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4 Home Office Essentials

Author: Andy 30 Oct, 2019

The 21st century has seen a lot of development. Humankind has moved on to do greater things. Making lives easier is the central goal of all this development and progress. The aim is to make lives easier, efficient, and productive. These aren’t the only challenges. Meeting expectations is easy but constraints make the task a little more interesting. This lack of resources becomes an opportunity to reflect and come up with better alternatives.

The development meant the need of greater workforce which led to huge skyscrapers and office buildings. As the workforce grew the traffic on the roads became greater. Cities expanded and distances kept stretching. This meant great traveling time to and from work. The more one travels the greater the fatigue. This not only hampers mental health but also reduces productivity.

The internet era revolutionized the work environment. This development led to new opportunities. Some of them meant no need to go to an office. It saved time, energy, and kept the environment a little cleaner. This lead to virtual assistants and project-based services. These services meant no office and people could simply work from home. Then there are mothers who wish to resume work with the added responsibility of motherhood, feeding the ever-increasing trend of home offices.

Working from your home office is a convenience that comes with responsibility. It requires everything that is available in an office. It may not be feasible to buy everything available in an office but here’s a list of 4 essentials that you must have in your home office.

1. Work Space

Let’s start with the basic thing first. Working from home means taking your office with you and performing the assigned tasks in a comfortable environment. This gives you flexibility and ease. This sounds nice and everything but it is easier said than done. The environment at home is nothing like the office. Everything about the house suggests ease and leisure. This may as well be a trap. If you have children then the task at hand is bigger than you think. Kids like to play and run around. The toddlers will laugh out loud when happy and cry when hungry. That’s a lot of sound and you may find yourself distracted. Using a phone from work to inquire about the child is different. This is you sitting there.

The solution? You need have a dedicated spaces for your work. Period. This space can be a room in the house or your garage. It needs to be different from the rest of the space and somewhat emulate work environment. Soundproofing the workspace is the best thing you can do. If you have a corner, convert it into a small soundproof cabin and get the job done.

This workspace will need a little furniture as well. Don’t get the cheapest stuff out there. Breaking the bank is not an option either. Take a look at how often you use your home office or how many hours do you have to use it. Set a budget and stick to it. Get a nice desk and a comfortably decent chair. This will keep your back healthy and give a nice look on video conference calls. Remember this workspace will set the tone for the rest of the things to follow.


There aren’t many ways to stay connected to the main office. A stable internet connection is the key to getting the job done. You will work from home using the internet. Your home office may not have speeds matching the internet at work but you can always work your way around it. Depending upon the nature of your work the internet speed needed to work from home will vary. You will have to analyze your requirement and judge whether the current internet speeds will suffice the need or not.

Regardless of the current subscription, we will recommend you to get separate internet connections for work and for domestic use. This is especially necessary if your home office is the only office that you have. There is a good chance that other members of the house may be using internet and taking the bandwidth that you need. This can severely affect your meeting and uploading and downloading times. This will also work as a buffer. If one connection goes down you can use the other internet connection to get the job done. You will have a better chance to always stay connected.


It is essential to have a backup. Data is paramount when it comes to work. You may be the only one to have it. So, it is crucial to have a backup. When you’re working from home, the importance is even greater. You can have two types of backup drives. The first can be virtual drives or clouds. Cloud storages like Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive offer convenience but that comes at a cost. The free versions of these clouds do not offer ample space. There are other cloud services that offer greater storage space but that will cost $30-$35 every month.

The alternative is to get a hard drive. A device that will require one-time investment and you should have ample space. Much more than cloud anyways. WD – My Passport offers 1 GB storage and can be bought for a price around $55. This comes with USB 3.0 technology that ensures fast data transfer rates. That’s budget price. If you are worried about accidents, there are options like ioSafe Solo G3. They offer fire resistance and waterproofing but at high cost. Play smart stay safe!

4.All in one Printer

We all know what a printer is and what can it be used for. No need going there. Let’s jump to the business end of things and wrap this list up. There was once a time when printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines had to be bought separately. Those days are long gone. Working from home comes with budget constraints and lack of space. You need something compact, efficient, and budget friendly. There are all-in-one printers that can do all the lifting. They have everything we’ve mentioned and won’t break the bank. Epson offers WorkForce WF-3540 Printer at around $150. When setting up an office at home, it is must-have equipment. Don’t run to the machines, get the one!

Best Internet & Phone Deals for Home Offices

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