The internet has become more of a necessity in this era because people tend to use it for most of their daily routine tasks. There are various businesses in the world, which are entirely based on the internet. For example, Amazon, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. The internet gives you an endless supply of entertainment and knowledge and you can literally search for anything when you are connected to an active internet connection.

Nowadays, there are various internet service providers in the United States with different internet packages and people often get confused as to which service provider should they choose and what package should they buy. This article is aimed at making this decision easier for you. Although there are many service providers in the United States, we will talk about the two largest cable companies that have been offering their services to numerous customers with satisfactory reviews.

So, if you are tired of your current internet service, here are two good options for you to choose your new service provider:

  1. Cox Communications
  2. Xfinity

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Cox Communications

Cox Communications is of the best service providers in America, which offers a customized shopping experience to its customers so that they can easily select a bundle package that suits their needs and requirements. With Cox Internet, you get the best download speeds along with the other amazing features. In addition to this, Cox provides its customers with multiple TV plans, consisting of different channel lineups, so that they can only watch the channels that they want and do not have to pay for extra channels. However, individual services from Cox tend to be a bit expensive so it’s better to purchase bundle deals.


Xfinity, on the other hand, is a service provider that is widely available throughout the country so that people can stay connected to the internet whilst traveling as well. The best thing about this service provider is that it is reliable and lightning-fast. However, Xfinity is a bit expensive and requires long contractual periods.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Customer ratings help a lot in deciding which company to choose because you get a clear vision of the service quality offered by the service provider. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages as per the customer surveys.

Cox Advantages:

  1. Attractive DVR System
  2. Economical Bundle Deals
  3. Channels can be customized
  4. Highly recommended by the customers
  5. High-speed internet connection
  6. No contract is needed

Cox Disadvantages:

  1. The DVR feature is expensive
  2. Individual services are highly-priced

Xfinity Advantages:

  1. Widely available throughout the United States
  2. Some plans do not require a contract
  3. Internet speed goes up to 1.2 Gbps
  4. Reliable and secure
  5. Very attractive DVR features

Xfinity Disadvantages:

  • Bad customer satisfaction scores
  • High installation fee
  • Highly expensive

Long contractual periods

The Installation Procedure

Cox is well known for its installation services and has successfully made its way to the top five list of satisfactory setup procedures. The installation charges can vary from plan to plan but no matter which plan you choose, it is still affordable and much lower than many other companies in the market. Moreover, Cox also offers self-installation to its customers.

Xfinity’s installation procedure is also easy and simple but the installation fee is more than Cox's, which makes it difficult for the customers to avail of this service. Although Xfinity charges a higher price than the rest of the service providers in the market, it offers high internet speed to its customers with a reliable connection which is why customers prefer buying this service.

The Variety of Channels

Cox offers a diverse channel lineup. Customers can also add on channels from a variety of themed packages like Movie Pak, Variety Pak, Sports & Information Pak, etc. These package deals enable you to customize your TV service so that you can avoid paying for channels that you do not watch. You can pair the Contour TV Ultimate plan offered by Cox with Cox internet and home phone in order to enjoy the full channel lineup of 250 channels along with high-speed connectivity and a crystal-clear landline.

Xfinity, on the other hand, offers traditional packages for its customers with an increasing number of channels for people who love watching television. Although the total number of channels offered by Xfinity is almost the same as offered by Cox, Xfinity offers the feature of On-Demand channels so that customers can watch the movies and TV shows of their choice.

The Reliability Factor

When it comes to the reliability factor, Xfinity tends to be a bit more reliable than Cox as it is less vulnerable to weather conditions. Moreover, Xfinity managed to outrank Cox in the customers’ survey pertaining to reliability aspects. Customers find Comcast to be more reliable considering that the company restructured its cable business and entered the market with a new brand in order to serve the customers better.

The Price Element

If you want to avail of the bundle deals, then Cox service is the best option for you as it offers services at economical rates. However, the stand-alone services by Cox are expensive and customers often avoid incurring such huge expenses. The triple play deal offered by Cox is quite popular as it gives you access to over 250 channels and an internet speed of up to 1 GIG. Moreover, you can add home phone or home security services to your bundle.

Xfinity, on the other hand, is expensive but the high prices are justified by the premium packages offered by the company. The quality of the service is worth the price and that is why customers who do not compromise on the quality aspect purchase the services offered by Xfinity.

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In order to choose the right service provider, you need to take into account all the factors mentioned above. In addition to this, you need to know about your internet usage and the channels that you would like to watch so that you can select the best suitable package deal for yourself. It is important to take such factors into consideration so that you do not waste data at the end of each month and pay for the services that you would not use at all. So, save your money and get the best bundle deal for your home with Cox or Xfinity.