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Best Home Security Systems 2019

It’s the digital age. Everything seems to be “smart” lately. Our reliance on gadgets and sensors to make life easier is on the up and up. And why not? Technology never sleeps, and rarely throws up false alarms.

So just like we install security systems in our car to prevent anyone from breaking in and stealing our vehicle, we should have technology guarding our house. In case of a break in or fire or another emergency, you want to be aware as soon as something happens.  

There’s no place like home, and only we can make sure we’re keeping our family as well as our objects of value safe. You never know whether the insurance company will pay up. It’s just smarter to prevent damage and keep would-be robbers out than to fix things.

After deciding you need a home security system, you’d be wondering which one would prove to be the best value for money with comprehensive features. Let’s compare the home security systems offered by cable TV, internet, and phone companies. By bundling these services together with home security, you make your own life easier in terms of billing and customer support.

Let’s start.

Xfinity Home

For folks who live in areas where it’s available, Xfinity Home is a great option.

Using just your phone, tablet or computer, you can fully control and monitor the Xfinity Home system remotely. All you need is an internet connection to be the master of home security.

The system comes with 24/7 monitoring by a team of trained humans(included in the basic pricing). That’s important because there are just some intangible aspects of home security. If any of your alarms are triggered, the team can alert your local law enforcement or emergency response authorities instantly.

There are 3 arming modes: away, stay, night.

The “away” mode is the works – all sensors, door/windows/locks connected to the system are monitored. Any movement (apart from your pets) is detected and reported to you.

The “stay” mode is for when you’re at home awake. Movement sensors are disabled but other features are operational.

The “night” mode allows you to choose which motion sensors you want to keep active during your sleep.

Besides this, during power outages, the system stays operational – thanks to the battery and cellular backup which is included in the package.

You can also set your own rules to push notifications to your cellphone. The Xfinity Home app can control thermostats and lights in your home remotely. Through custom alerts, you can see a video feed of whenever your house’s front door opens, for example. It’s a really neat app.

What’s included in the package? 3 door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a touchscreen controller for settings, and a wireless keypad for arming/disarming the alarms.

Other add-on equipment available for an extra fee are indoor/outdoor cameras, smoke detectors, thermostats, and more motion as well as door/window sensors. You can also get 24/7 video recording with 10 days of saved video, or you could save video recorded after certain events trigger the camera.

Some existing smart home products installed in your home from various brands may be fully compatible for integration with Xfinity Home such as LIFX smart lighting, Kwikset smart lock, Nest Thermostat and more.  

Basic pricing is $29.99/mo. in the first year and $34.99/mo. in the second year. To get Xfinity Home order onlinenow.

Cox Homelife

Cox is another popular cable TV, internet and phone provider. They too have an impressive home security feature called Homelife.

There are two plans available for Homelife. Smart Home Automation plan allows you many smart home features such as turning lights on or off, or setting light timers. You can view a live video feed of your security cameras from the Homelife app.

Other than that you have door and window monitoring and alerts.

Equipment included in the Smart Home Automation is 1 HD video camera which has night vision capability and motion sensor. You get 1 smart LED bulb which can turn any lighting or lamp into a smart light which allows you to turn it on and off or dim it via your Homelife app. You get 1 door/window sensor.

Besides the equipment provided, you can get add-ons such as smart door locks, motion sensors, smart outlets and smart thermostat.

Then you have the “Monitored security plan” which has the features of the automation plan and more on top of that. 24/7 professional monitoring is the biggest value of this plan. As we said earlier, you can’t underestimate the benefit of a team of humans ready to alert local authorities in case of something going wrong at your home, no matter if you’re home or not, no matter if you’re aware of the emergency or not.

Besides this, you’d always have a backup system as a part of this plan which ensures your security system stays active during power outage or network outage. This plan also has motion sensing inside your home, which is pet safe.

What equipment is included in this plan? A full-color touch screen Homelife control panel, 1 HD video night vision/motion sensor camera, 2 door/window sensors, and 1 motion sensor. 

Add-on options include all the add-ons of the Automation plan, as well as a wireless keypad, smoke and heat detector, carbon monoxide sensor, glass break sensor, and leak/flood sensor.

The basic Cox Homelife Automation plan is 29.99/mo. and the Automation and Security plan is for $54.99/mo. To order Cox Homelife call 1-877-286-0720.

AT&T Digital Life

Another household name in America is AT&T which also offers its home security system. While AT&T doesn’t emphasize the specifications of the equipment brands it installs as a part of this system, it does have a 3 tier smart home/security offering. The basic plan is security based whereas the more advanced plans add more automation.

The Smart Security plan has 24/7 professional monitoring, free installation, text/email alerts, wireless monitoring and more. The equipment you get is a keypad, indoor siren, motion sensor, 2 recessed contact sensors, and 4 surface contact sensors

The Smart Security and Automation plan has 7 surface contact sensors and keyless door lock in addition to the basic plan’s equipment.

That means it has a live or recorded video feeds as well as remote door locking/unlocking feature.

The Premier Security and Automation plan has smart automation features which turn your small appliances as well as a thermostat into remote-controlled devices. As for equipment of this plan, in addition to what you get with the two lower-tier plans, you get carbon monoxide sensor, glass break sensor, 2 indoor smart plugs, 2 temperature, and water sensors, and a thermostat.

The upfront costs for these plans are on the higher side. The basic plan costs 39.99/mo. , the smart security and automation plan costs 54.99/mo. and the premier security and automation plan costs 64.99/mo.

To order AT&T Digital Life call 855-386-4590.

Wrap Up

Thankfully, we don’t live in a society with an annual purge night so it’s not like we need to live in a fortified armory. But whenever you’re away there’s the sense of danger for your home getting burgled or the delivered packages on your porch being stolen.

When you’re home, there’s the danger of a gas leak, a fire, and even a home intruder. We all care for our families and want to have a failsafe method to call authorities if we’re not able to for some reason.

Small margins can be the difference between tragedy and a narrow escape. We highly recommend you to sign up for one of these three awesome home security packages. Stay safe, stay well!

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