Do you want to get AT&T Internet, but cannot pay the full price for the service? Then you must be wondering does AT&T have low internet options available? Well, yes it does!

In this article we will be listing down your options for low-income internet options with AT&T. So, get into it now and enjoy reliable connectivity with AT&T Home Internet without worrying about burdening your budget.

AT&T partners with federally funded programs that bring internet at subsidized costs for those who qualify. To find out more about these programs, read ahead.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) works with the federal government that ensures low-income households’ enjoy internet connectivity at low rates. With ACP, qualifying households can have their AT&T Internet bill reduced up to $30.

If you are residing in tribal lands, you can have your AT&T bill discounted up to $75.

Find out more about ACP Eligibility Criteria.

ACP Qualifying Criteria

You are eligible for Affordable Connectivity Program if you fulfill the following criteria:

  1. If your household falls within or below the 200% income rate of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  2. If you qualify for any of the Federal Assistance Programs.
  3. If any member in your home is enrolled for any of the following:
    • Free & Reduced Price Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program.
    • Received a Federal Pell Grant in the current year.
  • Free & Reduced Price Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program.
  • Received a Federal Pell Grant in the current year.

To apply for Affordable Connectivity Program, go to

Once applied, reach out to an AT&T customer representative at 1-855-386-4590 and inquire about the plans available to you.  

Access from AT&T

With Access from AT&T, customers in low-income households can get AT&T Internet plans for up to $30, with maximum speeds of up to 100 Mbps*. Free of any installation charges, and without any worry for complicated contracts enjoy reliable speeds with Access from AT&T Internet.

You can also get AT&T Internet for free if you combine Affordable Connectivity Program with Access from AT&T. To get free internet from AT&T, just apply for the ACP program making sure you are eligible. Next, contact AT&T customer service and inquire about plans available to you.

*Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capabilities and are based on a wired connection to the gateway. Actual customer speeds may vary based on number of factors and are not guaranteed. For more info, go to

Closing Remarks

Now if you do qualify for all the above-stated requirements, then you are all set to get the same reliable internet connectivity from AT&T at the lowest possible rates.

So let nothing hold back the experience of blazing fast internet speeds and enjoy an ensured seamless browsing experience.

Got any more questions? Reach out to AT&T Customer Service now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get AT&T Internet without a contract?

Yes, you can get AT&T Internet, AT&T Phone, and AT&T U-Verse services without any contract! This keeps you free of worry about any extra charges and ensures a hassle-free process. You can disconnect without any early termination fees.

What type of internet is AT&T?

AT&T delivers its high-speed internet via Fiber Optic and copper networks. You get ultra-fast speeds along with dependable connectivity at the most affordable rates making it an exceptional choice.

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