The cable bill eats up a significant portion of our monthly spending, and everyone faces this issue after the promotion ends. The weight of inflation is building on our shoulders every year and with changing lifestyles comes the shift of wants becoming needs.

We all take a break from our hectic routines by either reading a book, taking a stroll in the nearest park, or watching our favorite season every once in a while. However, the question of financial relief remains unanswered. Well, not for long.

A little research and it's quite evident that a major chunk of our entertainment expenses goes away in cable and internet bills. And why not, with a whole lot of offers and options to choose from, it is hard to put a finger on something without having to consider losing your kidney to attain it. If this sounds relatable to you, it is quite understandable! On a brighter note, however, we have compiled a list of simple yet effective ways to reduce your Cox Cable bill significantly, and honestly, it won’t be a herculean task to pull them off.

Bundle Up!

You may be wondering how adding more services could possibly save you some dollars. Don’t give up just yet; here is how it goes.

Bundling up results in you having to deal with a single bill at the end of the month rather than three different ones from three different providers, which is a major hassle. Bundling up services from the same provider works like having your sibling at the same school; both of you get discounts on tuition fees. If you bundle your Cox TV service with the Cox Internet service, you will be getting discounts on both TV and Internet at the same time.

Therefore, if you go for bundle offers from providers like Cox, you end up having some convincing bundle discounts. You can always check Cox Cable deals to see the pricing and availability details in your area and what entails in their double and triple-play packages.

However, it is suggested that you keep an open eye when a sales representative tries to lure you into upgrading your subscribed number of channels for an apparently $5 a month which builds over the year into a significant sum, thus undermining your objective of saving in the longer run.

Cut Off Excess Channels

Let us come to terms with the fact that cutting the cord is not an option, at least for now. However, you should spare some time for a mini-ordeal and make a list of channels that you don’t watch often or at all for that matter. Once done with that, without losing another moment, reach out to Cox customer support and tell them that you wish to get rid of those channels.

Cox offers multiple cable packages and you can upgrade and downgrade your plan whenever you feel like doing it. If you think you are good at negotiations, then this should be a piece of cake for you, especially if you have a fair record of bill payments on time. You will have an upper hand in negotiations in this case.

If you think you are not very good at negotiations, don’t worry since there are professional services for that matter to help you out. See if you have one in your area. They negotiate on your behalf and charge a certain chunk of money they saved for you, which is not a bad bet, after all, considering that you still end up saving something.

Check for Applicable Government Subsidies

The US government offers internet subsidies to households falling below 135% of the federal poverty level. You are also eligible for this subsidy if you are enrolled in Social Security or Medicaid programs. According to the figures quoted in 2019, a family falls below 135 percent of the Federal Poverty level if their reported annual earnings are $25,750 for four members of the household.

Look for Extra Charges

Take some time out to read through the policy manual. Look for potential loopholes and see if you can find any extra fee being charged. The moment you dig out one, pick up the phone and report it immediately.

If you have subscribed to Cox TV service, then there is a higher possibility that you might not have to wait for too long because their customer support department has multiple agents who are available for the customers 24/7. Once you are connected to a customer service representative, tell them the entire scenario and ask them to adjust your monthly bill accordingly.

Say Goodbye to the DVR

Do you hate missing your favorite TV show? Well, who doesn’t? However, even if you don’t go for the DVR service, Cox cable TV packages often offer the broadcast of that show, the next day, on-demand. So, you can watch it then. In short, it won’t be too much of a pain if you exchange your DVR for a standard digital receiver to conveniently trim $10 off your monthly cable bill.

Invest in your own Router and Modem

Most internet companies offer a free internet modem or router with their internet subscription, which is actually not free. They charge you a monthly modem rental fee for using that device. However, if you invest in a modem and router of your own, you might end up saving some bucks that the providers happen to take out from you in installments. And it could collectively be much more than the devices’ price if you stick with them for long.

This is why most users, those who know, opt for a router and modem of their own, to avoid paying more than they should. However, be wary of the fact that you only chose the routers that are compatible and recommended by the internet service provider. By doing so, you can:

  • Experience better quality of device performance
  • Avoid those frustrating rental charges
  • Have greater control over your home network
  • Enjoy better coverage
  • Save more money, annually

Trim Internet Speeds

An average household with basic internet usage requires 12-25 Mbps of broadband speeds to function optimally, as endorsed by FCC itself. However, we are often lured into subscribing for faster internet speeds that we might not utilize entirely.

Get Rid of Underutilized Cable Boxes

Set-top cable boxes often cost $3-$12 on average per month, in the name of modem rent. Get rid of that extra set-top box in the bedroom if you don’t watch TV as often in your bedroom and save some dollars there. Since every penny counts, doesn’t it?

Following these simple yet effective steps is bound to help you save on your bills in the long run and those funds can be allocated elsewhere to help you manage your monthly budgets.

Summing it up

After the pandemic situation, many people are going through a financial crisis and it totally makes sense if you are finding ways to save money on your entertainment services. Follow the above steps and you will surely save some.