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Comcast NBC Universal Selects Startups Powered By Techstars

Author: Loraine Updated: 26 Sep, 2019

Today Comcast NBC Universal announced the startups that the company has selected for its LIFT Labs Accelerator. This is quite an interesting initiative by Comcast NBC Universal because this project will allow them to test their business structure and model and enable them to make the necessary changes.

There are 10 startups in total and these were chosen according to strict criteria of applications. Startups that are developing superior levels of entertainment, media and connectivity were specifically targeted due to their next level performance and objectives for making further advancements in the field of technology. It is important for such companies to make significant contributions to the world of technical equipment in order to innovate and inspire people to buy enhanced services.

The selected startups are required to call the global headquarters of Comcast NBC Universal in Philadelphia in order to inform them about the 13-Week program which is to be initiated today and is supposed to end by the 11th of October.

In this particular program, the startups will be responsible for refining and testing their business-related models and they will be assisted by experts from Comcast NBC Universal on a personal level in order to understand the key duties in detail.

Professionals from Techstars have screened multiple startup applications that are focused in five particular areas of expertise which are:

  1. Connected Life
  2. Entertainment Everywhere
  3. Next Generation Marketing
  4. Small Places
  5. Digital Wellness

Comcast has been supporting new businesses for many years now and this accelerator is one of the ways through which entrepreneurs get valuable insights and access to Comcast NBC Universal. Newly established businesses have applied for this program from all over the world which includes submissions from various countries and this illustrates the fact that the program is a success. Launching its first venture in 1999, Comcast has become one of the leading companies in the world of technology.

Comcast has been helping new businesses for quite a long time and in addition to this, LIFT Labs offer mentor sessions and programmed skills in partnership with Comcast NBC Universal in order to facilitate the entrepreneurs and to help them grow their business. This new program is going to be amazing for entrepreneurs who have just started their own business.

About Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation is a global media as well as a technology company with two major businesses, NBC Universal and Comcast Cable. Comcast Cable is one of the leading service providers in the United States with high-speed internet and phone service for large businesses and households. Moreover, Comcast is well-known for providing wireless and security services to various residential customers under the name of Xfinity as its brand.

About TechStars

TechStars is a global network that is known for helping out entrepreneurs in establishing their business in the market. TechStars works with three operational divisions and it is worth mentioning the fact that there are more than 1300 enterprises in its portfolio with a market cap of around $13.9 billion, which is huge.

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