Starting Price
$6.99 per month or $69.99 per year
*As of 23rd March 2020. Availability and offers may differ based on the locations and are subject to fluctuate.

What is Disney+?

Disney plus is the latest on-demand video streaming service that features movies and shows from Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars along with the Disney favorites.

If someone is particularly looking for the live-action of Lady and the Tramp or The Mandalorian, Marvel’s What If . . . ? – Disney+ is an exclusive platform to get them all. There are loads of other latest shows coming straight from Disney plus in the next couple of years.

Quick Summary of Disney+?

As of February 2019, Disney had around 28.6 million subscribers demonstrating how popular it already was among masses. Disney Plus, video streaming service was launched on the 12th of November 2019, in Canada, the US and the Netherlands, followed by New Zealand and Australia on the 19th of November, and recently in Ireland and the UK on the 24th March 2020.

Disney+ also commonly pronounced as Disney Plus is a subscription-based on-demand video streaming service operated and owned by DTCI (Direct-to-Consumer & International), a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. This on-demand video streaming service predominantly distributes television and film series that is produced by Walt Disney Television and The Walt Disney Studios along with the advertisement content from National Geographic, Disney’s Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar.

Television series and original films are also distributed on Disney+ where seven series and ten films have had been produced for this platform till November 2019. Disney+ is serving next to other streaming services of Disney which are more towards wide-ranging programs oriented, includes Hulu and the sports-centered ESPN+ - Disney+ concentrates on family-oriented content, which is more towards entertainment that features no TV-MA-rated, NC-17-rated or R-rated programming.

Disney+ is based on the streaming service technology developed by Disney, originally created as BAMTech since 2015 – it was then expanded from MLB Advanced Media. As of 2017, Disney extended its part of BAMTech to a regulatory stake and afterward it moved its rights to DTCI as a part of a corporate reform in the prospect of Disney’s acquirement of 21st Century Fox.

Is Disney+ Streaming Service Good Enough?

Regardless of the bugs in the app at the time of its launch, Disney comes with a smooth and user-friendly interface and long lists of the latest content. Additionally, if someone is looking for a platform to stream Disney movies to their kids – there is no better option than Disney.

Moreover, Disney intents not to put its movies for streaming on any other platform and that counts Netflix as well – keeping the content exclusive for its customers. Therefore, unless someone plans on getting the Blu-ray for all the Disney movies their kids would want to watch, Disney+ is going to be their only alternative.

Disney+ Deals and Free Trials

Disney comes with a 7-days free trial. One can skim through and get an idea about deciding whether all the shows and content available are worth signing up for $6.99 a month or not. If you are willing to take the plunge and move forward with Disney+, you should sign-up for $69.99 per annum so you can save $13.89 per year on this deal.

Otherwise, you can simply elevate the streaming game of yours by getting special discounted deals which include Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for $12.99 a month only – going with this bundle deal can save you $4.98 a month on the total cost of all these three services independently.

Disney+ Promotional Deals

Since its launch in November 2019, Disney+ arrived with an amazing bundle deal which is comprised of all three streaming services Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 a month – saving their subscribers $4.98 monthly.

Verizon existing and new customers can avail Disney+ streaming service free of cost for the first 12 months, along with the company’s unlimited phone plan or their latest 5G Home Internet Plan. Subsequent to that year, Disney+ customers are charged $6.99 per month, same as is the regular price.

disney plus app

Disney+ vs. the Competitors

How does Disney+ compare to the competition?

Disney+ Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime Video
Price $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. $8.99 –$15.99 per month. $5.99–$11.99 per month. $8.99 per month or includes Prime Membership ($12.99 per month or $119 per year)
Streams 4 1–4 1 3
User profiles 7 5 6 1
Offline viewing 10 devices 1–4 devices 5 devices 4 devices
Downloads Unlimited movies and shows 100 movies and shows 25 movies and shows 15 movies and shows
Compatible devices 14 18 18 16

If someone has already tried any other streaming service(s) available on the market, it won’t be a challenge for them to figure out what Disney+ is. Disney+ stands out when it comes to family-friendly content and kids’ inclination where the competitors fall behind.

You get the option to make up to seven personal profiles in which almost all the members of the family are able to customize their watch-list and get recommendations on the shows based on their preferences.

And straight from the beginning, the entire family is able to stream four shows at one time. Something you pay $15.99 a month to avail from Netflix and to get the same from Hulu, you have to pay $54.98 a month for the live TV streaming service along with unlimited streams simultaneously.

Also in addition to the four streams, you are encouraged to download the desired amount of shows on almost around ten devices. Contrary to it, Netflix that charges about $15.99 a month for its service, allows you to download around 100 shows, however, you can do that on four devices.

Though, Disney+ is not yet accessible on outdated models of game consoles. Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu – being the all-time favorites – do support most of the old generation models.

However, if that sounds like an issue for you, you should keep in mind that Roku charges around $26.99. This simple live streaming device upgrade can open a new world of Disney+ for you and your family members.

Disney+ Pricing and Plans

Similar access at different prices.

Price Streams User profiles Offline viewing Offline downloads
Monthly Plan $6.99 per month 4 7 10 devices Unlimited
Yearly Plan $69.99 per year 4 7 10 devices Unlimited
Bundle Plan $12.99 per month 4 7 10 devices Unlimited

*Deals and accessibility may vary based on locations and are subject to fluctuate.

You can get the full experience of Disney+ in three ways. The monthly charges for Disney+ plan are $6.99, however, you have an option to pay $69.99 for one year and save $13.89 instantly. Or, you could simply get Disney+ with ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99 a month – where you save $4.98 monthly.

Disney+ Movies and Shows

On-demand movies and shows

Disney+ intruded to open Disney Vault, where it is going to release plenty of classic movies. You will get to see Pixar, Disney Channel, Marvel, National Geographic, and Star Wars favorites.

Though, Disney+ is not a comprehensive archive. You will not come across any R-rated content there. Moreover, the songwriter of Song of the South sill anticipates a treasured mainstream Aladdin’s TV animated series to get into the list. While he is waiting for the Aladdin’s show on TV to focus on the magical mat, there still is a ridiculous quantity of shows and movies for us to watch for the very first time or hundredth. You can start watching from:

  •   Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
  •   The Sandlot (1993)
  •   Captain Marvel (2019)
  •   The Parent Trap (1961)

Original Movies and Shows

Besides the addition of unwrapping vault, Disney+ brings along some original shows that you cannot find on any other streaming platform. It is not only Disney IPs, any – Star Wars, National Geographic, and Marvel have their own contributions.

Unlike the format Netflix follows where they put a complete series altogether, Disney+ follows the conventional release schedules from TV where the new episode is released after almost a week’s time span.

The final verdict is yet to be decided by the fans once the shows get released, however, there are some tough contenders.

  •   The Mandalorian
  •   The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  •   High School Musical: The Musical: The Series
  •   Marvel Hero Project

disney plus content

Disney+ Features and Specifications: Number of Personal Profiles

Disney+ ticks nearly all the check-list when it comes to family-centered specs and features one could wish for.

But irrespective of the size of any household – even if someone lives by themselves with a pet – the specs like 4K Ultra HD will still seem fanciful.

How many profiles you can customize on Disney+

Disney+ lets seven members of your family have their personal profile. Making their profile allows them to create their watch-list where they can get tailored recommendations on what they should watch next based on their interest.

Also, with a few taps, you have the option to make kids friendly profiles. Kids Profiles can only access some of the PG videos and shows and T V-7FV, G. Such restrictions would aid the parents to keep some content away from their young’s reach till they are mature enough for them. You can further check the lists underneath to compare the prices and allocated number of user-profiles by most popular streaming services in the market to get a better idea:

Disney+ Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime Video
Price $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year $8.99 –$15.99 per month $5.99–$11.99 per month $8.99 per month or includes Prime Membership ($12.99 per month or $119 per year)
User profiles 7 5 6 1

Multiple Streaming

How many streams Disney+ can have at the same time?

Looking at the above-mentioned plans and some quick contrast in the table underneath, you can enjoy streaming on your phone or tablet while your teenagers watch the Disney+ stream on their phones and the toddler watches the TV in the lounge.

If you do not require Disney+ simultaneously on over four devices, you must know that Disney+ does not offer any upgraded stream. However, the apt workaround for this is to download some titles before time so you can access them when offline.

Disney+ Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime Video
Price $6.99 per month or $69.9 per month. $8.99–$15.99 per month $5.99–$11.99 per month $8.99 per month or includes with Prime Membership ($12.99 per month or $119 per year)
User profiles 7 5 6 1
Streams 4 1–4 1 3
Upgrades N/A N/A Unlimited streams for $9.99 per month N/A

Offline Viewing

Can we download shows from Disney+?

When it comes to content for viewing offline, you have the liberty to fill up to 10 devices with Disney+ movies and shows as many as you would like to have.

Yes! You read that right. You get to download an unlimited amount of shows for everyone at your house – provided you have a device(s) available for every person. By doing this, you can easily avoid all the fights while selecting the movie in a smarter way. Also, road trips are going to be much quieter than ever before. All hail to the Disney+ streaming service. A quick comparison of top streaming service providers along with the prices to see the download limits and the number of devices one can enable for offline viewing:

Disney+ Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime Video
Price $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. $8.99 – $15.99 per month $5.99 – $11.99 per month $8.99 per month or includes Prime Membership for $12.99 per month or $119 per year
Offline viewing 10 devices 1– 4 devices 5 devices 4 devices
Downloads Unlimited movies and shows 100 movies and shows 25 movies and shows 15 movies and shows

List of Compatible Devices for Streaming

Which device is compatible with Disney+?

Disney+ Hulu Netflix Amazon Prime Video
Air TV Player X X X
Amazon Fire TV
Android phones and tablets
Android TV
Apple TV (4th gen.)
Apple TV 4K
iPhone and iPad
Nintendo Switch X X X
PC and Mac Web browsers
PlayStation 3 X
PlayStation 4
Samsung TVs
Wii U X X
Xbox 360 X
Xbox One

Since Disney+ works on all the latest models of streaming devices only. Initially, there were some glitches due to the mentioned fact, which are now pretty much resolved.

Don’t forget that most of the content in Disney+ is of 4K Ultra HD quality. Make sure you have a steady internet connection and compatible devices, so you can enjoy the quality. However, if you do not have the device, you can still watch the content on devices with lower resolution – though the best result can only be experienced on any latest 4K TV.

Video Quality

As long as the device is 4K compatible and the internet connection is stable, the video quality is breathtaking. It still works fine on the rest of the devices, however, they max out at 1080p – which is their Full HD resolution.

All the latest and original content from Disney+ is ready to be played in HDR and 4K Ultra HD. The quality of each scene is extra-ordinary in this much high resolution.

Above all said, Disney reinvented its previous titles for the Disney+. That does not mean you should trade your existing Disney DVDs and VHS, however, these products would be losing most of the attention gradually, thanks to the high quality on Disney+.

disney plus bundle

Moreover, Disney+ adjusts the quality of streaming depending on the strength and quality of your internet connection. If you plan for a road trip or say any trip, you would be dependent on mobile data connections i.e. 4G LTE which fluctuates while traveling – you should better download the video content beforehand so you can experience smooth and super quality when on the go.

The interface of Disney+ is one of the amazing spontaneous streaming services when it comes to navigation. It brings you studios, a recommendation list that is pretty personalized as it is based on your interests, along with a wide range of collections like Best Friends, Fun Mysteries, and Feel-Good Sports Movies.

In case you don’t get to see the show you would like to appear on the front page, you can search for it and will find it promptly. Or simply, click the title card for whichever show you want, and go straight to the suggested column to watch related stuff.

You would basically get content to watch that is family-friendly till the time you stay there. So, you can just start stocking up your watch-list without any delay.

What Can We Expect To See On Disney Plus Next Few Months?

Pixar’s “Onward” soon after its release in March’s first week arrived into Disney’s platform owing to the COVID’19 pandemic.

Disney+ seems to be constantly expanding its streaming library in the next coming months as well by adding old movies along with updating the latest episodes of its original on-going programming. With almost all the movie theatres getting closed across the US due to coronavirus pandemic, Disney studio has chosen to make the movie available for its viewer so they can watch this at their homes during the quarantine.

In the meantime, for celebrating the Barth month, by presenting a collection of documentaries and movies from Disney nature and National Geographic. This collection includes the latest documentaries like “Dolphin Reef” which is narrated by Natalie Portman, Penguins from last year, narrated by Ed Helms, and “Elephant” which was narrated by Meghan Markle, to mention a few from the long list.

The subscribers of Disney+

Disney+ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disney+ 4K available for all?

Yes, as long as you have a device that is 4K compatible you can experience 4K Ultra HD. Also, please make sure the quality of your internet connection because the quality of streaming Disney+ content is compromised if the strength of the internet is low.

What does Disney plus bundle include?

There is this deal which is comprised of all three services in one i.e. ESPN+, Hulu and Disney+ for $12.99 a month only.

Can we still watch Disney movies on Netflix?

Netflix still has a couple of holdovers since Disney+ got released. However, it won’t have any latest Disney Movies like Captain Marvel is exclusively available on Disney+.

Final Verdict: Is Disney+ worth it?

By all means, Disney+ is a win-win deal, especially if you are looking for yourself or your pet or you and your family – you are going to enjoy the content. The total amount monthly spent on entertainment is going to be $6.99 which is pretty reasonable.


- Disney, National Geographic, Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel – everything at literally one place.

- All downloaded movies and shows remain accessible when you go offline.

- Video quality: 4K Ultra HD.


- Stippled original content.

- No information on multiple streaming till now.

- Movies that are rated-R not available – which could be a pro in case you prefer family-friendly content.