Cox offers one of the easiest-to-use customizable TV plans that offer complete control over what you watch and pay for. You can simply choose the TV channels you watch regularly and add them to your TV plan. There are also set plans for various entertainment and budget needs.

The Cox Wireless Cable Boxes provide access to all Live TV channels as well as subscription apps  like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. The voice remote that comes along with your cable box helps you search for channels with ease.

How to Get a Cox Wireless Cable Box?

Ordering the cable or contour box is very simple. You just need to select your TV plan and DVR device of your choice. With the Cox Wireless Cable Box, you can watch TV programs at your convenience. Busy during an important sports event? Simply record the show to watch later.

The Cox Contour and wireless boxes allow you to:

  • Skip ads
  • Record more than one show at a time
  • Pause or rewind Live TV
  • Store HD videos

DVR Plans for all Family Sizes

The Cox cable boxes offer three distinct plans with variations of:

  • Number of shows that can be recorded at one time
  • Hours of HD storage

The Ultimate DVR service allows you to record 24 shows at a time with a 1000-hour storage in High quality. This is the most expensive plan and works best for people who record multiple shows regularly.

The Preferred DVR plan includes 250 hours of HD video storage and lets you record 6 shows at the same time. This plan is best for small families.

Lastly, the Essential DVR Service includes 250 hours of HD video storage and lets you record 2 shows at a time. This plan works best for personal usage.

Why should you get the Cox Wireless Cable Box?

The Cox wireless cable box allows you to have all your entertainment sorted at one place. Whether it's a Live TV show or a web-series you’re hooked to, the cable box will let you control what you watch and when you watch. Choose the plan that works best for your requirements and control your entertainment experience!