fee. Taxes and fees will be calculated on your monthly bill according to the tax rate applicable in the state you live in. One-time installation fees will apply as per your chosen option but can be skipped altogether if you own a modem and router that is compatible with Spectrum internet.

Spectrum’s advertised prices are promotional rates that return to standard rates after the promotional period ends, which is usually one year. However, since there’s no contract you can cancel your service if the standard rates seem unaffordable at the time. No questions asked!

All you need to do is call 18444815998 to speak to a well-trained representative who can help you sign up or cancel in a matter of minutes.