No matter wherever you go, AT&T Wi-Fi will be available for you as soon as you need it. AT&T offers wireless Internet connection to help you stay linked and enjoy life as a whole, even if you operate from home, move around from area to area, or have a house out in rural America. Read this guide below to make better decisions on purchasing or upgrading your services from AT&T.

AT&T In-Home Wi-Fi Service

You might have heard the famous saying, ‘best place to find the most reliable internet connection is at home’. And if you juggle between several apps, work remotely, watch several shows at once, and function from home, then you need internet that is as efficient as you are. Luckily, AT&T Internet plans have got you covered. Choose the best plan and get the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway to connect your devices at your home wirelessly.

Why would you love AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway?

Use the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway to enjoy wireless connection throughout. You can connect all your devices so that you can watch, talk, or play your favorite shows all over your house. What else would you wish for with an AT&T Internet service of over 99 percent reliability and hassle-free pricing? You may further reduce your monthly bills by bundling up with AT&T TV, which offers over 40000 on-demand content and 500 hours of cloud DVR storage, like seriously?

AT&T Fixed Internet

In two basic stages, AT&T links you to the high-speed internet. Firstly, by mounting an outdoor antenna that transmits a strong and stable link to the nearest cell tower. Secondly, you can connect a Wi-Fi on all your smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices by providing an indoor AT&T Wi-Fi gateway router. Once everything has been set-up, you can enjoy a monthly 170 GB data allowance for internet use. Even if you consume all of that data, further data will be available at a minor cost.

AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots

AT&T is very convenient and has come-up in a fashionable way for its wireless Internet coverage. AT&T Wi-Fi links your desktop or any device that is Wi-Fi enabled (such as the iPhone or any tablet) to the AT&T Hotspot, providing high-speed Internet connectivity via unlimited wireless service at fast rates anywhere within 150 - 200 feet of the hotspot. Hotspots are available in various public places like malls, parks, McDonald's, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Disney World, and other cafes, restaurants, etc. With every wireless Internet-enabled device, you can connect to an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot at more than 30,000 locations across the country.

You sign in using your AT&T Member ID and password in order to use the AT&T Wi-Fi Service, provided that you have subscribed to at least one of the qualifying AT&T services. You can use AT&T Wi-Fi on the spot, which is a one-time link available at AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots if you do not have any subscription to a valid AT&T service. This connection type is for a small one-time fee.