Consequently, we have also witnessed an influx of internet providers in order to cater to this increase in demand. At the moment, the USA ranks #1 as per the number of service providers because there are currently around 7,000 internet service providers in the country that are offering varying levels of services.

With this influx of service providers, the downgrade in the quality of services is inevitable, which is why customers are recommended to go with reputed and major service providers in the country that have a strong customer base as well as a positive brand image in the market.

Another reason to choose major service providers is the type of information that users give to these companies. In order to set up internet service, users need to provide their personal information and sometimes this information includes sensitive credentials like financial details and Social Security. This is why you should always be careful when selecting your internet service providers and double-check everything before giving any sensitive information to anyone.

Talking about Social Security Numbers, as of today, many internet service providers require users to give their Social Security details for various checks. The same is the case with Cox Communications. Many Cox customers have questions like ‘does Cox ask for Social Security Number?’ Well, the answer to that is yes, but why it asks for it and how it uses this information is what we are going to discuss below.

Cox Soft Credit Check

Cox is a service provider that offers internet services starting from up to 100 Mbps all the way up to 1 Gig. Along with internet services, it also provides cable TV, home security, and home phone services. Plus all the equipment that takes part in making these services work is also rented through the company.

And these services don’t come cheap, which is why Cox takes certain information from users that may or may not include their Social Security Number. In cases where Cox needs the Social Security Number is when its system needs to perform a soft credit check in order to determine a user’s credit score.

Again, just to make it clear, a soft credit check doesn’t have any effect on a user’s credit score. It is only required to determine a user’s credit history by the provider. This is done by Cox in order to make sure whether a user needs to pay a security deposit for the equipment and services that they are getting from Cox, or if they can get the services without any deposit.

Obviously, a user with a good credit score might not need to pay a deposit and vice versa. One other thing that Cox checks through a user’s Social Security Number is whether they were an existing customer with Cox or not. Because all the pending dues that a user might have with Cox are also reflected in that soft credit check. Users need to clear those dues before again subscribing to Cox’s services.

Summing Up

So, does Cox ask for Social Security Number? In some cases, yes, but that’s only for a soft credit check in order to ensure that the user doesn’t have any pending dues with Cox and whether or not they need to pay a deposit amount to get the services, depending on their credit score.

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