Personally, I’m not a big TV fan, not because it’s something that doesn’t APPEAL me but because I generally enjoy being out and about more than sitting on the couch staring at the TV screen for hours at length. Now, I know many of us enjoy being couch potatoes and believe me I don’t judge at all. In fact, it is these people that help the film and television industry flourish, which in turn has given us many amazing movies and wonderful shows to cherish for generations to come.

Cable television is part of every household’s list of amenities, but with the rising living costs, it’s getting harder to afford such facilities. Choose AT&T TV with its economical packages, to ensure that no home has to cut the cord to stay in budget.

TV Packages:

It offers AT&T Entertainment TV package starting from $44.99/month with around 39,000 On-Demand Titles, Live TV, 4500 apps like Netflix & Pandora etc. and so much more! Taxes, fees and surcharges are always on top of the advertised price. Just like the internet plans, you receive one TV package and have the option to customize it and add on services according to your needs. Standard rates will be applicable after the promotional period, which could be for either 12 months or in some cases 24 months. Although, just like the internet plans there is no contract so you can decide to cancel your services whenever you want without worrying about early termination fees. You can also opt another TV package if you want more channels and options by going through the AT&T TV channel guide.

Broadcast Fee:

AT&T charges a mandatory monthly broadcast fee up to $9.99 per month. Almost all the cable TV providers in the market have recently started charging a new fee which has caused confusion among many. The name sounds like a surcharge introduced by government so a lot of people don’t even question it when informed about it. Although, in reality, it is a fee that individual cable providers decide and impose by themselves. According to cable providers, this fee helps them offset the rising prices of buying broadcasting rights from broadcast companies. They claim that it is difficult to provide for the costs of the TV station if this fee is not passed on to the customer.


While most providers make you go through the hassle of either using your own equipment or renting it from your providers – AT&T has got you covered! The only hardware you need with an AT&T TV is the voice remote and the TV device that comes with your package. You plug the device, connect it to an outlet and follow the prompts once you turn it one – that’s it! Installation charges? What are those, we say!

Moreover, you also get a cloud storage for recording all 500 hours of your favorite shows and movies. You don’t even need to worry about clearing the storage later on – it will delete itself automatically after 90 days and save you a lot of time. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


There are several package upgrades, sports channels, premium channels, and international programming available at additional fees that will be added to your monthly bill.


Oh no – there’s no such thing as installation charges if you choose AT&T TV – I mean what are those, right? The company took its sweet time to come up with a device so easy to setup that even a child can do so!

If you have any queries before signing up, AT&T’s friendly customer representatives are just a call away, and their website is just a click away.