High-speed internet is everybody’s need today. And, as far as high speed is concerned, no broadband technology even comes close to fiber internet. That’s because fiber internet uses light as a medium of transmission as compared to cables in which data is transmitted as electrical signals. Another benefit of getting fiber internet is that it delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds on a Gig level.

Nowadays, there are a handful of service providers that offer fiber internet services to their customers. Since fiber infrastructure is expensive to set up and complex to maintain, there are very limited areas that are encapsulated by fiber optic cables. This is why questions like which service providers have fiber service and which don’t often pop up on multiple user forums.

A common question that arises among Cox subscribers is, ‘does Cox offer fiber internet?’ Cox Communications is a renowned provider in the country and offers services in 19 states. With millions of internet subscribers spread across the country, this becomes an important question that needs to be addressed. This is what we have tried to explain below.

Cox Residential Internet Services

For its residential customers, Cox Communications packs remarkable speeds, performance, and data. Talking about Cox internet services, the provider offers up to four internet plans with solid speed tiers ranging from 100 Mbps all the way to 1 Gbps for an affordable price tag. All these plans come with a 1.25 TB data allowance per month. But does Cox offer fiber internet to its subscribers? Well, not really. To put it in simple words, Cox’s internet infrastructure has a fiber backbone, which means that its transmission lines are composed of fiber optic cables at the provider’s end, but there is a catch here.   

The twist here is that despite having a fiber-based network backbone, Cox delivers internet signals via coaxial cables over the ‘last mile’ i.e. from the station to the customer’s home. So, this kind of setup can be classified as a hybrid fiber-coaxial or HFC infrastructure.

This hybrid network does provide users with a superior quality of service. However, the downside here is that, unlike fiber, Cox’s residential internet’s upload and download speeds aren’t symmetrical. So, Cox residential internet is a cable internet connection in its workings.

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Cox Business Internet

Apart from the cable internet services offered to residential consumers, Cox Communications does offer fiber internet to its business customers. With dedicated speeds that go all the way up to 100 Gbps, Cox Business Internet can be opted in both cable and fiber options according to the needs of a business.

Ending Note

We hope this blog has answered all your queries regarding the type of internet services offered by Cox. So, does Cox offer fiber internet? For residential customers, NO. But in the case of business entities, Cox business internet does have a fiber option.