Cable TV is a vital part of every household, bringing families together and allowing them to connect with the world around them. Thus, choosing a cable TV provider requires some attention. If you are already a subscriber of Windstream Internet or phone service and are wondering if Windstream offers cable TV service or not, the answer is a no. Windstream no longer provides cable TV service. However, you have other options to watch your favorite TV shows, which we will be discussing in this blog. So keep reading to learn about all the available options offered by Windstream.

Windstream's Cable Packages

Windstream used to offer Windstream Kinetic TV, which was a cable-like service offering various packages with different channel lineups to fit your needs. The provider no longer offers cable TV packages however, you have the option to bundle YouTube TV, DIRECTV, or DIRECTV STREAM subscription with your Windstream internet plan.

What Cable TV Options You Have With Windstream

While you may not have the option of watching cable TV with Windstream, you can still watch all your favorite channels by bundling Windstream Internet with streaming services including DIRECTV and DIRECT NOW.

Windstream Internet and DIRECTV Bundle

DIRECTV is a satellite TV service that comes with an annual contract that might require you to pay for equipment installation. By bundling DIRECTV with your Windstream Internet service you can enjoy the flexibility of watching digital TV live, on-demand, or recorded at any time.

Windstream Internet and DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is an online streaming service. That means you can stream your favorite shows on any compatible device whether it’s a desktop, laptop, compatible tablet, or cell phone. When bundling DIRECTV NOW with Windstream Internet, you’ll want to check your internet speed options and opt for a higher tier plan for the best streaming quality. Check out Kinetic Internet, which has speeds up to 2 Gig, for a total entertainment package.

Kinetic by Windstream Internet Service

Kinetic Internet offers speeds up to 2 Gbps and is ideal for households with multiple users and devices. Kinetic Internet also includes free modem rental and 24/7 customer support.

Contact Windstream Customer Service: 1-877-875-1220

Windstream Internet

Enjoy the best of internet services with Kinetic Windstream internet

  • Speed up to 2000 Mbps
  • Enjoy unlimited internet
  • No contracts/ no data caps
  • Enhanced security with Kinetic Secure by Windstream

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Windstream Internet Prices

Windstream offers various internet packages at affordable prices. The price varies depending on the internet speed and location.

Windstream WiFi

Windstream's WiFi service provides strong and reliable WiFi coverage throughout your home. With Windstream WiFi, you can connect multiple devices without compromising the speed.

Windstream Internet Speedtest

Windstream's Internet Speedtest helps you measure your internet speed and troubleshoot any issues. You can perform the speed test here.


Windstream does not offer cable TV service. However, you have the option to bundle your favorite streaming services like DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW with your Kinetic Internet service and enjoy watching all your favorite TV shows. Make sure to choose the plan that fits your streaming needs and budget. 

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