The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league, which came into existence in 1949, after merging with the Basketball Association of America. The league comprises of 30 teams and is considered one of the best basketball games in the world. These days, NBA games are more popular than ever. According to Forbes, the average value of an NBA franchise accumulates to $1.65 Billion, which illustrates the fact that the TV audience is growing constantly.

Although there are several ways to watch and stream NBA games, the real question is which streaming service or cable TV provider offers the best experience for these amazing games? With so many options out there, it feels like a new streaming service is introduced to the market every other day. Many cable TV providers offer ESPN and TNT are some of the channels to watch NBA games. However, before going for a cable company, you need to consider the plans and their Cable TV Providers in my area so you can choose a package that perfectly blends with your requirements.

Top Sources to Watch NBA Games

In this article, we are going to reveal which services are best for watching NBA games and how to subscribe to them for an ideal experience. So, without further ado, let us dive right into it.

NBA Exclusive Television Channel

NBA League Pass

Since NBA League Pass gives you access to all the games, we will start from there. There are 30 teams in total and each team plays 82 matches. This means that there are a lot of games and you can only watch the ones that are broadcasted in your area. Games that do not air nationally, also known as blacked out games, will not be available on League Pass as well. Nevertheless, there are tons of games available on League Pass for you to watch.

League Pass is a must-have for fans who never want to miss any game. The service is broken into three different categories with two price-plans for each.

NBA League Pass
Live Games for One TeamLive Games for All TeamsLive Games for All Teams
All Full Game Replays for One TeamAll Full Game Replays for All TeamsIn-Arena Stream – No Commercials
Audio Broadcasts for One TeamAudio Broadcasts for All TeamsAll Full Game Replays for All Teams
-Classic GamesAudio Broadcasts for All Teams
--Classic Games
$120/annum or $18/month$200/annum or $29/month$250/annum or $40/month

NBA League Pass has a simple and straightforward pricing structure and is available on several platforms including Android, iOS, Xbox One, Roku, PlayStation 3 and 4, Chromecast, Amazon, and Samsung.

Best Live Streaming Packages for NBA Games

There are best streaming services that enable you to watch your favorite NBA games seamlessly without any interruptions and obstacles. These streaming providers include Sling TV, Hulu TV, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV Now. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why you probably want the one that suits your unique needs and requirements.

Sling TV

Sling TV is by far the most popular streaming service available on the World Wide Web and therefore, offers the most of what you want for an impeccable NBA experience. With packages starting from just $25/month, Sling TV is available on multiple platforms including AirTV Player, Android, Apple iOS, Chromecast, Xbox One, Roku and Amazon. Although the price is not an issue with Sling TV, choosing your ideal package can prove to be a difficult task because of the confusing channel list. Therefore, we highly recommend the basic Orange Plan that comes with ESPN, TNT, and TBS at a mere price of $30 per month.

Sling TV Plans
Sling OrangeSling BlueSling Orange Blue
32 Channels47 Channels53 Channels
1 stream at a time3 streams at a time3 streams at a time
DVR Available at an extra feeDVR Available at an extra feeDVR Available at an extra fee

When subscribing to Sling TV, keep in mind that it does not offer ABC, which might affect some people who like watching that channel. However, to make up for this limitation, the company offers a free antenna with the subscription so that users can broadcast and enjoy all their favorite local channels.

PlayStation Vue (Discounted)

Sony’s contribution to the streaming industry was more encompassing than any other streaming service because it delivered a cable-like experience to the users. With absolutely no commitment and some top of the line features, PlayStation Vue by Sony worked on almost every streaming device available in the market including Amazon, PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku, Android, Apple iOS, Chromecast and Internet Browsers. This streaming service came with a built-in DVR facility and could stream on five devices simultaneously. In addition to this, you did not need a PlayStation console to avail this service as it worked exceptionally well on all the aforementioned platforms. Unfortunately, the service is not available anymore and has been discontinued as of 30th January 2020.

YouTube TV

Like always, YouTube keeps things simple with its TV service by offering one package plan. The service costs $49.99 per month and includes 6 accounts for 1 membership. The application is compatible with several devices including Apple iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Xbox One, Samsung, LG, and Roku. More than 99.5% of the households in the United States have access to YouTube TV, which makes this service widely available for almost everyone in the country.

YouTube TV Plan
Up to 6 Accounts
Channels: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and more
Free Unlimited Cloud DVR
No Hidden Fees, Equipment Rental or Installation Required

YouTube TV comes with a free DVR service and you can store unlimited content on the cloud. Apart from that, there are no hidden costs and installation charges. In case you want premium channels, you can go for the add-on networks by paying an additional monthly charge for which you can get Fox Soccer Plus, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and many other channels. However, we do not recommend this streaming service to users because there are better options available in this price bracket.

Hulu TV

Just like YouTube, Hulu also offers a single package for its TV service, which starts from $54.99 per month after the free trial ends. This streaming service gives you full access to live TV and On Demand channels including sports as well as news. With Hulu, you get to personalize your profiles and record live TV that comes with 50 hours of initial storage (extendable at an additional cost). Bringing you a hassle-free TV experience, Hulu does not charge any hidden fees, equipment rentals or installation costs. In addition to this, you can cancel the service any time you want to because the company does not make you sign any contracts.

Hulu TV Plan
65 Live and On-Demand TV Channels with Sports and News
Unlimited Access to the Streaming Library
Watch 2 Screens at a time
Watch and Record Live TV with 50 Hours of Initial Cloud DVR Storage
$54.99/month – 1 Week Free Trial

Hulu TV is available on numerous streaming devices, for instance, Amazon, Apple iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, internet browsers, and Xbox One. If you are prepared to live without NBA TV, then Hulu TV is a great option. You can also enhance your live TV experience by adding more features to the existing package plan.


AT&T TV Now gives you more freedom to watch TV anytime and anywhere on all your favorite devices. Since this service is offered by one of the largest satellite providers of the country, it is more expensive than other available services. Doing justice to its high cost, AT&T TV Now allows you to record and store up to 500 hours of content on its cloud DVR. In addition to this, you can get NBA League Pass Premium along with this service and enjoy hundreds of live games with no commercial at only $40 per month. This streaming company does not require you to sign any contracts so you are free to cancel and leave any time. Plus, there are no hidden and installation costs, which is great for users who are on a tight budget.

AT&T TV Now Plans
45 Channels60
HBO IncludedHBO CINEMAX Included
DVR Cloud Storage up to 500 HoursDVR Cloud Storage up to 500 Hours
Stream up to 3 Screens at a timeStream up to 3 Screens at a time
No ContractMore Sports Coverage

AT&T TV Now can be streamed on various devices like Android, Apple iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google and Safari Browsers and many others. Make sure that you have a compatible device when you subscribe to the service to enjoy seamless streaming and live NBA games.

Top Cable TV Packages for NBA Games

Charter Spectrum

Being the second-largest cable provider of the country, Charter Spectrum fulfills all your entertainment needs through its extensive cable infrastructure so you never miss out on any of your favorite games. Even with its basic TV package, the provider gives you access to a number of channels including ABC, C-SPAN, FOX, CBS, ION, IND, Music Choice Channels, NBC, My-TV, QVC, PBS, and TBN. With Spectrum TV, you get to enjoy the best sports coverage from all your favorite sports channels. For die-hard basketball fans, Spectrum packages brings the option to add NBA League Pass to your TV plan so you can enjoy up to 40 games each week and that too in crystal clear HD quality. It will be like being on the courtside to watch all those star players swoosh the ball into the net.

Charter Spectrum Cable TV Packages
Charter Spectrum TV Select
125 Channels with Free HD
Thousands of On Demand Titles
Access on Multiple Devices with Spectrum TV App
Stream TV Across 80 Networks
From $59.99/month

In addition to this, when you add Spectrum Internet to your TV plan, you get plenty of bandwidth with unlimited data to stream all your favorite games on multiple devices. So, choose Spectrum bundle plans and catch all the NBA live-action with specialized HD sports channels.


Dish TV is by far the most popular satellite TV service, which was ranked top in customer satisfaction by JD Power. Being a hardcore NBA fan, you would want access to channels like ESPN, TNT, ABC, NBA TV, and TBS. Thankfully, Dish TV grants you full access to all these amazing channels with additional features like DVR Recorder for TV and TV App so you never miss any sporting event. Since NBA fans want to keep track of all the games, it makes sense to get NBA Pass League with Dish, which would keep you updated at all times regarding what is happening throughout the league. The League Pass will give you access to 40 games in a week and because this is a lot, Dish TV provides you with the convenience of watching all these games at once in its Sports Bar Mode with the Hopper 3 DVR facility so you can record the games and watch them whenever you get the time.

DISH TV Packages
America’s Top 120America’s Top 120 PlusAmerica’s Top 200America’s Top 250
190 Channels190 Channels240 Channels290 Channels
Smart HD DVR IncludedSmart HD DVR IncludedSmart HD DVR IncludedSmart HD DVR Included
Free Google Voice ControlFree Google Voice ControlFree Google Voice ControlFree Google Voice Control
Over 28,000 On Demand TitlesOver 28,000 On Demand TitlesOver 35,000 On Demand TitlesOver 36,000 On Demand Titles
2-Year Price Guarantee2-Year Price Guarantee2-Year Price Guarantee2-Year Price Guarantee

America’s Top 200 Package offers the best value for your money because it covers all the sports events including ESPN, regional sports and other local channels. Apart from that, you get access to all the features available in America’s Top 120 Plus package. The powerhouse Hopper 3 DVR facility is an impressive piece of technology and the biggest selling point of Dish TV. You get to watch 16 channels at once with 1000 hours of record time, which is a great option for people who cannot catch live games.


AT&T offers two TV services: AT&T TV and DirecTV. The former is digital while the latter is satellite. AT&T TV redefines the era of television through its high-quality resolution and the number of On Demand titles. With its amazing channel line-up, this TV service covers all the sports events so you never miss any live games. The provider understands the fact that the NBA airs hundreds of games in a season and no one can watch all the tournaments on live coverage. So, to make sure that you do not lose track of the NBA scores, AT&T TV offers 500 hours of DVR storage, which means that you can record all your favorite games and enjoy them later in HD. The best part about AT&T is that you can bundle your TV service with fiber or DSL internet (whichever is available in your area) and get both the services at a discounted price.

AT&T TV Packages
Live TVLive TVLive TV
Over 39,000 On Demand TitlesOver 43,000 On Demand TitlesOver 49,000 On Demand Titles
Access on Multiple Devices with AT&T TV AppAccess on Multiple Devices with AT&T TV AppAccess on Multiple Devices with AT&T TV App
Cloud DVR Storage - 500 hoursCloud DVR Storage - 500 hoursCloud DVR Storage - 500 hours
Google Assistant Voice RemoteGoogle Assistant Voice RemoteGoogle Assistant Voice Remote
More Than 4500 AppsMore Than 4800 AppsMore Than 5000 Apps

AT&T DirecTV is without a doubt the undisputed leader when it comes to sports. With more than 185 channels, DirecTV grants you the perfect entertainment privilege that you need to watch all your NBA games. The service comes with multiple features including TV Everywhere, Genie DVR with 200 hours of storage capacity, more than 50,000 On Demand titles and on top of that, 4K HDR programming for an outstanding TV experience. Moreover, the Picture-In-Picture facility enables you to watch 2 channels at a time so you can switch to a different one during commercials. Being one of the most prominent satellite services of the nation, DirecTV is widely available throughout the country, even in rural areas where the cable is not available.

155 Channels with 60 in HD185 Channels with 85 in HD250 Channels with 115 in HD
4K HDR Programming4K HDR Programming4K HDR Programming
Access on Multiple Devices with DirecTV AppAccess on Multiple Devices with DirecTV AppAccess on Multiple Devices with DirecTV App
Genie DVR Storage - 200 hoursGenie DVR Storage - 200 hoursGenie DVR Storage - 200 hours
3 months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and EPIX1 Year of HBO and Select Premiums Included1 Year of HBO and Choice Premiums Included
On Demand Titles2020 NFL Sunday Ticket2020 NFL Sunday Ticket

Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity delivers the best digital TV experience with all the channels that you need to keep up with the NBA schedule. The streaming app by the provider liberates you from all restrictions and allows you to take your entertainment with you so you can watch live games from anywhere and at any time. Xfinity’s exclusive X1 feature enables you to take control of your TV by combining additional streams and to make this process convenient for you, the provider gives you voice remote letting you command the technology to play what you want. It is worth mentioning that Xfinity TV comes with a variety of channels and DVR facility so you can record your NBA games and watch them later. Furthermore, you can combine the TV service with Xfinity’s super-fast internet connection to stream and download content from the World Wide Web in HD resolution.

Comcast Xfinity TV Packages
Digital StarterTV+Internet PackagesTV+Internet+Phone Packages
140 Channels125 Channels210 Channels
Popular Channels: HGTV and Bravo IncludedHD Programming IncludedHD Programming Included
Thousands of On Demand Movies and ShowsInternet Speed up to 100 MbpsInternet Speed up to 150 Mbps
DVR AvailableBest for up to 8 DevicesUnlimited Calls to Half the World
-DVR AvailableDVR Available


Being a dedicated NBA fan, you cannot compromise on the TV service. Therefore, we have only mentioned the best TV services so you can stay up to date throughout the season. Since the NBA is looking for ways to embrace social media to reach out to the fans, you might need an internet connection as well. Players often respond to their fans over platforms like Twitter, which demands a reliable internet service. Almost all the cable companies mentioned above offer internet along with their TV services. We highly recommend getting your services from a single provider because you will end up paying one smaller bill as opposed to several large bills. So, look for the providers that are available in your vicinity and then, carefully choose the plans that suit your requirements.


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