Are you tired of losing your phone network signals now and then? We know it can surely get super frustrating when you are left hanging anywhere in the country looking for even one network bar. But you do not have to fret about it anymore with AT&T service.

If you are someone who is not satisfied with their phone network service, then it is time for you to switch to AT&T. Best of all, if you like your current mobile number then you can even keep it on your new AT&T service and switch it to the provider! You do not have to pay any extra charge to make this switch.

The provider makes its name for the ultra-fast AT&T Home Internet and also for the reliable phone network that keeps you connected to your loved ones, no matter where you are in the country.

How to Switch Your Number to AT&T?

It is very easy to switch your number from the current provider to AT&T. Just log in to your AT&T account and do the following:

Go to My Devices > Manage Device > Options > Settings > Change Phone Number > Transfer a Number to AT&T.

You will be done in little to no time!

Ending Remarks

So, leave behind your old spotty network carrier, and hop on the AT&T bandwagon now! You will not regret it, and get your hands on only the best and most reliable phone connectivity. With a wide range of internet plans offered by the provider, you will surely find something perfectly suited to your network needs.

For any further assistance, dial 1-855-386-4590 and speak to an AT&T customer representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AT&T charge to keep your number?

No, AT&T does not charge any extra fee if you keep your number. However, you will be charged for every phone line in your new connection. In case you replace your current AT&T number with an old one, this will cost you an extra fee.

How long does an AT&T SIM card last?

There is no expiration to an AT&T SIM card. The SIM card stays as long as you keep the AT&T service. However, if your SIM is not in use for more than 60 days and the payment stays at $0, the provider can deactivate the SIM.

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