Reelz is an American cable and satellite TV network mostly focused on airing entertainment-related content. Its lineup includes movies and reality TV shows centering on the lives of celebrities, and information regarding the making and behind-the-scenes of theatrically released films.

Owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, Reelz is a channel that is loved all over the country, since it is available to almost 68.2 million pay television US households. It was originally named the Reelz Channel (which was then shortened to only Reelz) and was exclusive only to satellite cable TV providers like DirecTV and Dish TV. Why? Because it was conceived as a streaming channel. However, with time, it increased its foothold and expanded over to other cable providers like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Altice.

This allowed Reelz to broadcast its content via these cable TV providers. Here in this blog, we’ll be talking about a particular cable company, which is in fact the third largest cable company in the country, Cox Communications. Cox has a user base of 2.9 million cable subscribers, so these customers would want to know whether they can access Reelz on Cox cable or not.

This question is often raised in many forums along with queries like what channel is Reelz on Cox cable, so let's find out.

What Channel is Reelz on Cox Cable?

 So to clear all the confusion once and for all, does Cox cable have Reelz Channel? Simple answer, No. Cox does not have the Reelz channel in their lineup. However

But in order to fully understand why Reelz isn’t present on Cox, we need to dig deep into how this network works. First of all, the cable companies that have their agreement with Reelz have the option to air the content and movies owned by Reelz as an on-demand and pay-per-view service, instead of airing it as a dedicated channel. The same is the case with Spectrum and all other providers associated

offer their customers the option to watch the content of Reelz as an on-demand service. Since Cox doesn’t have any such agreement, they are unable to broadcast Reelz content.

Summing Up

Hope this eases up your confusion regarding Reelz and how it works. There have been requests submitted to include Reelz in the Cox channel lineup but as of now Reelz or its content isn’t available on Cox.

The internet is filled with misleading information and wrong answers are posted online to questions like ‘does Cox cable have Reelz Channel?’ Don’t believe any channel number you see on the internet and refer to the Cox channel lineup guide for further information.

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