Charter Communications is a leading internet provider and cable network serving over 29 million subscribers through the Spectrum brand across 41 states. The corporation provides a wide array of state-of-the-art home and commercial services including Spectrum Internet, Cable TV, and Voice over an integrated broadband network. Spectrum company offers the same range of broadband products and services for small to medium-sized enterprises, along with unique features and applications to improve efficiency. On the other hand, Spectrum delivers highly specialized, fiber-based systems for larger corporations and government agencies.

During the coronavirus pandemic, school districts and universities across the nation shut down and switched to electronic learning, including New York City’s public school, the country's largest public school system.

spectrum free internet for students

Is charter offering free Internet, Wi-Fi access?

While many Americans are being directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19 these days, Charter is focused on supporting and helping millions of its clients such as by providing free internet service for students and offering spectrum free Wi-Fi for students at home. Americans in about every part of their lives rely on high-speed internet. In order to relieve the pressure in this difficult period, the Charter company is committed to ensuring that consumers have secure access to the online services and knowledge they want and need.

This is why Charter Communications now provides Spectrum free Wi-Fi for 60 days for households with K-12 students or college students as education becomes more reliant on wireless alternatives.

Charter will be committed to the following aspects for 2 months:

While the nation works collaboratively to combat this pandemic, broadband internet connectivity will become extremely essential to ensuring that people around the world can learn and operate globally, companies will continue servicing clients to make sure Americans stay informed and engaged with friends and families.

The part of this commitment guarantees that their consumers – including government agencies, emergency responders, health care providers, companies, and news media – across 41 states to help flatten the curve and secure the country. The network is designed to retain full capacity even during rush hours that are usually in the evenings, so a daytime spike will be well within the control capability of the network. Charter will continue to track this complex situation closely and is well-prepared to continue to have secure communication. It has robust market and employee stability programs in place which will be changed when appropriate, to better support all clients and employees. Moreover, Charter has promised to open its more than half a million Wi-Fi hotspots for public use around the country.

Charter has also agreed, as part of the Keep Americans Connected program of the Federal Communications Commission, not to suspend service for outbreak-related non-payment issues, not to charge late fees for those customers and has also made Spectrum News accessible to ensure people stay updated on news.

In addition to it, Charter has dedicated airtime to run 1,000 COVID-19 public service announcements (PSA) spots each week, including all Spectrum News Networks, to the maximum reach of 16 million cable viewers for four weeks, and digital video including streaming services. Charter would also run PSAs for the American Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations.

Other companies have also followed the same blueprints and have stepped up to participate for the same cause.



Comcast Corp. announced it will offer 60 days of free internet access to low-income households living in the coverage area of the company and joining up as potential customers. Self-installation kits will be delivered for free with no contract or credit review. Customers will be paying $9.95 a month, plus tax, after 60 days, until service is discontinued. The deal will be valid through 30 April. They have also pledged to increase the speed and have agreed on not disconnecting due to late payments.

Cox Communications

Cox Communications

Initially, Cox Communications said potential subscribers will get their first month of free service and installation to households participating in low-income assistance services, but they expanded the deal to 60 days. Customers will be charged $9.95 a month plus taxes after 60 days. The deal is set to expire on May 15.

Other companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have also reacted to the pandemic by either waiving late payment penalties, offering higher data limits, or increasing the number of Wi-Fi hotspots.