CenturyLink Overview

CenturyLink provides services across the majority of states in the United States. It has the greatest area coverage in D.C., Arizona, and Colorado. The internet accessibility is quite extensive and more than 49 million Americans are connected to CenturyLink internet services making it the 3rd largest DSL ISP in the country. In addition to DSL, CenturyLink does offer fiber, fixed wireless, and copper infrastructure.

Get CenturyLink internet by dialing 1-866-987-0357

Not just CenturyLink internet, every major fiber internet provider faces a bit of difficulty in making the service accessible for all. This is because there is a massive infrastructure cost associated with installation. On top of high-speed and reliable internet, CenturyLink has great customer service. You can call CenturyLink customer service anytime to get issues regarding billing or equipment resolved.

CenturyLink Sign-Up Guide

The sign-up process with CenturyLink is quite simple. We have created a step-by-step explanation as to how you can sign-up with CenturyLink. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Step 1: Check Availability

The first step is finding whether CenturyLink is available in your area. CenturyLink offers extensive serviceability. However, the availability of internet plans, prices, and connections may vary from location to location. Therefore, you have to call and check CenturyLink’s availability in your area. You can call 1-866-987-0357. The representative will ask you the address and zip code where you wish to set up the service to check whether you can get the service or not.

Step 2: Browse CenturyLink Internet Plans

CenturyLink offers various standalone internet plans and bundles. The DSL plan has download speeds up to 100 Mbps. If you want blazing-fast speeds such as 940 Mbps for your home, you can check CenturyLink fiber. There are many bundles as well. You can bundle high-speed internet with a phone to get unlimited nationwide calling. Moreover, there are plans with other providers as well. You can get CenturyLink Internet with DIRECTV or DISH TV plans as well. Choose the one that suits you the best!

Internet Plan Maximum Download Speeds Type of Connection
Price for Life 15 Mbps 15 Mbps DSL Call to Order
Price for Life 20 Mbps 20 Mbps DSL Call to Order
Price for Life 40 Mbps 40 Mbps DSL Call to Order
Price for Life 80 Mbps 80 Mbps DSL Call to Order
Price for Life 100 Mbps 100 Mbps DSL Call to Order
CenturyLink Fiber Internet 940 Mbps Fiber Optic Call to Order

Step 3: Sign Up!

Once you have decided the plan you are getting, sign up! The sign-up process is simple. You can call CenturyLink by dialing 1-866-987-0357 and get the best deals in your area. There are other ways to sign up as well. You can place an order online. However, to get a detailed understanding of the service, pricing, and equipment, it is better to speak to a representative.

Step 4: Installation

Once you sign up, you have the option to self-install as well. For professional installation, CenturyLink charges a one-time installation fee. Once you opt for self-installation, you receive a package through mail one day prior to the scheduled set-up. Here are the things you should expect in the self-installation kit:

  • Modem/Router

  • Ethernet Cable

  • Power Cord

  • DSL Cable

Follow the instructions written in the manual to complete the self-installation process. The process will take 15 to 20 minutes and does not require you to be an expert. Just follow the guide and you will be good to go.

Get CenturyLink internet by dialing 1-866-987-0357

Step 5: Activation

The final step of the sign-up is the online activation. Open the CenturyLink app and sign in using CenturyLink login. This app will give you all the details regarding the CenturyLink account. You can set up CenturyLink through this portal. For activation, follow this link. Even if your CenturyLink services are not activated, you can still access this link. Following the link verifies your information.

  • Accept the High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement.

  • Wait for some time as the modem gets configured.

  • You can activate the WiFi service with this application. This step lets you activate your wireless device so that you can connect multiple devices at a time. You can change your network ID and password at this step as well.

  • Just follow the steps in the order and your CenturyLink account will be activated. You can choose the types of email you wish to receive in your mailbox. Moreover, you can set up an email and create your CenturyLink.net account.

  • After the internet is activated, you can also download the free security suite that comes with all CenturyLink internet plans. 


Sign-up for CenturyLink and enjoy seamless connectivity on all your devices!