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Comcast had a Temporary Internet Outage on Tuesday

Author: Loraine Updated: 26 Sep, 2019

As we know, how important internet service is not just for people in general but those too who run a business, company or industry because the internet is capable of managing a great number of areas now, be it academic or industrial. For example, when comes to academia, students benefit from the service a great deal by downloading books, articles, and journals, instead of investing a huge sum of money on purchasing them or getting them on rent. When it comes to businesses, manufacturers are now using the latest trends and techniques of marketing to get their product out there in the world either their reach is to the people of their country or the people abroad. Not only in the department of marketing, ERP solutions that handle all the rest of the departments of a startup, thrives on the internet; the best thing about ERP is the fact that it avoids workforce and the lesser the workforce, the better the startup, finance-wise. It also allows the transparent and more reliable account of the management of a business. If that many of departments could be handled through an online service, then, undeniably, it should be considered by the businessmen.

When the internet goes away for even a second, companies suffer a huge deal. Having said that, it does not mean a service is bad, it just means that it could be suffering from an issue that demands a little time to be fixed. A sign of a good service is that it will always keep their customers updated about their current situation until the problem is fixed, be it for five seconds or hours. A good service would always know the right way and time to make their customers satisfied and alert about any news regarding such fluctuations in the service.

As the latest news mention, Comcast had a bit of a setback recently. The service providers instantly informed their customers of the blockade and restoration of their service. The spokeswoman of Comcast, Amanda Vallejo mentioned the exact time when the service was restored, i.e. 4:20 p.m., in the email. Along with that, she also mentioned how the company was also looking into the matter of inconvenience caused to the customer base. The company itself was unsure of the trouble that caused the problem in the first place.

There were other reports submitted by the restaurant managers that showed little contempt over the unfortunate incident. They, in fact, mentioned how their customers were patient enough to wait until the service was restored.

Things like that are a part of any project, any product. The quality of a service is only determined at their darkest hour – this was one of the examples of such a time when a service truly expressed the quality of its work by constantly updating and upgrading their system.



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