Spectrum enjoys widespread popularity and recognition for its high quality and reliable services at cheaper prices. It does not impose any additional fee and Spectrum equipment prices are less as compared to other providers. To avoid any confusion regarding your Spectrum bill, here is a quick analysis of your Spectrum TV and internet bill.

Spectrum TV Bill

Spectrum offers a no-contract policy and your cable bill might seem too cost-effective to be true. Let us have an overview of what you should expect out of your Spectrum TV bill:

Broadcast TV Surcharge

Spectrum TV bill contains Broadcast TV surcharge to fulfil the fee set by U.S. broadcast television stations and companies to transmit their broadcast signals.

Spectrum HD Box

Spectrum HD box price is around $7.99 per month but may vary from location to location.

Spectrum Enhanced DVR

Spectrum enhanced DVR cost is usually $15.99 but the cost may vary based on your location. It allows greater capacity to record shows and has a larger HD storage.

Professional installation

Spectrum TV also offers two modes of installation i.e. professional installation and personal installation. The professional installation comes with a cost of nearly $49.99 once.

DVR Service

Spectrum DVR service cost approximately $4.99 per month for one TV.

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