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Avengers: Infinity Wars – Rumors, News and Everything You Need to Know!

MCU fans have been anticipating Avengers Infinity Wars’ Part 1 and Part 2 right after the announcement had been made in late 2014. The “two-part” blockbuster movie in the making is expected to be released in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

No More “Part 1” and “Part 2” of Avengers: Infinity Wars Anymore

Russo Brothers cleared the air in an interview, back in May, by stating that the titles are misleading and that the intention is that they will change it, they just haven’t come up with the titles yet. It seems like a rational decision to not release a movie in segments and give an impression to an audience that they are only going to get half a movie. Although it’s understood that both the movies would involve Thanos, hence they’ll have a closer connection between them compared to other Avengers movies, but it is good that Russo brothers have cleared the thin air by mentioning that the movie isn’t divided into parts but are separate entities with different titles.

What We Can Expect From Both the Movies

MCU fans have been trying to figure out how these two movies are going to proceed. One of the most plausible plots is that, at the end of Age of Ultron, Thanos had got irritated with his stooges failing him constantly so he decided to hunt the infinity stones by himself though Infinity Gauntlet. It is possible that the third installment persists of Thanos collecting all six Infinity stones or have already acquired some and coming to Earth to get the remaining ones. In the fourth sequel, Thanos would acquire all six Infinity stones making Avengers try to defeat the invincible villain.

Who’s Going to be Bumped Off or Not in Upcoming Sequels

Although this potential blockbuster is full of Marvel Universe’s favorite characters, the rumor has it that not all superheroes are likely to make it out alive from it. We don’t know yet about who is going to be killed in the third part of Avengers. Currently, Avengers 4 is being filmed and we can deduce by looking at the cast of Avengers 4 about who’s going to get out alive in Avengers Infinity Wars. We still aren’t sure about who going’ to make it out alive or not but there are some plausible suggestions that can be implemented in Avengers Infinity Wars

We all have seen Thanos’ adopted daughter Nebula in The Guardians of Galaxy. This purple-skinned alien has been promoted from an antagonist to uneasy ally. According to the comics, her character is all about killing her father Thanos but we probably won’t be able to see that in Avengers Infinity Wars and her character would likely to be killed whereas the villain would be exterminated by one of our A-listed Marvel superheroes.

But what about other superheroes from The Guardians of Galaxy. Well, James Gunn mentioned in an interview that he is going to complete the iteration of The Guardians of Galaxy with the third installment. So it’s highly unlikely that he wants to lose Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot or Drax in Avengers Infinity Wars.

We all have seen Robert Downey Jr. admit that he wants to get out of the iron suit before it becomes embarrassing. Infinity War gives him a golden chance to farewell the character of Iron Man on a high note. Regarding another Earth-bound Avenger Hawk-Eye, it is unlikely that he’s going to bid farewell to Avengers as we all know that he’s currently shooting for Avengers 4. But we can’t say the same about our superhero Vision. As we know that Thanos is going to collect all the infinity stones for his Infinity Gauntlet, it might be possible altogether that we might have to lose our superhero Vision as one of the infinity stones is embedded in his forehead. So his chances of survival in Avengers is close to none.

We’ve already seen the death of Scarlet Witch’s brother Quicksilver and as one of the few women superhero in Marvel Universe, we don’t think that she is going to be bumped off. Another women character, Natasha Romanoff, is a character of Black Widow. All we know about her is that she is a survivor and after Captain America: Civil War, she is on a hide and we can expect a change in her look as shown in the new poster of Infinity Wars. And the Marvel fans would be pissed if they kill Black Widow even before having her own stand-alone movie. So it’s safe to bet that she’s also going to make it alive from the third installment.

It’s safe to say that Hulk and Thor, as their new movie Thor: Ragnarok is around the corner, is going to be safe in Infinity Wars. This new bromance between these characters and the goodwill of Marvel Universe attach to these characters are probably not going to get wasted by killing either of them. Same goes for our new entrant Black Panther as he just made an entry in Marvel Cinematic Universe and having his stand-alone movie, it is highly unlikely that he’s going to go off-screen so soon. Our neighborhood Spider-Man is also going to live in both the parts as the Director of Spider-Man has confirmed that the web-slinger is going to make in both of Avengers movies and is going to do a sequel of Spider-man: Homecoming.

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