The internet is something we cannot imagine our lives without. It’s understood that we can’t stick around our Wi-Fi routers all the time and have to leave our homes too. We pretty much need internet access all the time, even on the go. Relying on Public Wi-Fi is a big NO because of all the security threats it comes with. But does that mean we have to keep ourselves deprived of the most-needed facility – THE INTERNET?

Well, not at all. You can use your mobile hotspot and get access to the internet at anywhere any time. A mobile hotspot is a fantastic way to stay connected to the internet 24/7. All you need to do is get a plan that offers enough data so that you could get the most out of your hotspot facility.

Most of the mobile companies do offer mobile hotspot allowance along with the data plans, but they are very limited. Thankfully, there are providers in the market who offer standalone hotspot plans and that too hefty ones (some of them are even unlimited).

And if you are wondering where you could find the best mobile hotspot plan in 2022, then you are just at the right place because we are going to tell you all about it. We have put together some of the best mobile hotspot plans for you, so let’s dive straight into the list:


If you’re looking for lots of data for a good price, then AT&T is your option. AT&T delivers possibly the fastest internet speeds you can get in the market. AT&T Wireless takes your connectivity to a whole new level with its range of data-only plans. The top plans you can look into for mobile hotspot data are:

  • AT&T Unlimited Extra

If you are not willing to spend too much on a hotpot plan and still need a decent yet affordable hotspot plan, then AT&T’s Unlimited Extra℠ is just the right plan for you. It includes a sizeable hotspot that can be your quick backup for on-the-go usage. You get up to 15 GB of personal mobile hotspot with Unlimited Extra℠ (after 15GB, mobile hotspot speed slowed to a maximum of 128Kbps) and the option to access 5G, which requires a 5G compatible device.

  • AT&T Unlimited Elite

The plan with the most hotspot data is AT&T Unlimited Elite℠. You can enjoy up to 40 GB of mobile hotspot data per month (after 40GB, mobile hotspot speed slowed to a maximum of 128Kbps) along with access to AT&T‘s 5G network (requires a compatible device for 5G connection, limited availability). On top of it, this plan comes with free access to HBO Max™ (compatible device & online account req'd for HBO Max access). Surely, it is one of the best mobile hotspot unlimited plans!

AT&T also offers prepaid mobile hotspot plans that make it easier for you to manage your monthly budget effectively. To enjoy the most out of these plans, we recommend you get the Netgear Nighthawk 5G Hotspot Pro powered by AT&T. The device is a convenient pocket-sized router with a screen that displays speed, data details, and battery percentage. It allows you to share a connection with up to 32 Wi-Fi devices and supports 5G speeds (limited availability according to the area).


With great coverage across the country, Verizon is one of the best options to consider when it comes to mobile hotspot plans. You can enjoy generous hotspot data through their monthly mobile data plans. Their wide selection of hotspot data plans include:

  • Essential

This plan lets you turn your device into a Wi-Fi connection for others. You can get 15 GB of premium mobile hotspot data. It will temporarily slow down for the rest of the month if you’ll exceed your monthly data cap. Rest you can still access unlimited lower-speed data.

  • Plus

Enjoy the freedom to stay connected with the Plus plan from Verizon mobile hotspot plans. Get access to 5G Ultra-Wideband and 50 GB premium mobile hotspot data with this plan and turn your device into a connection hub.

  • Pro

This one is the best mobile hotspot plan for gaming, why? Because it offers 100 GB premium mobile hotspot data and 5G Ultra-Wideband access that is more than enough data to stream and game as much as you want to.  So, if you’re a game or movie lover, this plan is perfect for you.

  • Premium

For those looking for the most data, this plan turns your device into a legitimate Wi-Fi powerhouse. Get access to a 150 GB premium mobile hotspot along with a 5G Ultra-Wideband. On top of it, you get unlimited access to lower-speed data in case you hit your monthly data cap (which most likely you won’t).

One thing you’ll surely get with all the mobile hotspot plans by Verizon is the premium streaming quality and the freedom to transform your smartphone into a hotspot device. And if you don’t want constant mobile hotspot, you can check their prepaid mobile hotspot plans and take up anyone according to your needs.

Verizon moved from their typical 5G hotspot to the better and advanced Verizon Inseego 5G MiFi M2100. Improvements were made in terms of battery life and footprint. The device is a little expensive but offers a high-end hotspot with 5G support and lasts with a battery life of up to 24 hours.


T-Mobile is one of those companies you can always trust when it comes to hotspot deals and data plans. It used to lead the market with outstanding hotspot data allowances but is outdone by competitors like AT&T and Verizon. However, it’s still got two plans on the table you can consider for convincing data:

  • Magenta®

The plan claims to offer unlimited data but if you go across the limit of 100 GB in a month, you may notice reduced speeds. You can also access 5 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

  • Magenta® Max

If you’re looking for an unlimited hotspot data plan, then this might fascinate you as it gives you 40 GB of monthly high-speed data and unlimited data at 3G speeds. This is probably the only plan by T-Mobile that is still helping it stand tall in the market of mobile hotspot plans.

The Inseego MiFi M2000 hotspot device by T-Mobile is similar to Verizon’s hotspot and it represents T-Mobile’s entry into the 5G hotspot game. The only difference is that it’s a little cheaper than Verizon’s.

Our Verdict: Who has the best Mobile Hotspot Plans?

Finding a hotspot plan with unlimited data, no data caps and conditions attached is not possible. However, you can still go for a plan that offers the best value for your money. We think that AT&T has got the best mobile hotspot plans, so we recommend you go for that. AT&T’s Unlimited Elite℠ with 40 GB of mobile hotspot data is truly exceptional. You might think of it as a little pricy but the freedom of having that much data makes it all worth spending money on.

Verizon will also work if you are looking for something simpler with more speeds and live in an area where a 5G millimeter wave is available. The choice is yours; pick a plan wisely that suits your requirements the best.