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Wi-Fi Router

What’s a Wi-Fi Router and Should You Buy One?

With the internet being the lifeblood of our day-to-day activities nowadays and devices being smart and wirelessly connectable, it is a given that we all use a Wi-Fi router. Now let’s ...


The Best Spectrum certified modems in 2019!

Internet connectivity has become as essential a part of our lives as any other commodity and calling it an absolute necessity wouldn’t be far-fetched at all. Though advanc ...


Easy steps for self-installing your Spectrum internet service!

The technology revolution has drastically changed our lifestyles. Almost every home environment incorporates a number of gadgets and pieces of equipment that facilitate the family ...


Top 3 DVRs for Cable TV

Digital Video Recorders are all the rage now, and for good reason. These nifty devices help you to make the most of your cable TV subscription and all those channels you pay for. When you’re at work, ...

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