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9 Great High School Basketball Prospects

Author: Andy Updated: 26 Sep, 2019

The Class of 2020 is set to produce several talented players who will excel on college arena courts in the coming years. We shine the spotlight on the various players who will be heading to NCAA Division I teams. Fans have high expectations of these young men.

Many of the promising prospects have yet to commit their future to any college so it will be exciting to follow them to know where they decide to play and study.

If you are an avid college basketball fantasy player and like to compete against your friends as to who has a better eye for spotting basketball talent, you’re going to want to know as much about these prospects as possible.

So here’s the lowdown on the hoops class of 2020.

Anthony Leal

A 6’5’’ 195 lbs Shooting Guard from Bloomington, IN.

Leal comes from a basketball loving family, growing up attending Indiana University games with his parents. We can safely say that Hoosier Hysteria runs in the family as his sister Lauren has also played competitive basketball.

Leal is skilled at layups, shooting from inside the arc while under pressure from defenders, assisting slam dunks and shifting his feet at a high rate of speed laterally to set up a 3-pointer attempt, which he usually nails. He thoroughly deserves his place as a top 100 recruit.

Leal identified ball handling and growing his physical strength as priority areas to work on before he starts his college basketball career. He also said he sometimes tries to do things the way Devin Booker does.

Neal hasn’t committed to any college yet but has got attention from National Champs Virginia Cavaliers. We’re sure he’ll be a star athlete in college.

Posh Alexander

A 5’11’’ Combo Guard from Bronx, NYC.

Alexander’s strengths are offensive rebounding, defensive blocking and he just has an inexplicable flair for the game. His playing style is free flowing, akin to a street ball game. People who watch him play say he’s “bouncy”. That’s definitely a good thing is basketball.

Alexander has an uncanny ability to run straight down the court for a jump shot or a layup. His twisting and turning can send opponents the wrong way. He can swivel the ball around mid-air for a layup or slam dunk.

In December, Alexander broke his arm, which has kept him from playing the game and obviously that has cost him some attention. But don’t snooze on this guy, he’s going to come roaring back over the summer.

Another aspect of his game, which Alexander identifies as important to him, is leadership. All coaches love a good leader on their roster. He also wants to further improve his jump shot.

In 2018, Alexander averaged 13.7 points, 4.2 assists, 3.6 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 22 games.


Henry Coleman

A 6’8’’ 190 lbs Small Forward from Richmond, VA.

Probably due to his colossal height, it is very difficult to defend against a charging Coleman. When he launches into the air there’s no stopping him. He is a dunking machine. Most of his finishing is above the rim.

On top of that he does have the finesse to score hook shots or pass the ball to a teammate when he’s being double teamed or when there is an opening.

His jump shots are good, especially from outside the arc. In the 2017-18 season he averaged 10.1 points and 6.9 rebounds per game.

Coleman is the type of entertaining player who can hype up a home crowd and silence the crowd on the road.

It’s hard to keep describing his brilliance in words. Get on YouTube and watch Coleman’s awe inspiring plays.

Daishen Nix

A 6’5’’ 205 lbs Point Guard from Las Vegas, NV.

The special thing about Nix that anyone will notice is his supreme intelligence in the game. He cannot only cover the length of the court at a high rate of speed in possession of the ball, he seems to know exactly what to do in the opponent’s half.

Nix’s unpredictability makes him hard to defend against. It’ll seem like he’s about to shoot but will manage to throw a rocket pass to a teammate at a really tight angle in between flailing arms. Alley-Oops galore. Other times, as defense drops off trying to cover the pass, he’ll shoot.

Nix’s FG% and 3PT% isn’t the best but he is a tremendous asset for his team due to his 6.1 assists per game in the 2017-18 season. He did average 11.9 PPG that same season, which isn’t bad at all.

Zach Harvey

A 6’4’’ 170 lbs Shooting Guard from Topeka, KS.

Harvey is considered the best player in his state. Even as a freshman Harvey proved his worth to the Varsity team. He averaged 13.3 PPG and 4.2 APG. Then, as a sophomore he averaged 23.6 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 5.3 APG, 3.2 SPG and 2.5 BPG.

This shows that Harvey is a well-rounded player able to contribute all over the court. He is a top 30 recruit according to ESPN. Ever since the start of his high school career Harvey has worked on increasing his weight and strength.

More than that, Harvey has matured as a player over the years. He can play Point Guard in addition to Shooting Guard. Harvey feels he is best during transition and off ball screens.

Harvey admires Devin Booker who is his favorite NBA player.

Walker Kessler

A 7’0’’ 220 lbs Center from Newnan, GA.

Kessler is another guy who uses his towering frame to his advantage in the game. He is able to score from a variety of positions but his favorite is scoring from the paint.

Kessler’s 2018-19 season stats show he averages points and rebound double per game. With 3.8 BPG and a pretty decent FG% and 3PT% he is a valuable player for any coach.

Kessler might be the perfect player for a run and gun offense. Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke compared him to Hall of Famer Christian Laettner.

Cade Cunningham

A 6’5’’ 215 lbs Small Forward from Montverde, FL.

Cade is originally from the Dallas, TX area but he transferred to the number 1 ranked high school team in the US last year, Montverde Academy. That gives you an idea of how seriously Cunningham takes his basketball career as well as his academics.

He is a player with a well-rounded game. Cunningham’s skills are useful on offense and defense. He is ideally suited to fast breaks, he can create turnovers by deploying an effective press and is just a triple threat in the truest sense.  

His offensive rebounding is good but if he improves it further he could be a seriously impressive rookie in the NBA soon enough.

HR folks often tell us to hire for attitude more than skill. Cade says on Twitter, “This ain’t luck... there’s a reason why I am the way I am ” and that just shows his willingness to work hard. We expect him to be one of basketball’s biggest stars in the next decade.

Brandon Boston Jr.

A 6’7’’ 175 lbs Guard from Atlanta, GA.

Boston is a multitalented athlete. He can dribble the ball, shoot at all 3 levels and drive towards the hoop and still score in traffic.

His shot accuracy is quite impressive due to his handling of the ball. Despite his lanky frame his mechanics are good and he can swivel and swerve to create his own shots around defenders.

What you will notice about him though is that his torso and legs are rather skinny. Brandon knows it.  He does work diligently on improving his strength through low weight high rep training so that it doesn’t affect his game.

Boston admires Kevin Durant as he sees a likeness in their height and body shape. As far as fans are concerned, they can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance between Boston and Brandon Ingram. We think these similarities will extend to more than just physical likeness. Boston will most likely go on to match their success on the basketball court at the highest level.


Greg Brown

A 6’8’’ 205 lbs Power Forward from Austin, TX.

Brown is the highest rated player on our list. His greatest skill is his athleticism coupled with his height. He is very good at grabbing offensive rebounds. His ball handling is good and his best skill is his jump shot.

In 35 games he has played in the 2019 season, his points and rebounds double average easily due to his talent. In fact, he improved his PPG from 17.2 to 27.4 over the course of a season. His shooting accuracy is improving by leaps and bounds, which is scary for opponents.

Brown comes from a family with an athletic pedigree. His father and uncle were Longhorns.

With his lengthy wingspan and propensity for dunking he is a hard forward to defend against.

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