If you're constantly facing slow internet speeds and wondering ‘does Windstream throttle?’, then the simple answer to your question is NO! Windstream does not throttle or manage network congestion. Throttling is done by internet service providers when a user exceeds the allotted data limit and leads to a gradual reduction (or suspension, in the worst case) of internet speeds.

Many ISPs across America use different strategies to manage data usage or bandwidth. Luckily, all Windstream internet plans offer unlimited data without imposing any data caps, which means you can enjoy consistent high-speed internet all the time. However, if you’re facing slow speeds, there could be other factors at play, such as:

  1. Many connected devices consuming data at the same time.
  2. Multiple cloud storage devices sharing bandwidth.
  3. Network problems in your area.
  4. The website you’re trying to connect to might be having issues.
  5. Using wireless connections instead of Ethernet.

Once you have identified which one of the aforementioned reasons is the cause of slow internet speeds at your end, you can fix it through these easy steps:

  • Manually turn off all the cloud applications that have been using your bandwidth.
  • Disconnect the unnecessary devices that are consuming your data and not in your use currently.
  • Reach out to Windstream customer service to know about network issues in your area. You can also check Windstream's official Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to check if you’re getting the exact speeds you’ve opted for.

Wrapping up

Even though Windstream offers reliably fast internet speeds, you can often face issues like slow internet. Try out the simple tips mentioned above to fix your internet speeds or contact Windstream customer support. Their helpful staff will look into your matter in no time and offer you the best solution for your problem.