Most people often have this concern about whether their internet provider monitors their internet history or not. It’s true that internet companies do collect some information regarding traffic flow. However, it’s not like they know what you’re looking upon your browser.

The same is the case with AT&T Internet. If you have the question “does AT&T monitor internet history” then you can rest assured that it doesn’t. It only collects information regarding the traffic going through your connection. The rest of the history is only stored in your web browser.

What History Your Internet Company Holds?

If you’re wondering “can AT&T look at my internet history”, then you don’t need to worry about it since AT&T and other internet companies only collect specified information. This information is necessary to keep a smooth flow of traffic going downstream. Let’s look at what your internet provider collects:


One of the things that your internet company collects is the website that you’re visiting. This means that your internet provider can check which websites you’re visiting. You might have seen some websites offering cookies.

This is because these websites want to tailor the experience according to your preferences. Once you visit, the websites take account of your experience and then help you navigate easily next time.

Length of Stay

Another piece of information that internet providers collect is the length of the stay. This is to ensure that your internet company allows bandwidth to flow to certain websites so that you don’t face any hassle later.

For instance, you’re visiting social media sites often for marketing purposes. The ISP can navigate bandwidth to give immense data flow, making it easier to get things done without facing any lags.

Geographic Location of Traffic

The geographic location is also collected since ISPs need to navigate traffic between servers from different locations. It’s also needed so that results can be delivered instantly without making the clients wait for a lot of time.

Closing Thoughts

You don’t have to worry about AT&T holding your internet history as AT&T Internet only monitors or holds as much history as other internet providers do. It respects the integrity and privacy of its users providing them a safe internet experience. You can connect with AT&T customer service by calling 1-855-386-4590 and get information in this regard right away.