It is very likely that you must have heard from someone or read somewhere that Spectrum is one of the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) out there. Now the question is, is Spectrum as good as people claim it to be?

We like to believe that an Internet Service Provider is only as good as the Internet speed it promises and provides. Therefore, in this blog we will be talking all about the Internet speed that Spectrum offers and why it is a good idea for you to opt for it as your Internet service too. Make sure that you read all the way to the end of the blog to find out more!

How Does “Internet Speed” Work?

The first thing that you need to understand is how the internet speed works when it comes to researching an Internet Service Provider and their internet plans. If you ever head to a provider website, you will see a lot of plan that mentions a specific internet speed and the price that you can get it for.

Typically, an internet speed is measured by Megabits per second or Mbps for short. 1Mbps means that your internet service allows 1 million bits of data or information to be transmitted to your devices in the form of the internet in the span of 1 second.

Pretty fast, right? Normally 1Mbps would be considered a little slow. However, that depends entirely on the usage of the internet that you have.

If you are someone who lives alone, then even 25Mbps of internet speed can be sufficient for you. However, if you live in a larger group of people such as family and friends, then you would definitely need a higher internet speed. Therefore, the first thing that you need to understand is the measurement of the internet speed. If things still get confusing, you can always contact the Spectrum Phone Number to clear out all your confusion.

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Figuring Out Your Internet Speed Needs

The next thing that you need to figure out is what exactly you need your internet for or what the ratio of your usage is. This would help you determine which internet plan and speed you should get for yourself so that you don’t end up going way over budget.

Mostly, people need the internet to stream content, play online games, work online, or study online if you are a student.

Internet Speed for Streaming Visual Content

If you are someone who enjoys watching sitcoms, movies, TV shows, and documentaries, then you would need an internet speed of around 4 to 8Mbps so that you can stream as flawlessly as possible.

However, if you are streaming Live TV, then you would need 10Mbps or more of internet speed. If you want to stream in a crisp, 4K resolution then it would make sense that you would need 20Mbps of internet speed per every user.

Internet Speed for Streaming Audio Content

Who says that you only have to use the internet so that you can “view” content? You may also use the internet to “listen” to content. This includes streaming music, podcasts, and even the radio if you love staying the “old-fashioned” way.

Many people are into listening to stuff rather than watching it because it helps them concentrate and multitask, giving you that boost of energy that you really need. Some of the platforms that can offer you such content include Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, and a lot more.

If you love to listen to music or other audio content in the clearest quality possible, then you would need around 5Mbps of internet speed per every user in your house. This means if you have three people in your house, you would need 15Mbps of internet speed in total. However, if you choose to listen to podcasts or the radio, then you would need 1.5Mbps of internet speed per user.

Internet Speed for Online Gaming

Online entertainment also includes online gaming, which is something that is really common in the United States. The best thing about online gaming is that you could either do it on a console such as a PlayStation or an Xbox, or you could choose to do it on a PC as well. In either of the cases, you need to have a superfast internet connection that can allow you to play your game online without any lag.

If you choose to stream your games online as well, you would need an even faster internet connection. You should at least have an internet speed of 50Mbps if you really want to play online without any hiccups.

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Spectrum’s Internet Plans

Now coming towards the actual internet plans, at this point you might be wondering “What are the internet speeds that Spectrum offers?” or “How much would these plans cost me?” As far as the cost is concerned, we can easily tell you that the cost is something that will certainly be well within your budget. The more important part, however, is the internet speed that Spectrum provides you with.

The lowest tier of internet speed that you can get from Spectrum is 300Mbps, which is still decent enough to get most of your work done, keeping in mind all the “internet needs” that we mentioned above.

This is perfect if you live with a few other people who have internet needs similar to yours. You can freely stream music, shows, and movies using this internet speed. While this may be the lowest internet tier, the speed is still fast.

The next tier of internet speed is 500Mbps and it falls in the middle of the three internet speeds that you can get. This is great for people who have higher internet usage and usually tend to hog up the bandwidth as well. This makes it even easier for you to stream content and watch movies too.

The most internet speed that you can get with Spectrum is 1000Mbps or 1Gig, which is insanely fast! This allows you to do everything that you ever dreamed of doing. You can stream movies and shows in a matter of seconds; you can play online games, stream them so smooth, and fast, like butter.

You can also download games onto your console in an hour or an hour and a half at most. So if you are looking for an insane internet speed with great bandwidth, then this is the internet plan to go for.

However, if you would like to contact Spectrum directly in case you have any questions, you can always contact its customer service for a prompt reply to queries.

Wrapping Up

These were the three internet speeds that you can get from Spectrum. However, you need to decide which one you should get for yourself based on your own internet needs and how much internet speed you would need for them. If you are a hardcore gamer, a binge watcher, or a music addict then you should definitely opt for 1Gbps of internet speed!