If you are looking for the best TV plans, you have reached the right article, here we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the best TV deals on the market. Not everyone wants to settle for less, and nobody should – we are all paying for the services so why not pay a little more to get the best available deals. Moreover, spending some time on research on comparing the same services by the competitors can enable you to find the best deals without paying a great deal.

Before we dive into the detailed comparison of services and prices offered by top cable TV providers in the US, these are not exactly going to be cheap cable TV services because no good stuff is free – and we are enlisting the best TV packages for 2020. Paying for cable TV service is an investment for your family’s unparalleled entertainment and to experience something amazing with it forever. It is a long time investment, nobody plans to change the cable TV packages frequently.

Best TV plans and pricing

Package details Standout category No. of Channels Starting prices
DIRECTV ULTIMATE All Included Sports 250 plus $84.99 a month
DISH America's Top 200 Family 240 plus $79.99 a month
Spectrum TV Gold Movie 200 plus $104.99 a month
AT&T TV Ultimate + Internet Internet and TV Bundle 250 plus $104.98 a month
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV Streaming 60 plus $60.99 a month

Information effective, as of 04/03/2020. The availability of offers and deals may differ based on the location(s) and are subject to alter.

*For 1 year inclusive of taxes along with RSN fee with a 2-year agreement, paperless billing along with Autopay. The prices shall be increased after the first 12-months.

†For 2 years with eAutoPay and a 24 months agreement.

‡For the first 1 year.

+For 12 months includes taxes along with a 12 months agreement, paperless bill, and Autopay.

5 Best Cable TV Packages

The list mentioned underneath has some amazing cable TV deals and packages which offer so much that someone with an eagle eye will find it captivating.

  •   Best Package for Sports – DIRECTV ULTIMATE All included.
  •   Best Package for Families – Dish America’s Top 200.
  •   Best Package for Movies – Spectrum TV Gold.
  •   Best internet and TV Package – AT&T TV Ultimate + Internet
  •   Best Package for Streaming – Hulu (without any ads) + Live TV/

Best Package for Sports


directv packages


  •   Number of offered channels are 250+
  •   The starting price is $84.99 a month.
  •   The cost per Channel is $0.34 per month.

*For 1 year inclusive of taxes along with RSN fee with a 2-year agreement, paperless billing along with Autopay. The price shall be increased after the first 12-months.

Pros and Cons of getting DIRECTV ULTIMATE


  •   Reasonably priced.
  •   Availability of NFL SUNDAY TICKET.


  •   Pac-12 Network is not available.

DIRECTV holds a solid reputation in the market for being one of the top cable TV service providers, particularly when it comes to sports programming. Even though it might be exciting to go for its gigantic package i.e. DIRECTV PREMIER™ which is for $134.99 a month, we would suggest you consider the All included DIRECTV ULTIMATE for $84.99 a month.

If you are eager to pay for the PREMIER package, you sure will get more in return too and chances are you might not regret. However, DIRECTV ULTIMATE offers all the top sports channels which include NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, and NHL Network. You shall even be able to avail NFL SUNDAY TICKET for one year without paying anything extra. If you don’t want to miss out on any big game, you must go for this package.

Best TV Package for families

DISH America’s Top 200

dish network deals


  •   The number of channels is 240+.
  •   The starting price is $79.99 per month.
  •   The cost per channel is $0.33 per month.

*for 2 years with a 24 months contract and eAutopay.

Pros and Cons of DISH America’s Top 200


  •   Reviews and ratings based on age.
  •   Watch on-the-do with Dish Anywhere.


  •   Expenses for equipment can be further added.

DISH gives Disney Channel in the list of America’s Top 150 plus, however, you can get more particular options for picking your family’s favorite from America’s Top 200. If anyone is a fan of Disney XD, Animal Planet, or Nick Jr. – America’s Top 200 can fit all your requirements without exceeding their budget.

DISH’s plan and Common Sense Media’s partnership is what sets it apart from the rest. You can use the Hopper 3 DVR for customizing the watch list of your child to make their overall experience more meaningful – especially by showing them recommendations relevant to their age and interest. The ratings and recommendations are fundamentally divided into eight types of categories:

  1. Educational value
  2. Language
  3. Sex
  4. Consumerism
  5. Violence and scariness
  6. Positive role models
  7. Drinking, drugs, and smoking
  8. Positive messages

You are going to appreciate the Dish Anywhere App for keeping your kids entertained when you are on the go. Even when you are away from your home, this app will enable you to not only watch all your favorite shows but you can also filter the content according to age and create different accounts for each of the children. DISH Anywhere app is surely going to make your long drive with kids fun and peaceful and you do not have to worry about the inappropriate content popping in your kids’ newsfeed.

Spectrum TV Gold

spectrum tv channels

Best package for Movies

The Specifications:

  •   The number of channels is 200+.
  •   The starting price is $104.99 per month.*
  •   The cost per channel is $0.52 per month.

*applicable for the first year (12 months).

Pros and Cons of Spectrum TV gold


  •   Great value with the premium channels.
  •   Buyout plan for switchers.


  •   HD storage of DVR is not more than 21-50 hours only.

The premium channels hold the impression of being outrageously costly. But that is not the case with Spectrum. This package brings you the most popular and all of your favorite channels in its list of premium channels. Spectrum TV Gold includes unlimited hours of movies for you to watch without costing you an arm and leg.

If you do not wish to continue with your current cable TV service but paying the cancellation fee frets you, Spectrum would love to rescue you. Once you bundle up your Spectrum TV service with phone and internet services, it will pay your cancellation fees of up to $500 to steal you from the prison of your existing telecom service provider. Do not settle for a package that you are not content with.

One noteworthy aspect of Spectrum is that its DVS is not as sync with the latest tech and demand as it should be. Nothing’s perfect, so yeah! You can treat yourself by record your favorite movies through TiVo BOLT VOX rather than the Spectrum DVR. You would be able to record about four HD and standard channels simultaneously and can store up to 150 hours in HD format – all that with the 1TB model. It will also be sufficient enough to store the recording of your favorite complete series nine times.

TiVo is an incredible DVR solution that is compatible with some specific cable service providers including Spectrum. If anyone gets hold of TiVo, they should request the cable provider to give them a CableCARD (it helps the TiVo to decode the cable signals). It will cost around $2-$5 a month if you get it leased.

Best Internet And TV Package

AT&T TV Ultimate + Internet

at&t near me

The Specifications:

  •   Number of channels is 250+.
  •   The starting price is at $104.98 a month*
  •   The cost per channel is $0.34 per month

*applicable for 1 year inclusive of tax with a 12 months agreement, paperless bill, and Autopay.

Pros and Cons of AT&T TV Ultimate + Internet


  •   A huge number of the channel lineup
  •   Super-fast downloading speeds


  •   A costly plan

This is one of the most amazing bundles among all the cable TV packages as it has everything the best one could think of for their ideal entertainment deal. AT&T TV Ultimate has got comparatively more channels than the majority of the cable TV packages available on the market – then you get to bundle it up with internet 1000 and the DVR it comes with can store up to 500 HD hours. This storage capacity is sufficient to record the HD version of each; Friends, Games and Thrones, and Walking Dead episodes and you might still have some space spared.

Speaking of the Internet 1000, its speed is adequate fast to download the Fortnite on your computer within a matter of a minute – this lighting fast speed is going to help you get rid of those irksome terminations right before concluding the download. Or else, if someone is not a movie lover, they would relish the buffer-free streaming in its all 4K Ultra HD of their favorite shows such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The starting price i.e. $104.98 a month may sound expensive but it is totally worth it as you get a high-end internet and TV bundle covered in this bill.

Best Package for Streaming

hulu live

Hulu (without ads) + Live TV

The Specifications:

  •   The number of channels is over 60.
  •   The price per month is $60.99.
  •   The cost per channel is $0.85 a month.

Pros and Cons of streaming Hulu


  •   You get access to Hulu’s library for streaming whatever you like.
  •   It comes with a cloud-integrated DVR which has the capacity to store up to 50 hours – it can be upgraded to 200 hours as well.


  •   Additional premium features are expensive.

If you are considering Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV just to get an idea about this streaming service or plan on cutting the cords, this offer is quite decent. The live channels in Hulu can be streamed in full HD (1080p) as compared to most of the competitors on the market who provide HD Ready (720p) – this makes Hulu’s picture quality stand out amongst all.

Streaming notes: HD Ready is good to go if someone is streaming on their phones or tablets. However, Full HD is going to make a distinctive difference on any smart TV. If anyone is streaming on an old TV with 720p. You need to upgrade the TV set to enjoy the experience fully.

Hulu’s wide range of streaming library that sets it apart from the rest of the contenders on the market. The library's content includes original series such as Castle Rock and Handmaid’s Tale along with on-demand TV shows. The cloud-integrated DVR that comes with Hulu can store up to 50 hours long recorded content – you would be able to record your best picks with it. If you wish to get your DVR’s capacity augmented to 200 hours, you would be required to pay $14.99 a month.

Though Hulu has a small number of channels, you may still get to see some of the most popular channels in the list – including the local channels. In case, you like to have more options and prefer channel count over picture quality, you should check AT&T TV NOW’s ULTIMATE, it has 125+ channels available in this package in 720p.

What makes a TV package a perfect pick?

Not sure what to look for in your cable TV package? We all should know what to look for in a TV package to make it the best and worth paying. Let’s shed some light on crucial points one must consider while picking the best TV package.

Channel Line-up

Your perfect TV package may not be the same as someone else’s because we all have different demands from our entertainment dose and how it should look like. Making sure all your favorite channels are covered in the channel lineup offered by your TV service provider is one must thing everybody should look for. Also, the price you are paying for the channel lineup must be reasonable and worth paying. Some channels are basic so they come with the package without paying anything extra while some are premium and you pay for them for including them your TV package – so you got to find all the right reasons vigilantly, why it is worth paying for all the channels individually.

The best idea for making the right choice is to compare the packages with each provider offered by other service providers in your area – it will educate you on more than one aspect to get the best deal for you. Furthermore, this exercise will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Availability in your area

Regardless of all your efforts and time for finding the right TV package for your family, you would have limited options based on their serviceability in the area you reside in. You should also check and compare the contract durations along with the termination fee – in case you change your mind to change your TV provider. Moreover, if you have a plan or possibility to change your state/city during that agreement period, you should also find out the procedure for relocation and the serviceability of the provider in your next state or city.

Find out the available service providers and the best deals in your area by entering your zip code in the zip code bar on our website.

Concluding Thoughts

The purpose behind writing this detailed analysis in a blog post was to take you through all the material that any buyer would need, so you can compare the pros and cons for yourself. Additional information with an intention to research can be found online in an ample amount, but learning the relevant facts is more significant than spending hours on reading articles and reviews – can cause more confusion due to the inability to absorb all the acquired information. We hope you found something substantial while walking down this store displayed for you to make a smart choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about TV packages.

Which TV provider is considered the best?

When you go through the channel lineups, availability or serviceability of the service provider, and it’s pricing, it gets baffling and overwhelming in no time. Therefore, we have made it simpler for you. DISH Network is considered as the best satellite TV connection amongst all, the best cable TV provider is Xfinity, while best fiber TV remains Verizon FiOS TV and the best streaming service is YouTube TV among the rest of the options.

How much the basic cable TV service costs?

Basic cable TV package costs about $30 a month, however, it depends based on the provider and serviceability in your area. Good news for anyone looking for cheap TV services around. Moreover, for anyone considering to get something on a budget, we are sharing a complete list of providers offering basic plans underneath:

Best Cable Packages

Providers’ names TV Package No. of Channels Prices Cost per channel
Spectrum TV Select 125 plus $44.99 per month.* $0.36
AT&T TV Entertainment 155 plus $39.99 per month.† $0.33
DIRECTV SELECT™ All Included 155 plus $59.99 per month.‡ $0.39
DISH America’s Top 120 190 $59.99 per month.§ $0.32
RCN Signature TV 275 plus $59.99 per month.˚ $0.22
Optimum TV Optimum Core TV 220 plus $64.95 per month.• $0.30
Optimum TV Optimum Core TV 220 plus $64.95 per month.• $0.30
Verizon FiOS Custom TV Varies $64.99 per month¶ Varies
Xfinity Digital Starter 140 plus $69.95 per month** $0.50
Cox Contour TV 140 plus $69.99 per month†† $0.50
Cable One Standard Cable Up to 100 $80 per month. $0.80
*Information is effective as of the 3rd of April 2020. Deals and accessibility may vary from area to area and are subject to alter. *For the first 1 year. †For 1 year with a 12-months contract and Autopay. ‡ Per month for 1 year plus tax with a 24 months agreement, paperless billing, along with Autopay. Prices may increase after 12 months (i.e. 13-24 months). §For 24 months with a 2-year agreement and eAutoPay. ˚for the first year. • For the first 1 year. &plus tax, equipment. Fee and additional charges. ** For the first 1 year with a 12 months agreement. ††For the first 1 year.