We live in a time where each household has a television set. Over the decades, it has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Used for both entertainment and knowledge, TV keeps the individuals delighted. It has even become a source of ‘family time’ where the entire family, gathers in one room to watch a show, movie or documentary of their choice and the flashing colors on the vibrant screen fulfill the purpose of a get-together. Boredom is never an option with a television lying around. In fact, a whopping 45% of Americans say that they prefer television to human presence.

From being an economical source of entertainment to being globally connected with the outside world, television has many advantages. According to therapists, owning a TV-set makes an individual feel less lonely. Comedy shows act as a mood lifter, therefore, preventing long-term depression. However, that is not all; individuals these days acquire talents by self-learning courses through television shows. Children gain a lot of knowledge when exposed to academic cartoons and at a young age can learn multiple languages only by watching shows for an hour daily. The visual sensation makes it easy to retain information.

When it comes to buying a TV service, we all want a reliable provider that offers a sufficient number of premium channels at an affordable price. So, if you are looking for a TV service provider, then search no more, because, in this article, we are going to discuss two big giants of the television industry including Charter Spectrum and DISH TV.

Charter Spectrum TV

Ever since its merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network, Charter Spectrum became the second-largest cable provider of the country serving millions of people in over 40 states. Delivering state of the art services with its extensive cable infrastructure, Spectrum is widely available in Pacific Northwest, Northeast and the South region of the country.


Dish TV offers satellite services to more than 14 million customers and is available in almost every state of the country. Since Dish TV provides its services through Satellite, it is available in remote areas of the country as well. Upon joining the Dish family, you get numerous benefits like home entertainment and free installation, etc.

In-Depth Comparison of Charter Spectrum TV and DISH TV

Charter Spectrum TV

1. Channel Selection

Although Spectrum claims to offer more HD TV channels than other providers, if you compare the list, you might find a few more in Dish TV packages. Nevertheless, the company provides free HD and a variety of premium channels in its Gold Package, adding significant value to your overall deal.

2. Installation and Set-Up

Charter Spectrum offers free installation with its top tier packages. However, for stand-alone services, you might have to pay a little for the activation. The company gives you a two-hour window where an agent will come over to your place and install the services for you.

3. The Consistency of Service

Since Spectrum delivers its TV service through cables, the quality does not go down even if the weather conditions are unfavorable. With Spectrum, you can watch TV whenever you want and wherever you want because the company grants you full access to its TV App.

4. Technical Customer Support

The provider has massively enhanced its customer services to facilitate the customers in the best possible way. In case, an issue arises, you will be provided with instant support so that you can continue watching your favorite movies and shows without a break. In addition to this, you can also reach out to the provider’s customer support platform through its online website.

5. Pricing

Charter Spectrum offers straightforward and affordable prices. The company does not charge any hidden costs to its customers, which means that you will only pay for the service that you are consuming. In addition to this, you are not bound by any contract and can cancel the service at any time because there is no early termination fee.


1. Channel Selection

Dish TV offers more than 330 channels to its customers. The provider is known for offering multiple features in its basic packages, which is why you get the perfect value for your money. Moreover, you can also get the internet with your TV service but it will not be as fast as Spectrum internet.

2. Installation and Set-Up

When it comes to installation, Dish TV shines brighter than the sun. The company offers some key features without any extra charges and also provides free installation for up to six rooms, which is something that other providers cannot offer to their customers.

3. The Consistency of Service

Satellite service mainly depends on clear weather conditions. Therefore, keep in mind that during storms and snowfalls, you might face issues in your service. Apart from that, satellite service is quite consistent and a good option for many, especially the ones living in remote areas.

4. Technical Customer Support

Dish TV constantly tops the charts when it comes to providing customer service. The customer representatives of the company are courteous and always available to facilitate your queries. Though you might find the provider’s website a little difficult to navigate, the customer support pages are quite beneficial and informational.

5. Pricing

Dish TV requires you to sign a two-year agreement, but in a way, it is favorable for you. Due to the contract, you get to lock the price and the company will not charge any hidden fee or extra costs. In addition to this, the agreement allows you to know what you are paying for and what you are entitled to.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Charter Spectrum TV and DISH TV

Charter Spectrum TV
Advantages Disadvantages
Reliable Service Price Increases after the Promotion Ends
No Contract Confusing Bills
Over 200 HD Channels Issues in Equipment
Contract Buyout Option
Over 10,000 On-Demand Titles
High-Speed Internet
Multiple Features with Phone
Support within 2 Hours
Advantages Disadvantages
Price Guarantee for Two Years Contract Agreement
More Than 300 Channels Reliability on Weather Conditions
Exceptional Customer Support Service Users Must Mount Up the Satellite Dish
Affordable Plans Slow Speed Internet
Free HD Service

Since the two providers offer different TV services, it is important to understand which one will suit you the best. So, here are some factors that you need to consider before choosing a TV service:

Equipment Add-Ons

Charter Spectrum provides DVR service, which enables you to store up to 300 hours of SD content. In addition to this, you can record up to 8 shows at once and connect 4 TVs simultaneously. It is a good option if you own a 3D TV because Spectrum TV supports 3D content. Dish TV, on the other hand, offers the start of the art Hopper 3 that allows you to store 2,000 hours of SD content and 500 hours of HD content. Plus, you can record up to 16 shows at once and watch live and On-Demand programs whenever you want. Furthermore, Dish TV service comes with built-in Netflix, and with this add-on, Dish TV wins the equipment part of the comparison.

Internet Options

Charter Spectrum is well known for its amazing internet service. The company offers some of the fastest internet speeds going up to 940 Mbps. In addition to this, there are no data caps, which means that you are free to stream and download as much content as you like. On top of that, Spectrum internet comes with a complete protection suite so that all your files are safe and secure from the online threats. Dish TV does not offer its internet service. However, you can pair the TV service with other internet providers, which might work for some users. So, in this particular regard, Spectrum wins with its exceptional internet and bundling options.

Channel Diversity

Variety is always preferable over monotony. You did not go ahead and purchase a 4K ULTRA HDTV just to watch a repetitive set of local programs. You want high-quality, national-level stuff that will suit your high-definition TV set, and you can get it with a satellite subscription. How does it work? Well, the satellite captures content from all over the states and directs it to your TV. While a cable connection is famous for tuning only the local stuff. So, if you want some of the best HD movie channels like HBO and Starz, then go for a satellite subscription.

Hardware Dependency

A cable connection is a wired one, just as the name suggests. It is also a shared neighborhood connection, with its beginning point lying at the provider’s house. From there, a strong coaxial cable is laid out and connected to a terminal point in the power box located at the exterior of your home. Through radio frequencies, the smooth copper wires channel a high-quality content right to your set-top boxes. The case is different for satellite. Being a wireless connection, it depends on a dish to send and receive signals. Now, this dish is to be affixed on the roof of your house and is thus subjected to the whimsical weather conditions. Apart from this, the electromagnetic waves and the moisture level in the atmosphere often interfere with its signals and affect the overall quality of the entertainment content directed to your TV. So, cable wins here.

Premium Content

It is human nature to crave for that ‘something extra’ and the tendency to opt for premium content is no less different. Apart from your usual channels, you would want to upgrade to the premium stuff too. It is far more juicy and high-quality. Nevertheless, the thing with premium content is that it comes at an extra price, putting a strain on your monthly budget. This is where you begin your search for affordable bundle packages, like the famous Spectrum TV and internet deals, which you should check out. As regards the contending parties, both cable and satellite mediums offer flexible packages in their way, which include the premium channels as well. You can tailor a package too, once you negotiate it with the provider of your choice.


It all comes down to money, after all. Which medium is more likely to bore a hole in your pocket? Cable, because it is found to be more expensive. However, if you are looking to save money and still get a good enough channel diversity, then go for satellite packages.

So? Which service is better for you?

If you are an urban dweller, then go for cable TV. It is flexible, requires less equipment, and does not necessitate long-term commitment contracts. Nonetheless, if you live in rural areas, then a satellite TV connection would be best for you. It eliminates the need for cable and streams national content to your television via a satellite dish.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when purchasing a TV service.


Research on your requirements and available facilities

The first thing to keep in mind is knowing your needs, requirements, and budget. Without such knowledge, you cannot be sure of any service that you pick for yourself. You always need to surf around, explore and then make the final choice.

The next step is to conduct thorough research on the services that you are willing to take up for your house. You can read surveys, reports, or polls made in your area and choose the one that works best in the service that you wish to get for your family. You can find several websites and applications that will help you locate the most reliable service in your area, for instance, Local Cable Deals.

Decide the channels that you want

Before choosing a TV plan, ask each member of your family about the channels that they would like to watch and the channels on which they can compromise. People have different preferences and you should keep in mind their channel-choices when choosing to purchase service.

Look out for the Bundle Offers

You have to be smart when you plan to get a service for yourself. Most of the providers offer bundle offers that benefit you cutting extra costs on the application of the services. If you are in luck, you may get yourself an extremely economical offer around Christmas, Black Friday or Thanksgiving. Local Cable Deals have reliable providers that offer great customer service; they are affordable and they offer constant service without any inconvenience. You may search on their deals and packages once you are in the need.

Consider Deals and Packages

As said before, deals and packages help abundantly in cutting down extra costs from the services you are planning to avail for yourself and your family. For example, if you are planning to get cable service, you may get a phone and internet service bundled with it. The advantage of such offers in that, not only do you get the convenience of having one provider for the services so that whenever you face a problem, you don’t have to make endless calls to multiple providers, you also get to save money off these deals.

Take a step and contact

Once you are done making your research on multiple providers, the last step is to take a chance and go for the offer you deem fit for yourself. You can take the trial first and have your experience before purchasing the offer.

Final Verdict – Which One is Better?

Charter Spectrum is ideal for users who want HD channels, high-speed internet connectivity, affordable bundles, and no long-term contracts. The company has come a long way, turning around the misconception of being expensive and improving its reputation by providing instant customer support. Spectrum TV leads the charts among other cable providers by offering a variety of HD channels and thousands of On-Demand titles. Being the second-largest cable company of the country, Spectrum provides tremendous value to its customers, especially if you are looking to purchase bundled services including TV, internet, and phone.

Dish TV is perfect for people who are looking for value, superior equipment, a variety of channels and excellence in customer support service. Dish TV is without a doubt the leader when it comes to customer satisfaction. You can never go wrong with this provider because it provides terrific value with several TV packages to choose from. Although you have to sign a two-year contract with the provider, it ultimately turns out to be beneficial for you as you get to lock the price for two years. Plus, if you happen to live in a rural region, then Dish TV is your ideal provider.