Streaming services have been cutting the cord which was impossible to get from the conventional satellite or cable package. Many were loving the exotic migration from the traditional cable to the streaming world of wonderland. The wonderland residents (i.e. the streamers) fancied their one-stop (favorite) shows arena at an affordable price. Everyone was happy in this world of wonderland, but Alice – the sportsman professional in our story, was displeased with this paradigm shift.

Many sports individuals were attracting their fans off these streaming (wonderland) to stay on traditional cable where they could enjoy Alice – the sportsman play their favorite sport. Alice adored ESPN where his sporting events were broadcasted until the advent of ESPN . This was Alice’s true wonderland (a new streaming space for sports enthusiasts).

espn plus bundle

Spectrum’s stance on net neutrality?

Psst, this conventional cable had too many mainstream deals with the sports leagues that have actually prevented other major streamers like Netflix, Hulu to not stream games on their behalf. Gladly speaking, ESPN got that thing sorted for all the sports lovers out there and have the low-cost service agreement that will swamp the sport spirit enthusiasm and the fans’ appetites with its abundant amount of content.

Okay, no more “once upon a time” stories, let’s get a hold of it.

Highlights of ESPN plus streaming service

Disclaimer: the offers available will vary as per the location and are subject to the change as per the request, it has been effective from December’ 18th of the prior year (2Y19).

What’s with the new limelight ESPN and is it worth it?

The aforementioned sports saga must have let you flow with the rhetoric. ESPN has squeezed its features in light of ESPN . ESPN offers UFC fighting events, MLB, MLS, and NHL games, college and international level footy, PGA golf, boxing, series A soccer, tennis, and so forth.

espn plus app

As an avid sports enthusiast, I have never overlooked ESPN and always kept an innate eye on each sporting event – especially football leagues. But there was always a sense of longing for more on sports, perhaps it was my big appetite which made me feel something off or missing that ESPN handled for me. I have a whole list going, from exclusive mob video content to some on-demand shows and live games with “in-depth” analysis or recaps of unescapable and unforgettable sporting ventures from my high school times. There is only one thing and that is the unwanted commercials during an intense live match. This is indifferent to regular ESPN channel part of any regular TV. Unfortunately, there are also no live NBA/NFL games that put me off. The NFL replays are available on-demand, with Peyton Manning and Daniel Cormier hosting some analysis that would satiate your appetite. The documentaries like “30 for 30” is also available to stream (but on demand).

Summary of included stuff in ESPN

NOTE: there is no free trial available for ESPN , this is exchanged with the cancellation policy anytime.

Why should you review your ESPN subscription?

ICYMI, ESPN plus is very complex and should not be mixed with ESPNews, ESPN2, and ESPN itself. An ESPN subscription will not get you live games access which is streamed or broadcasted on other networks. MLB games are there, but Sunday Night Baseball won’t be there.

User Experience

Today, no matter how productive and useful the tool is, be it an app, website, phone, or anything you name, it HAS to be user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. ESPN is easily accessible on all sorts of platforms. The latest updated version of the ESPN app is now serving as a host to the brand-new ESPN streaming service. If you are an existing customer and already have an ESPN account or have subscribed to ESPN’s premium service or ESPN insider, you do not require a new app, you can simply sign up without downloading the new app. Also, you should know that the ESPN app and WatchESPN app are not the same. If you are a new customer, you would be selecting your favorite leagues and teams when using the ESPN app for the first time.

Crux of the story – it is not like the customary cable login giving you access to ESPN networks, it is different, yet although it complements ESPN.

espn plus cost

The never regretting purchase

Although you can cancel subscription anytime, I bet ESPN will get you so hooked that you won’t need to LEAVE it. Why? That’s because ESPN got original programming for you. From Sneaker City to Detail with Kobe Bryant, ESPN got your back. First off, ESPN works wonderfully on Chromecast, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV and offers services that were not part of the original ESPN platform.

This means that the latest streaming services offered as ESPN exceeds the serviceability of ESPN, working well on Roku services, right out of the gate. The streaming too, works pretty smooth on wireless and/or wired devices. The affordable pricing, a library full of wanted, and on-demand content, with rich (live and replays) of your favorite sporting leagues or events. The only set back is no live NFL or NBA games broadcasted or vox pop shows just like on the ESPN platform.

Don’t worry, we still have some line-up recommendations for you that will cheer you up or uncover an inexpensive subscription scoop! You can enjoy footy fantasy or sports bloggers/experts working diligently to hammer an ongoing exciting analysis for the fans. ESPN got a good streaming experience but we had witnessed some streaming issues in the past. ESPN take advantages of such experience (of streamlining from ESPN) in conjunction with these issues that are delicately handled in the new platform, giving experiences worth having for all the sports enthusiast.

To reap the blissful showers of ESPN , it gets sweet with each deal, but with a $49.99 annual subscription, it gets even sweeter (with saving for 10 bucks overall). This wholesome package is worth lesser, stating in light of the absent NBA and NFL streamlines. The content is rich and on-demand like O.J.: Made in America, 30:30, E:60, NBA: The Jump, Get Up!, High Noon, and many drill-down: in the crease, BTS of LAFC soccer, lacrosse, rugby, cricket, tennis, etc. Since ESPN doesn’t stream local channels and the void sports event could be watched on (glimpse) ABD, CBS, and FOX, etc.

You can combine ESPN with streaming services like:

  1. Netflix for an additional $8.99 a month,
  2. fuboTV for an extra $54.99 a month,
  3. YouTube TV for an additional layer of $49.99 a month

Pinning with other streamlining options: What do I get with these add-ons or extra $$?

  1. YouTube TV gets you more than 70 live streaming entertainment with an unlimited DVR
  2. Soccer lover? fuboTV got you covered with more live stream options
  3. As the name suggests, get on your sports-free saga with Netflix

Additional info: Cloud DVR do not offer DVR services but have the option to go for replay later.

Just wondering if you are a house full of a sports fan? Then why don’t you go for ESPN which allows you to watch up to 5 streams simultaneously? Something to flaunt about in a group of friends, right? Make sure, you have a good internet connection so buffering and pixelation is dependent on the quality of the internet service provider you have.

NOTE: the 1080p works in the fragment of 60 frames/second which is the technical language of pixels just like on Hulu, Netflix, or any similar streaming lines. The audio jackpot offers a standard of 2.0 stereo. Unfortunately, 4K ultra HD video or Dolby Digital 5.1 is not yet available.

Final Verdict on ESPN plus sports streaming service:

I hear you, NBA and NFL are something Americans adore, but we can’t miss out on the other choices at the expense of these void episodes? Come on! That’s unfair now. You cannot let go off the hardcore sports nut at a dirt-cheap price, saving you $5 and $10 (see above). The MLS content is tempting for the die-hard or cord-cutters.

espn plus review

If you are also a sports lover, which I believe you are as you are still reading this blog post, you are absolutely going to love ESPN because for an enthusiast the more the better – and ESPN had room for more. Now whether it’s MLB, college football games, Top Rank Boxing, Serie A soccer, and several others; this sports live streaming service provides everything you would want at one platform – making the access of the desired content way too convenient than ever before.

Is there any value addition after getting ESPN ?

If you are a UFC fan, you wouldn’t find anything better than ESPN and won’t even ask for more variety of content. Yes, on a serious note, this streaming service is an exclusive hub of UFC, which means that you would get all and everything here. Enlisting a compilation of the available prominent programming on ESPN for UFC fans alone.


The takeaway is: ESPN is something you will regret not having. Don’t look at the words, try it and let us know in the comment section underneath. There is always room for improvements in any app you use, maybe not initially but with the time you get to realize it could’ve been better with a certain feature. And such ideas will trigger a higher price call for each improvement made, of course, the sports enthusiasm is great and would pay higher to satiate the sports appetite of every sports lover.

As of now, we know it is not even 5 bucks, so what’s stopping you? ESPN and Disney are a blend of beauty and the beast hookup, looking for omnivorous beasty sports fans and beauties together (smiles)!

Wait, internet connection –? Ah, yes, it should be almost up to 25 Mbps of speed. If it is lesser than the aforementioned speed it will lose the desired charm. If it is super slow, it is the right time to renew or cancel your subscription with your internet provider or reconsider it for the love of your life – sports. You can check all the top providers in your area by entering your zip code in the zip code bar and compare what fits you the most. An inattentive choice of internet connection package is going to interrupt your live streaming, sports dosage, and eventually the sports content, so, make sure you invest in the right package. The best idea is to invest your time while selecting so you don’t regret later and pay for what you signed up for not less nor more.

Okay, I sorted my internet issues, what next –? Let’s look into the compatibility, although no dedicated application has been out there, if you go on the ESPN app you have to dig for the gold E tab. Opting for a subscription is straightforward you need to create a new login or sign up using the website and boom you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does E have UFC fights and college basketball?

Yes, to both, for UFC fights it is available via pay-per-view and for college basketball, there are some conferences aired such as the Ivy League, Big 12 games, and the Conference USA.

I’ve it purchased and I have MAC does it work here?

Good one! Besides the MAC web browser ( it is also available on iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku (stick as well), Amazon Fire TV, PS4, Xbox 1, Chromecast (Google), Oculus, Samsung Smart TV.