Ever heard the term “value for money”?

That’s exactly what we’re here to tell you. Even in this day and age, and with this level of inflation, you can find economical options when it comes to internet packages. It won’t be an easy task though. Simply put, analyzing each and every major brand of internet service that gives the best megabit per second per dollar rate can prove to be a very tiresome and tedious task. Luckily enough, for you, we decided to take this task up so that you won’t have to.

In this article, we will list the most affordable internet plans and packages from all the major players in the internet service provider market. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Best Packages Available for October 2020

Looking at these packages/bundles and then setting your heart on one is just simply not going to cut it and this might break your heart as to why. All these companies have various areas in which they operate, if your desired plan and bundle lies in the region in which the company provides its services in then good, glad we could help. However, we still recommend that you check out beforehand the names of the companies that operate in your region so that there is no love lost between us. After all, we just want to help.

  • AT&T:
    The company is giving away a promotion that includes a $300 Visa Rewards Card when you purchase a bundle of AT&T Internet plus DIRECTTV. You can also opt to save $10/month for a complete year if you decide to get the AT&T Internet plus AT&T TV bundle.
  • Xfinity:
    People of the West, HERE YE HERE YE! You can now save up to $10/month by utilizing the X1 Saver Pro Two Xfinity Products and Three Xfinity Products Internet plus TV Bundles. They could choose that or get $19.99/month of 25 Mbps worth of internet. That’s a steal especially considering that before this package was for $24.99/month. Xfinity also brought in something special for the student class, for a $150 Visa Rewards Card plus a whole 6-month Amazon Music Unlimited subscription through December 31st, 2020. This deal for students is on top of the aforementioned package, that’s quite a sweet deal to be fair and that’s not it. Xfinity is also offering 4k streaming devices and Peacock streaming services with its packages as well.
  • HughesNet:
    The company hasn’t really gotten over with the trend of giving this October. The offer of free standardized installation in its satellite category for new customers is a good tactic to bring in new internet craving customers.
  • WOW! Internet:
    Similarly, WOW! Internet is also giving away free installation on of its internet plans along with a subscription to one of the following;
    • YouTube TV
    • Philo
    • Fubo
    • Sling TV
  • Windstream:
    On ordering the Kinetic Internet package, the customer is granted a $100 credit. Pretty decent, if you ask us.
  • CenturyLink:
    If you decide to get a subscription to CenturyLink’s internet service then you also get along with fine quality internet is a free modem, Price For Life Guarantee, and free installation of the setup.
  • Spectrum:
    On the chance that you make a swap deal and choose Spectrum’s Internet Services, the company will throw in an additional $500 for you.
  • Verizon:
    Guess what? If you opt for Verizon internet service as your provider, then you also get a free subscription to Disney for an entire year for free. Not bad, at all.
  • Cox:
    The company, Cox Internet is also giving away free installations and a free TV receiver on select TV and Internet packages/bundles which also includes the option to stream HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax, and STARZ. If you’re an HBO fan, we seriously recommend that you take a closer look at the promotion.
  • Optimum:
    Quite possibly the best deal on paper, the internet service provider is giving away $10 off for the first month along with free installation and Price For Life guarantee. The company is also throwing in a $100 Amazon card because why not, anything to please its customers.

*All data above has been collected on 29/09/2020 and is subject to change at the discretion of the company. All offers vary in availability from location to location. Check any plan before committing to it by contacting the customer support of your desired internet service provider.

Listing The Top Internet Providers

  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Cox
  • HughesNet
  • Optimum
  • Windstream
  • Xfinity
  • Verizon

The Cheapest Internet Plans

PlanStarting PriceDownload Speed (Mbps)Connection TypeTo View Plan
Xfinity Performance Select$34.99/month100 MbpsCableView Plan
Verizon FiOS Internet 100/100$39.99/month100 MbpsFiberView Plan
Cox Internet Essential 30$39.99/month30 MbpsCableView Plan
CenturyLink Price For Life$49.99/month100 MbpsDSLView Plan
Spectrum Internet$49.99/month100 MbpsCableView Plan
AT&T Internet$35.00/month100 MbpsDSLView Plan

*Data recorder on 19/02/20. Any and All offers vary in availability from location to location. Check any plan before committing to it by contacting the customer support of your desired internet service provider.

The Cheapest Internet Plans With The Best Value

As far as the analysis is concerned, we’re here looking for that one package that gives you the most utility for every cent you spend. So to get that utility, of sorts, we’ve decided to get deeper into the nitty-gritty of the internet world and compile the very best packages that offer the perfect value for your money.

Internet ProviderStarting Price* ($)Download Speeds Up To (Mbps)Estimated Cost per Mbps ($)*
AT&T 1000$60.00/month940 Mbps$0.06
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit$65.00/month1000 Mbps$0.07
Verizon FiOS Gigabit$79.99/month940 Mbps$0.09
Cox Gigabit$99.99/month940 Mbps$0.11
Xfinity Extreme Pro$69.99/month600 Mbps$0.12
Spectrum Internet Gig$109.99/month940 Mbps$0.12

*Data recorded on 13/08/2020. Any and All offers vary in availability from location to location. Check any plan before making a commitment by contacting the customer support of your desired internet service provider.

As per the table above, AT&T 1000 is a sure shot to be the most economical internet bundle out there.

The Best Gigabit Internet Deals

In our opinion, the bundle that often has the lowest cost tends not to be the one to save you the most money. Doesn’t sound right, we know but just stick around for a few minutes and it will all make perfect sense.

Today, many internet service providers offer internet plans that have absolutely crazy speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit) or even higher. These speeds definitely have their own sets of advantages, in terms of 4k viewing and streaming, online gaming, multiple device access, low latency, and so on.

This means that when you decide to get an internet service provider who offers such high speeds, you should also look into bundles for who offers unlimited data or even a bundle that gives you a high data allowance (which exceeds your needs) so that you don’t face any overhead fees.

Our top picks of High-Speed Internet and Data Deals are given below;

  • AT&T Internet 1000
    Speeds up to 940 Mbps for $60.00/month* with limitless data.
  • CenturyLink Gigabit
    Speeds up to 1000 Mbps for $65/month* with 1TB/month.
  • Verizon FiOS Gigabit
    Speeds up to 940/880 Mbps for $79.99/month* with limitless data.
  • Cox Gigablast
    Speeds up to 940 Mbps for $99.99/month* with 1TB/month.
  • Xfinity Gigabit Pro
    Speeds up to 2000 Mbps for $299.99/month* with 1TB/month.
  • Spectrum Internet Gig
    Speeds up to 940 Mbps for $109.99/month with limitless data.

*Data recorded on 13/08/2020. Any and all offers vary in availability from location to location. Check any plan before making a commitment by contacting the customer support of your desired internet service provider.

Is AT&T Internet Any Good?

Sadly, the company AT&T only offers one plan but the good this that the one plan features a wider variety of speeds to choose from. The speeds are up to 100 Mbps which means that at least in your area you’ll have one of the fastest internet speeds. Bragging rights!

AT&T put a price tag of $49.00/month on the 100 Mbps plan and to be honest, this is an excellent deal if you’re getting 100 Mbps speeds or even close to a 100 Mbps speed.

AT&T Internet

Excellent price, if you can get the 100 Mbps speed or anything near it1TB data cap
Bundle option with DirectTVThe location might cause slow speeds

Is Cox Internet Any Good?

The company gives us some of the lowest speed internet plans that we’ve seen, for the lowest prices of course. So if your internet speed needs start from 10 Mbps and go up to 150 Mbps then we’re glad to say that you can rest easy knowing that Cox has got your back.

Cox Internet

Easy on the pocket- low-speed plans1-year contract
Makes good on its promise of internet speedBad customer service

Is HughesNet Satellite Any Good?

If you’re living in a rural area, then it’s safe to say that you’ll probably just be looking for a reliable and stable internet connection that makes good on the internet speed that it promises. Sadly, rural areas don’t have many options when it comes to this. HughesNet is one internet service provider who does not deliver high speeds or a lot of data. So why do we include them? Availability!

HughesNet Satellite Internet

No price hikesLow data caps
No trickery when it comes to plans and pricesJust the one 25 Mbps speed option

Is Spectrum Internet Any Good?

Being offered unlimited data and no contracts is truly a blessing, one that we all want since we live in the 21st century. Having unlimited data gives you a high degree of comfort, from streaming online in 4k quality to downloading your favorite songs all day long, it’s truly beautiful in our opinion and spectrum does a wonderful job by providing its customers with this opportunity.

However, Spectrum (unintentionally) confused its clientele by putting up a lot of variations in the fee structures and by placing a really high price on its gigabit internet package.

Moreover, we feel as if we had to choose, based on its reliability, no contracts, and no data caps then we’d definitely recommend Spectrum’s internet plans.

Spectrum Internet

No contracts and no data capsThe download speeds promised may not always be met
Modest pricing for most speedsCustomer service is low

Is Windstream Internet Any Good?

Did you know that Windstream operates in Northern Georgia? We didn’t to be honest and it was just wonderful to see. Why was it wonderful? Well, that’s because Windstream’s DSL internet speeds are faster and cheaper than most satellite internet providers. WIN!

Windstream Internet

No contracts or data capsLow on customer service
Rural availability Annual price hikes

Is WOW! Internet Any Good?

Keeping up with the whole unlimited data and low price thing, WOW! Internet offers plans without a two-year contract, however, this plan would cost you about $25/month more.

You could also take advantage of the opportunity to rent an Eero mesh Wi-Fi system. Since this is an experience want, you could take the opportunity to try it out on a rent basis since one Eero mesh Wi-Fi costs around $200.

WOW! Internet

You could rent Eero mesh Wi-Fi system Only available in the South and Midwest
Limitless dataContract free plans cost more per month

Is Xfinity Internet Any Good?

If you aren’t Patrick, the starfish then you must know about Comcast Xfinity.

Probably the most spread out internet service provider in the country. Xfinity proudly boats to having one of the fastest download speeds, all at competitive prices in today’s market.

Xfinity Internet

Highly competitive pricesPrices vary according to location
High in availability and reliabilityDisastrous customer service


How To Find The Best Internet Prices?

  1. Compare the prices of all major internet service providers in your area
  2. Don’t just rely on the price, look out for all the bundles and packages on offer
  3. Pay close attention to data caps and capped downloads
  4. Ask questions from your neighbors regarding the internet service that they are using and how their experience is.

Who has the best deals on TV and Internet?

If you’re looking for a plan that gives quite possibly the best deals on TV and Internet, then Xfinity has quite possibly got exactly what you’re looking for. Along with cheap rates, the company offers a 4K streaming service along with a free subscription to NBC’s Peacock Streaming Service. Apart from Xfinity, other companies like AT&T, Cox, and Spectrum are also offering discounted prices and deals on TV and internet bundles.