It’s a little known fact that back in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, that contraption would go on to become the foundation for the American Telephone & Telegraph Company; now widely known as AT&T. Since its advent, AT&T has explored its horizons by collaborating and acquiring companies that it can use to better arch over its customer base.

Since it has such an over-arching presence in the market, many may be wondering if AT&T owns DirecTV. The simple answer is, no. AT&T and DirecTV are two separate entities that operate somewhat conjointly; where AT&T provides telecommunications services, DirecTV compliments it by providing channels and an enticing viewer experience. If you’re looking to get more info on how AT&T and DirecTV operate, feel free to reach out to the former’s toll-free number i.e. 1-877-849-7504.

AT&T and DirecTV Bundles

Both services are perfect for complementing each other to provide a holistic user experience. Where AT&T offers blazing-fast speeds via its internet services, DirecTV makes do with various entertainment packages tailored specially for movie/show enthusiasts. There are a bunch of brilliant deals customers can feast on if they’re looking to hook up with the best of both worlds:

Choice DIRECTV via Internet + AT&T Fiber Internet 300

The first of the list and a viable candidate for both work and entertainment. Fiber internet offers consistent speeds even at peak times so you can stream, game, and work without any headaches. Catch this sweet deal at just $139.99/mo. + Taxes and Fees.

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Ultimate DIRECTV via Internet + AT&T Fiber Internet 500

This one uses AT&T Fiber 500 and gets chunkier with a DirecTV Ultimate package thrown into the bag as well. Users get access to up to 55,000+ on-demand titles channels all in HD quality. On top of that, 500 Mbps of speeds are sure to have your experience become a breeze. Whether work or play. Get this offer for only $174.99/mo. + taxes and fees.

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Premier DIRECTV via Internet + AT&T Fiber Internet 1000

The ultimate choice for those looking to squeeze out as much juice from AT&T and DirecTV as they can. Users get a whopping 1000 Mbps along with 65,000+ On Demand titles. Customers may watch regional sports channels or keep up with their favorite movies, but this package falters in no capacity. Sports fans would love what is in store for them. Avail of this amazing offer at $234.99/mo. + Taxes and Fees

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Wrapping up

DirecTV is the perfect complement to AT&T’s services. Many people enjoy streaming local channels that include sports and DirecTV caters to those needs with ease. Sure, the entire package costs a bit more than AT&T’s fiber internet packages but the additional add-ons from DirecTV are sure to get your mouth watering with their generous entertainment packages.