Spectrum Internet packages have become an increasingly popular choice in the U.S, as Charter Communications has rapidly extended its Spectrum Internet coverage area over the last few years. Charter Communications (Spectrum) is the 2nd largest cable service provider in the US, falling a rank behind Comcast, after purchasing TWC (Time Warner Cable) and BHN (Bright House Networks) in 2016. Since then, the high-speed internet access has been extended to millions of households.

Spectrum encompasses much of California, Texas, New York, and 41 other states. Their network footprint has been merged with TWC and BHN, serving a total of 102.7 million consumers around 44 states.

Spectrum is best known for its Internet cable bundles, though they do provide Internet, Cable TV, phone, and business services. Cable, internet and phone, all come under one roof of Spectrum that can be either accessed as standalone networks or can be subscribed as bundled packages if you want to save some money. Spectrum keeps it simple and straightforward in terms of pricing, relative to other suppliers. Thanks to their unrestricted data access and competitive contract-free services, cord-cutters prefer broadband internet plans. Unlike other ISPs, unlimited data makes streaming unlimited, even on the lowest-tier packages.

How to compare Spectrum bundles?

Below are a few basic tips to keep in mind when comparing Spectrum Internet prices and plans:

spectrum internet plan

Internet Plans

While keeping it transparent, Spectrum plans come in three flavors: Basic, Ultra, and Gig. The actual Internet bandwidth speeds of each mode differ from region to region. Spectrum also promises to extend Gig's reachability over the coming years to many different regions. The best way to test speeds is by calling the spectrum customer service and asking a sales agent to inspect internet bandwidth rates in your region.

The Basic internet plan offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Nonetheless, in most areas, it's similar to 60 to 100 Mbps, or it may even go up to 200 Mbps in some areas. In either case, speeds are good enough for the majority of consumers with basic usage. It starts at $44.99 a month and may go up to $49.99/month for new customers, with an additional $5 per month for the Wifi router. The 300-400 Mbps Spectrum Ultra package is the perfect choice for large households, service users, and individuals operating from home. This comes with an integrated Wi-Fi router with higher-end coverage, and a free modem designed to accommodate the increased performance of Ultra internet.

Spectrum’s "Gig" broadband service is the highest speed package. The price can be big though, costing as much as $100 a month. To the daily consumer, this is a little pricey but if you can afford it, you never have to look at that buffering icon again. Alongside delivering a colossal download speed of 1000Mbps, it also features fast upload rates of up to 35Mbps which are ideal for live streamers and uploaders. Although the fastest speed plan can be tempting, determining internet usage is crucial. This way, if your consumption is modest and not high, you can save a lot of money by choosing a low-tier package.

In fact, the greatest benefit of Spectrum Internet over most other networks is that there are no bandwidth limits, which is an excellent perk for Netflix junkies and streamers seeking to ingest entertainment without thinking about overrunning their data caps. Most of the other ISPs start charging extra after using a certain volume of data, but Spectrum offers unlimited access to all network plans.

spectrum tv

Spectrum TV

It provides direct connectivity to thousands of on-demand channels, more HD channels than any other network and DVR services. It allows you to watch live TV everywhere at home or play movies and shows via their TV app on smartphones and allows you to watch TV anywhere with more than 60 channel apps to access on the go.

Spectrum TV has 3 main packages to offer: Select, Silver, Gold.
With the Select package, you get to watch over 125 stations.

That's a lot more channels than what other providers offer at the most basic package. However, at the high-tier bundle, you get more than 225 channels and a wide selection of premium channels.

Spectrum's TV plans rates seem to be running a little high, especially for standalone packages. Bundling the Internet, Cable, and telephone, however, dramatically reduce the price of the package overall.

Spectrum Mobile: offers the best performance devices at competitive rates. This is planned to offer the best quality experience to customers across a national network of free WiFi hotspots and to save them money. Cell phones are built in a manner that can be used today and for tomorrow’s usage.

Spectrum Home Phone: A fully enabled and completely loaded with stable Voicemail service and other popular phone features such as call waiting and call routing plus free 411, comprising of unlimited local and long-distance calling plans. Charter is one of the country's largest providers of retail telephone infrastructure, with nearly 10 million voice customers.


For consumers sick of slow broadband rates and tired of paying incremented bills, Spectrum is the perfect stress reliever. It provides a wide range of home entertainment options with a variety of unrestricted data plans, no contracts, and competitive rates.

To make the most out of the Spectrum’s bundles, visit our website to find out all you need to know about their packages and find what best suits your needs.