Spectrum Internet customers can take a sigh of relief as the nation’s favorite internet service provider offers its customers their mobile phone service too. In short, Spectrum is not only for your household needs but also for anyone in search of inexpensive mobile phone service. Technically, Spectrum is a network operator, functioning on the pre-existing infrastructure of Verizon along with a network of Spectrum’s very own over 500,000 nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots. From a customer’s perspective, an MVNO like Spectrum cell phone service sometimes offers a better deal as compared to a large service provider, with absolutely nothing to compromise in service quality.

So, the answer to the question; does spectrum have cell phone service is a big YES! However, to be eligible for this service, you need to have a subscription of spectrum internet. Also, there are a few considerations that you’ll have to meet to qualify for the amazing Spectrum cell phone service. Some of them include:

  • Being a Spectrum internet subscriber
  • Buying a device via Spectrum mobile
  • Signing up for automatic payments
  • Having a good credit score with the company

Once you meet all of these requirements, you can conveniently start enjoying the Spectrum cell phone service at a steal price of $14 per month for By the Gig plan and $45 per month for the Unlimited plan. With all that said and done, let's plunge into the details and see if Spectrum cell phone is the right choice for you.

How is Spectrum cell phone service different?

One of the most noticeable and attractive features of Spectrum Mobile is the fact that it automatically switches to Spectrum’s Wi-Fi hotspots whenever your device is in the range of one. Especially saving cellular data for By the Gig customers.

How much does Spectrum Mobile cost?

Spectrum Mobile, or more commonly referred to as Spectrum cell phone service, offers two types of plans. The data-limited one, branded as By the Gig plan costs you $14 per GB per month. For any extra GB that you use, you are charged an extra $14. However, those with the unlimited data plan have to pay a one-time $45 each month. P.s. These prices don’t include service fees or taxes, which vary with your location. Another factor you need to keep in mind is that your internet speeds may be throttled once you cross 5GB data. To keep track of the limit, you can sign up for data notifications through Spectrum mobile, which enables you to conveniently keep your usage in check.

Is there a contract involved in Spectrum cell phone service?

Keeping up with Spectrum’s legacy, there is no such contract involved in Spectrum mobile service. If you choose to cancel your service within 30 days of your next billing date then you'll only be charged for the current month.

Furthermore, if you choose to remove the Spectrum cell phone service within the initial 30 days of its subscription then you are eligible for a full refund. They only deduct a $35 restocking fee or any arrears and you will be free to go.