If you are looking for a service provider, you might find that not all the service providers in the country are within your residential location. Although some service providers like Xfinity are the most popular and found in most households, they have limited availability around the country. If the new subscribers want, some service providers can even have the services installed right up to their doorsteps.

Xfinity – an introduction

Xfinity is the child company of Comcast, the biggest telecom organization in the US. It is available in 39 states and its services are the most widely used. Xfinity offers three basic services regarding internet, cable TV, and phone. It also offers any two or all three services in a bundle, which is easily affordable if you are looking to save your budget. Otherwise, you can also go for standalone services that come with their own reasonable rates.

Xfinity Internet Plans, Prices, and Speeds

  • Speeds up to 75 Mbps
  • Stability & Security
  • Smooth Streaming

Starting At


[In Central US]

For 12 months with 1-year term contract. Taxes and equipment not included. Paperless billing and automatic payments required

Call Xfinity Customer Service at: 1-844-207-8722

Central Division

Xfinity BundleDownload SpeedChannelsStarting Price
Blast! Internet Basic TV200 Mbps1060.00/moCall Now
Blast! Internet Extra TV200 Mbps125$80.00/moCall Now
Extreme Internet Extra TV400 Mbps125$90.00/moCall Now
Extreme Internet Preferred TV400 Mbps200$100/moCall Now

Internet speeds, availability, and price may vary from area to area.

Western Division

Xfinity BundleDownload SpeedChannelsStarting Price
Choice TV Performance Select100 Mbps10$44.99/moCall Now
X1 Saver Pro & Performance Pro Internet200 Mbps125$69.99/moCall Now
X1 Starter Pro & Blast Pro Internet400 Mbps125$94.99/moCall Now
X1 Premier Pro With HBO Max & Gigabit Internet1200 Mbps185$129.99/moCall Now

Internet speeds, availability, and price may vary from area to area.

Northeastern Division

Xfinity BundleDownload SpeedChannelsStarting Price
Choice TV Performance Pro Internet200 Mbps10$54.99/moCall Now
Standard TV & Performance Pro Internet200 Mbps130$79.99/moCall Now
Select TV & Blast! Internet400 Mbps205$89.99/moCall Now
Signature TV & Extreme Pro Internet800 Mbps210$119.99/moCall Now

Internet speeds, availability, and price may vary from area to area.

Although Xfinity is the most widely available telecom service in the US, there are times when it cannot provide its services to some areas. It may be that some areas have restricted access to a limited number of service providers, or some locations are too far away from one of Xfinity’s physical locations.

Call Xfinity Customer Service at: 1-844-207-8722

How does the provision of Xfinity services work?

Following are the steps that Xfinity takes to determine the availability of any of its services in your locality.

But first, Xfinity has mentioned the following conditions for not providing Xfinity services in your area; living outside of the service area, living more than 3000 feet from the nearest Xfinity’s physical location, and your property owner or community association not giving access to Xfinity to provide service due to an agreement with other service providers.

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to check online if Xfinity services are available in your area by clicking on this link. If you are unable to find your address in the link, you can reach out to Xfinity’s customer service, which is available 24/7.

  2. Now the process of service availability requires certain steps which include giving you a ticket number for future reference, asking additional questions like the longitude and latitude of your resident, utility bill, or any information that can help Xfinity determine if they can easily provide service to your address. You can also share your contact information like cell number or email so they can keep you in the loop about your inquiry.

  3. Xfinity will then work on your service availability inquiry. Your regional location may already be wired for Xfinity services, but sometimes your specific address is needed to be added to the billing system for services. If Xfinity has never provided services to your regional location, they will need to install wire infrastructure to extend their physical network to your address.

Whatever decision that Xfinity ends up making, they will reach you on your text messages or email with either the affirmative or negative message.

  1. To estimate what kind of construction they would need to work on, Xfinity also takes a survey of your residential location.

  2. After surveying comes to the process of construction. After receiving construction payment from you, i.e. if it is required, Xfinity will then move ahead with the construction process.

  3. Construction includes submitting an installation design plan and requesting permission from the local government. Once permits have been received, and if there are no government or weather restrictions, the construction of Xfinity service will be installed from your address to the nearest Xfinity location.

The next processes will include the installation of the Xfinity services inside your homes, which wouldn’t take much time until you can finally make use of these services.

If you are looking for any other service provider around your area, you can also look them up here. Maybe one of those will be having their service delivered right to your doorsteps without any delay.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of services does Xfinity offer?

Xfinity offers three services which are cable TV, internet, and phone.

How can I check if Xfinity services will be provided to my address?

To find out if Xfinity services will be provided to your address, you can look it up here.

Is Xfinity service available 24/7?

Yes, Xfinity service is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

How will I hear about my inquiry from Xfinity?

The Xfinity service will reach out to you on your mobile phone or email about your inquiry.