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What internet speed do you need? In this pandemic, we use the internet for work, play, and school more than ever. With the introduction of IoT products, more devices are connected to our WiFi and users are growing quickly. This has led to more and more demands from the gaming and streaming fraternity. They all want their internet connection to run smoother than ever before. This has only been possible due to the rapid advancement in internet technology.

We started from slow dial-up connections and now fiber optics, DSL, and cable connections deliver blazing-fast speeds for your homes and businesses.

CenturyLink Internet Overview

CenturyLink provides service in more than 50 states. The provider has the greatest coverage in Colorado, Arizona, and D.C. The DSL internet is accessible to more than 49 million of the population making it the fourth-largest DSL internet provider in the US. CenturyLink also offers fiber, copper, and fixed wireless internet service in addition to DSL.

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The only issue with fiber internet is its limited accessibility, as the installation requires a massive infrastructure cost. Moreover, CenturyLink has excellent customer service. CenturyLink customer service is well-trained to handle issues related to the connection, equipment, and billing.

CenturyLink Internet Speeds

CenturyLink Internet offers fairly consistent speeds for all households. The DSL broadband has download speeds up to 100 Mbps. There are lower speeds available as well.  Nevertheless, all of the plans are without a contract. You may even qualify for a Price For Life promotion. This means that your internet bill will stay the same forever. You just need to stick to the same plan.

CenturyLink fiber is the talk of the town. CenturyLink Fiber Internet has reached download speeds up to 940 Mbps. This is an ideal download speed for multi-tasking and opens new avenues for streaming, gaming, and your IoT products.

Internet Plan Maximum Download Speeds Type of Connection
Price For Life Internet 15 Mbps 15 Mbps DSL Call To Order
Price For Life Internet 20 Mbps 20 Mbps DSL Call To Order
Price For Life Internet 40 – 80 Mbps 40 – 80 Mbps DSL Call To Order
Price For Life Internet 100 Mbps 100 Mbps DSL Call To Order
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit 940 Mbps Fiber Optic Call To Order
Call To Order

CenturyLink Speed Test

CenturyLink offers a highly accurate internet speed test to monitor your download and upload speeds. Your provider may not be providing the same speed as promised. Therefore, it is important to check your speeds with a trusted speed tester. This will give you an insight into the speeds you are getting and whether the price is justified or not. Ideally, you should be getting the speeds you are paying for. However, if you are signed up for 100 Mbps, you will not get full speed all the time. Typically, it would fluctuate between 60 Mbps to 80 Mbps. This is because internet speeds are influenced by many factors such as bandwidth, internet equipment, and the number of users using the service. Although, if you never get the maximum internet speed, you should report it to your internet service provider. Many internet providers like CenturyLink, offer internet speed tests with the service because they believe in transparency and giving customers what they pay for. Using CenturyLink speed test, you can monitor your internet speeds by CenturyLink and report it to the CenturyLink customer service, if there is an issue.

Tips before performing CenturyLink Internet Speed Test

Here are some important tips to follow before running the CenturyLink WiFi speed test.

  • Disconnect from your VPN as the test will not work over a VPN-secured connection.

  • If you want to take an accurate reading, it is better to connect your device with the modem through an Ethernet cable.

  • Make sure all the other devices are turned off.

  • The CenturyLink speed test is just a snapshot of your download and upload speeds at a particular time. Therefore, it is better to run the test multiple times at different times of the day to get an average.

How to test my Internet Speed with CenturyLink?

Internet connectivity is a moving target. Many times you can enjoy seamless connectivity for streaming and gaming. However, there are times when the connection speed is too slow to even function. As a result, games or videos have trouble running smoothly due to a phenomenon called lag. This occurs due to various reasons.

Therefore, it is better to test your download speed, upload speed, and latency with the help of a reliable service. CenturyLink Internet offers a reliable speed tester. You can access the CenturyLink internet speed tester with the help of this link.

Guide to Internet Speeds

Internet speeds can be compared to water pressure through a pipe. It is all about the volume of water moving in the pipe at a given time. If the water pressure is greater, the water will run smoothly with a stronger stream. Similarly, internet speeds refer to how fast data can be transferred at a given point in time. The information is transferred in the form of electronic packets. These packets are a simple unit of data. Therefore, a faster internet stream will automatically transfer more data at a given time.

Internet speeds are categorized into download and upload speeds:

Download Speed

Your download speed refers to the time taken by your internet to receive the electronic packets of data from the server. It is measured in Megabits per second or Mbps. Greater download speed means; it will take you a lesser amount of time to download a movie or file.

Upload Speed

The upload speed refers to the time taken by the data to reach the server from your end. Upload speeds are also measured in Megabits per second or Mbps. Upload speeds are always less than the download speeds because an average consumer spends more time downloading than uploading.

What is Bandwidth?

The best way to understand internet bandwidth is through the example of a highway. If there are more cars on the highway, the traffic will move slower and it will take you some time to reach your destination. However, if the highway is free, you can move faster keeping in mind the speed limit. Similarly, if more and more people are using the internet in an area, the internet becomes slower due to a phenomenon called network congestion. Network congestion disrupts the efficiency of your connection and if the congestion persists, it may result in an outage.

This is the reason why internet outages are quite common in the pandemic as more and more have to work and stay at home.

What internet speed do I need for streaming?

Video streaming is a crucial part of our activities related to the internet. Slower download speeds may result in poor video streaming quality. Therefore, you need high-speed internet to stream in high-definition. For example, for streaming a video in 4K, you need at least 25 Mbps. Many streaming services require even faster download speeds.

  • For instance, Netflix requires a 3 Mbps minimum to stream a movie or TV show in standard definition.

  • You need at least 5 Mbps to stream videos in HD.

  • Streaming in 4K or HDR requires download speeds up to 25 Mbps.

  • Hulu is a popular streaming platform and requires 3 Mbps for on-demand and 8 Mbps for Live TV.

  • Just like Netflix, YouTube requires a minimum speed of 3 Mbps.

  • To stream an HD video on a single device, at least 7 Mbps is recommended. However, if you are streaming simultaneously on multiple devices, you need at least 13 Mbps.

What speed do I need for online gaming?

High-speed internet is crucial for smooth and lag-free online gaming. If you have a slower internet speed, you may face issues coping up with the game. Therefore, get the highest possible speed by your provider if you are really into gaming. If you have high-speed internet and yet face issues like lag and higher ping rates, you need to test your internet connection. CenturyLink customers can check their internet speeds by My CenturyLink speed test and if you have other providers, you can just google a speed tester. For online gaming, you need at least 10 to 25 Mbps for seamless connectivity and lag-free gaming.

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How to run CenturyLink speed test?

You can run the CenturyLink speed test through the CenturyLink mobile app.

What internet speed do I need for gaming?

You need up to 10 Mbps for online gaming.

What internet is best for 4K streaming?

You need at least 25 Mbps for 4K streaming.