You can find many best internet service providers in Florida but when you have to choose an internet service provider for your home, you often get confused because you are not sure which option will be better for you. We’ve chosen the four best internet providers in Florida, for you based on bandwidth, high-speed internet, customer service, and added benefits. For instance, Spectrum customer service is a 24/7 available support option for spectrum customers, AT&T offers customized plans, Xfinity offers amazing disocunts.

Cheapest internet in Florida by City

You can find various internet service providers in Florida and the internet service providers are available in the following city and along with that you can find other, satellite, DSL, broadband cable, and fiber optic providers in the cities that are mentioned below,

  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Hollywood
  • Jacksonville
  • Gainesville
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Clear Water
  • Cape Coral
  • Miami
  • Coral Spring

The cheapest internet in Florida includes 2 providers which are mentioned below along with the speed and price of the package offered by them,

  1. Xfinity Internet

An average user who uses the internet for Netflix, browsing, socializing, needs an internet speed of 10 Mbps. Xfinity offers a special package of 60 Mbps which is fairly a high internet speed for only $30 a month.

Internet Providers in My Area

If you are trying to fnd the answers to what internet providers in my area are the best ones, or which internet providers are available in your area. You can simply add your Zip code to our website ‘’ and you will be able to see all the available options of internet service providers in your area.

Types of internet providers in my area

You might be wondering what types of internet providers are in my area available. According to research, Florida ranks at 11th position in terms of internet availability. Almost 98% of people have availability of different types of internet that are mentioned below,

  • Sattelite Internet- It covers 90% of areas in Florida.
  • DSL Internet- It covers 90% of areas in Florida.
  • Broadband Cable Internet- It covers 94% of areas in Florida.
  • Fiber Optic Internet- It covers almost 27% of areas in Florida.

Best Internet Service Providers

If you want the best internter service providers in your area, we will recommend to you the ones that have recived better reviews from their existing users. If you want an internet speed that is more or equal to 100 Mbps, you can choose the providers that we’ve mentioned down below.

Spectrum Bundle Plans Internet Speed Internet Data Limited Number of Channels Included Contract Required
AT&T Internet Up to 100 Mbps $50 a month Unlimited Internet A contract for 1 or 2 years
Spectrum Internet Up to 100 Mbps $50 a month Unlimited Internet No contracts required
Xfinity Internet Up to 100 Mbps to 150 Mbps $50 a month 1021 TB The contract will be conditional on the internet package

AT&T Internet Florida

AT&T is one of the biggest telecommunication company in the US. They are widely available in many states and they offer many enticing benefits to their users. The best thing about AT&T is that they offer dedicated internet speeds, all users get consistent high internet speeds. You can also add a customized channel lineup at any point if you want. With internet, they offer a strong whole-home Wi-Fi router that provides strong strength of internet signals in all corners of your home.

Spectrum Internet Florida

Spectrum is growing in the market with each passing day. It offers internet, cable TV, and home phone service in more than 40 States with a massive number of more than 30 million users. Spectrum offers many additional benefits. You can get a promotional discount on all their internet package but the most used and preferred internet package by their users is the regular one, which offers 100 Mbps internet for only $49 a month.

Spectrum offers additional free benefits like free modem, free antivirus service to provide you protected internet connection, free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots which makes internet avaialability more flexibile. Moreover, you are not required to sign up for any contract that gives you a sense of liberty. Spectrum also offers unlimited internet data which means you can easily download excessively.

Xfinity Internet Florida

Xfinity offers the highest internet speeds but the best option is to opt for 100 Mbps which is ideal for a user who wants to use internet extensively. You can easily stream videos in 4k and download files without data restriction. Xfinity offers a great gaming experience and you can play your favorite games smoothly.

Final Words

Internet service is not like an everyday product that you’ll go and buy from a market. Internet is a part and parcel of our lives because our living along with our educations requires a good internet connection. When you have to choose an ISP, you’ll be paying for it every month, and if you’re not satisfied with it, you’ll face issues in your work and education. We recommend you choose the best option available so you wont ends up regretting your decision.