CenturyLink and Cox Communications are two of the most important stakeholders in the world of TV entertainment in the US. Cox offers services in more than 18 states across the United States with the greatest coverage in California, Virginia, and Arizona. It is the third-largest residential cable provider in the United States according to area coverage. Cox has a network of coaxial cables delivering high-speed internet, HD cable, home phone, and security service. In addition to cable, Cox offers fiber internet service to different businesses in 543 zip codes.

CenturyLink offers a vast area of coverage in 50 states across the country. It has the greatest coverage in Arizona, Washington, and Colorado. It is the 4th largest DSL provider (residential) in the U.S as per area coverage. CenturyLink offers DSL, copper, fiber, and fixed wireless

Cox vs CenturyLink rivalry goes head to head in Arizona where these providers enjoy maximum coverage. Today, we will compare CenturyLink Prism vs Cox Contour. We will discuss the channels, price, and all the important features of these services. Without further ado, let’s begin:


Cox Contour is a modern-day TV service for the customers that has exciting features and perks to go face to face with any other TV or streaming service. Cox Contour has exciting plans and bundles for every customer and offers the best possible solution to watch all your favorite sports and entertainment TV channels.


Cox offers a variety of different plans for cable TV. If you have basic usage, you can go with the Starter Plan. It has a limited quantity of channels and you don’t get any premium content. The Contour TV plan starts from $64.99 per month. This plan has a wide selection of programming belonging to every genre.


There are tons of different channels included with Cox Contour that are tailored to meet the requirements of every household. These channels have wide-ranging sports programming so that you cannot miss any action from the world of NBA, NFL, MLS, and MLB.

Contour TV Channels
ABC, Animal Planet, AMC, C-SPAN, BET, C-SPAN 2, Cartoon Network, C-SPAN 3, CBS, Comedy Central, CNN, Cozi, Discovery Channel, CQ, Disney Channel, E!, Food Network, EVINE Live, FOX News Channel, FOX, FX, GSN, Galavision, HISTORY, HSN, HLN, ION, LAFF, Jewelry TV, Lifetime, MOVIES!, MeTV, MSNBC, NBC, National Geographic, PBS, Nickelodeon, QVC, Pop, SyFy, STARZ Encore Espanol, TBN, Telemundo, TCM, The Weather Channel, truTV, TNT, TV Land, Univision, USA Network, Unimas, WGN America

Extra charges

The $64.99 per month is just for the plan. There are other charges on top. This bundle comes with a 2-year service agreement. You have the option to skip the contract by signing up for the auto-pay option. However, you will have to pay an additional charge for that. If you sign-up for the standalone TV service, there are no charges. There is a fixed charge for the cable box. The Contour HD receiver is $10 per month. The DVR service starts from $12.99 a month. Lastly, you have the option to self or professionally install your service. There is a one-time charge for that as well.

Premium Channels

Contour TV has all the premium channels available such as HBO, Cinemax, and STARZ. There are separate charges for these premium channels. HBO is $16 per month and Cinemax is $12 a month. You can add these channels to your lineup by paying the extra amount on top of your monthly bill.

Additional Packs

Cox Contour TV has some great deals for sports fans. If you cannot miss all the live action from NBA or NHL, you can get the Sports & Info Pack for just $10 additional. This pack contains ESPN Classic, NHL Network, FOX Business, and H2. There are many other packs for movies and Latino subscribers.


Cox Contour TV offers two DVRs. The Record 2 HD-DVR allows you to record 2 shows at a time and has a capacity of 500GB. The Record 6 HD-DVR records 6 shows at a time with a capacity of 1TB.

CenturyLink Prism

CenturyLink Prism was a TV entertainment service from CenturyLink that had a fiber infrastructure separating it from cable and satellite providers. It was fast and reliable with extensive channel lineups. There were tons of local and sports programming, everything in high-definition. However, CenturyLink discontinued Prism and now you can bundle DIRECTV plans with CenturyLink internet and phone. Today, we will compare CenturyLink Prism vs Cox Contour.

CenturyLink Prism Channels

Prism TV offers a greater number of channels than Contour TV. In this Cox cable vs CenturyLink Prism battle, Prism TV gains an edge of 350 channels. However, the only problem is that the channels are much basic. The premium channels include HBO and STARZ. While Cox Contour has basic sports channels, there are a large number of sports programming for the fans.


CenturyLink is a fiber service and they have relatively greater charges. However, you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. The plan costs $69.99 a month and this price includes the DVR rental fee. There is another high-end plan that costs $124.99 a month. However, the best plan is the Prism Preferred Plan. The plan starts at $89.99 per month. There are more than 320 channels in the lineup.

Set-up and Installation

We know that there are extensive charges for setting up a service. Cox Contour charges $70 for the professional installation and other providers charge $50 on average for just the set-up by a technician. However, CenturyLink didn’t go this road. It was dead initially in this category and made extensive changes in 2018. CenturyLink offered free professional installation. This means you get a hassle-free installation of the service by the technician. You even got a set-up manual for all the useful information regarding the provider. Nevertheless, there was an activation fee but it got canceled later on.

Final verdict

In this CenturyLink vs Cox battle, there is no clear winner. Cox Contour has a better approach in terms of putting up a channel lineup with all the important channels. CenturyLink Prism has an extensive number of channels and the service was run by fiber. Cox will cost you the same as CenturyLink Prism after adding all the charges. However, CenturyLink Prism is discontinued.