Spectrum takes huge pride in being one of the rare providers who offer contract buyouts to save you from going broke in the name of those exploitative Early Termination Fees. Spectrum not only saves you from all contractual commitments but also offers to pay $500, on your behalf if you incur an early termination fee while choosing to switch to Spectrum.

Spectrum offers the contract buyout option to Spectrum Triple Play and Double Play (in selective areas) customers. The answer to does spectrum mobile buyout contracts is, unfortunately, no!

You have to opt for bundle services of Spectrum cable, Spectrum internet, and voice to be eligible for the contract buyout option.

Contract Buyout Eligibility

Spectrum contract buyout applies to customers who order a Triple Play or in some cases Double Play Package (contact spectrum customer service to find out more). You will need to submit a duly filled Spectrum contract buyout form along with a copy of the final bill you received from your last provider clearly mentioning the Early Termination Fee. If your bill doesn’t state an Early Termination Fee then request your provider to send you an adjusted invoice.

Once you fulfill the documentation requirements and clear all the vetting procedures, you will be sent out the payment against the Early Termination Fee, which must not exceed $500, on your registered spectrum billing address.

Please note that this offer applies only to the customers who do not have any outstanding payments or obligations to Charter Communications. You can avail of this offer only once on a single account.

In short, here is what you need to do to get the contract buyout facility:

  1. Subscribe to one of the qualifying bundle offered by Spectrum
  2. Get a copy of the final bill from your ex-provider clearly stating the Early Termination Fee
  3. Fill out the Contract Buyout form and email it to Spectrum
  4. Receive the contract buy out amount within 15 days
  5. Start living a life of ease, access, and entertainment with Spectrum

Spectrum Mobile Subscription

For those looking to switch to Spectrum Mobile, unfortunately, Spectrum doesn’t offer a contract buyout at the moment, however, if you order a triple play bundle with spectrum internet in it, along with an active credit card with a good credit rating, you can easily sign up for the amazing Spectrum Mobile service. You, however, will have to bear all the pending costs of both mobile and connection from your previous provider.

This is all for today, we hope that the information listed above was of some help. Stay tuned to this space for more latest updates.