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Awesome New TV Series Premiering Soon

This promises to be a great year for cable TV entertainment. Several series with highly original plots are either in filming or post-production phase. These titles are highly anticipated due to the producers, directors, and actors associated with them.

Another reason to be excited to watch these shows is that the stories are very intriguing. You’ve got to tip your hat to the writers and every crew member making it happen.

We’re taking a look at some of the series debuting soon. You’ll definitely not want to miss any of them!

His Dark Materials

The fantasy genre has been usually associated with movies like The Lord of the Rings and TV series like Game of Thrones. Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials novel series just recently got popular. Fantastic beasts, extraordinary weapons, and characters with a knack for finding themselves in action adventures are what people love.

The 2007 film “The Golden Compass” starring Nicole Kidman was based on the first novel of the His Dark Material series. That’s a taste of what’s to come in this TV series.

It is a story about a young girl Lyra Belacqua who is growing up at Jordan College, Oxford, in a universe parallel to the boring one in which we live. Lord Asriel, Marisa Coulter, and institutions are some players in the story which spiral into a cosmic battle between good and evil.
The story’s themes touch on metaphysics, physics, and philosophy. There are witches and armored polar bears, and gypsies and lots of colorful characters.

There was also a bit of controversy surrounding some of the undertones in the story. It will be interesting to see if the TV series will amplify or reduce these allegories in the story.

His Dark Materials is coming soon to HBO.


Originally published by DC Comics in the late 80s as a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, Watchmen is a story set in an alternate history. The premise of the series is that superheroes emerged in the middle of the twentieth century and their activities changed the course of history as we know it today.

As outcomes of events are unexpected, the US wins the Vietnam War and President Nixon never had to resign. Tensions between the US and the USSR start to boil over but the Americans have a strategic advantage up their sleeve: superhero Dr. Manhattan. This character was the only one with super powers out of all the superheroes in the novel.

However public opinion turns against the costumed vigilantes over time and the superheroes get outlawed. Only                 Dr. Manhattan and another superhero The Comedian are sanctioned by the government to act as law agents. Rorschach continues to operate without authority, in defiance of the law. 

The creators of the TV series have vowed to keep the original spirit of the novel alive in their adaption but also to break new ground. The possibilities are endless given the characters and theme of altering historical events. We may as well get to see what our world would’ve been like if there were superheroes to stop some of the bad things from happening.

Watchmen is coming to HBO soon.

City on a Hill

Crime, investigation, and punishment have always been a fascinating topic for TV and movie buffs. People will remember shows like NYPD Blue, The Wire, Law, and Order which are but a few of the wildly popular series of the past.

Hollywood star Ben Affleck has come up with the original idea for City on a Hill which is a fictional series set in the early 1990’s Boston. Back then Beantown was a city rife with a violent crime which often went unpunished due to the poor investigation, dereliction of duty, sympathies with “one’s own”, unprofessionalism and downright corruption.
In this setting, an African American Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) becomes the District Attorney. Then happens a cliché in law enforcement series. The arrogant, and in this case somewhat corrupt, FBI agent steps in and tries to dictate how to do things to the DA.

DA Ward faces discrimination from police officers despite being more than just competent for the job. His is a story of a fighter of the system. Although it may be fiction, the “Boston Miracle” really did happen where youth gun violence was aggressively squashed, be it law enforcement in the 1990s. Watch this series if you’re a fan of crime stories.

The series will premiere on Showtime on June 16, 2019.


Are you a fan of the Vampire Diaries? The popular series spawned a spin-off, The Originals, and this is the second spin-off. It is created by Julie Plec of the Vampire Diaries fame.

The story starts off two years after the events of The Originals. The protagonist is 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) who is an orphan at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Her bloodline is from some of the most powerful vampires, witches, and werewolf. At her school, Hope learns to control her impulses and powers with other kids like her. Lizzie and Josie Saltzman are Hope’s companions at the school. It’s a coming of age story.

Although the series premiered in 2018, it has recently been renewed. We’ve included it in this list because it’s still a new show.

Catch the second season soon on The CW.


From 2002 through 2008 an obscure comic book series was published called Y: The Last Man. Now a TV series based on it is coming to your cable TV screen.

The story is from a post-apocalyptic world in which Yorick Brown and his pet Capuchin monkey Ampersand are the only surviving males. All mammals with Y chromosomes simply dropped dead on July 17, 2002, except, of course, the hero. The mass termination of males of all species obviously throws the world into chaos with all kinds of systems collapsing and crumbling infrastructure.

The women are left to wonder what had happened and how should humanity be saved. The investigation into why Yorick survived begins but all sort of groups want to get a hold of him. He must be protected at all costs and scientific breakthroughs must happen for the human race to survive.

Wow! What an original story. We can’t wait to watch this one.

Catch Y when it premieres on FX in 2020.


If you’re a fan of watching series which make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, this one’s for you. Horror-thriller shows often rely on sudden loud noises to achieve the terror effect but NOS4A2 sends a chill down your spine merely based on its substantive plotline.

A young New England girl, Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings), discovers that she has the power to unlock portals between parallel universes. She meets many others who’re travelers like her. Some want to be helpful but then she runs into the immortal Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto). His secret to everlasting life is feeding on the souls of children.

Manx dumps, what remains of his victims, in some sick playland he created where it is always Christmas Day and he doesn’t allow the poor chipped souls to be unhappy.  McQueen makes it her mission to rescue the children and defeat Manx. Will she succeed? What will she see and experience along the mission?

Find out soon! NOS4A2 premiers on June 2, 2019 on AMC.

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