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3 Online Businesses to Earn Money in 2019

Author: Andy 30 Oct, 2019

The Internet is amazing. Its utility, usage, and benefits keep growing by the day. There is hardly a field of life where internet would not prove useful. With everyone jumping into the sea that we call internet, money making machines could not stay behind. Those with   drive and a little capital have an opportunity to grow and make their dreams come true. The right knowledge, hard work, and a little patience are the key ingredients to success.

The flow of time usually changes a river’s trajectory. This river of opportunity has not changed direction, it has not slowed down but has picked up pace. It carries anyone with a good idea and hunger for success. Play your cards right and success is what you will get. It is an opportunity for all those who seek answers and to those who just want to push their limits. You could be a professional, a student, a housewife or anybody with any set of skills and it would not matter. You need a creative way to get your ideas to reach the public.

It gets you thinking about your talents or what it is that you can try and do to boost your income through the internet. Maybe a question like ‘what’s the best business to start?’ We encourage you to find the answer but in the meantime we also want you to give hints of how you can earn money in this New Year and make a decent earning.


What do you think it is that you are reading? A blog. That’s right, a blog! There’s a reason why this is on our list. What is that reason? You! You and millions of others that seek answers. People that ask questions and are unable to find answers in books. Internet is a sea of knowledge with search engines personifying the captains that know their way around it.

Inquisitive people  are not the only reason. It is the best and easiest business to start. Blogging is effective, easy, and requires  minimal cost. You may not even have to invest if you are willing to write quality articles, learn and implement SEO techniques. If you are willing to market your content yourself, even better!

What exactly does it cost? Your time, domain name and hosting charges. To make things even more interesting here are 3 simple ways your blog can earn you money:

a)  Advertisements

What advertisements? The banners or ads that you see when you visit a website is actually a revenue stream for that website. You can get going through Google AdSense. The earnings are made in two ways, Ad Click (CPC) or Ad Impressions (CPI).


b) Affiliate Marketing

It is when you market a product for someone else. Your readers get to know about a product and the company pays you for it. You get paid whenever someone buys a product or service using your Affiliate links.

c)  Paid Reviews and Posts

Fairly simple! Your blog is a success and people want you to write and post reviews. This enables them to use your influence to spread awareness about their brand or to boost sales.

Blogging is not just about writing good articles. It also entails keyword search, implementing on-page SEO, backlinks building and other such techniques.

2.Start a YouTube Channel

Forbes reports that one of the top YouTubers, Logan Paul, earned a whopping $14.5 million in 2018 after he made a controversial video. His popularity may have taken a dive in 2018 but his earnings tell otherwise. That’s not money just from YouTube. That’s what he makes from YouTube and his fame combined.

YouTube is an effective way to make money. Although it only works if you are capable of creating content that can capture an audience. The videos can range anywhere from yoga, workouts to cooking and pranks. If you make the right video, who knows you might just become an internet sensation overnight. You sleep after uploading your video and wake up to be famous.

YouTube may monetize  videos that you make. Copyright protected videos and content will be taken down and your channel will be given a hit. The alternative may be that the video stays and monetized but the original owner of the video will benefit from it.

3.Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is an idea that almost assures profits. Why? It is proven and tested business. There are people that are making good money out of it. How does it work? It’s simple. Look for domain names of importance. You will then buy them for a reasonable price. You will hold onto them until someone approaches you to buy them. Once they approach you it is now time to sell it at a premium. How is it profitable you say? You can get a domain for as low as $1 and sell it for up to $10,000. There is only one domain by that name and you have it. Go invest   what its worth for you.

It may seem that this does not seem to be a lot of work. Well, it is. Domain flipping is all about research. You will have to look for domains both expired and new alike. It takes more time to research than you think it does. That’s not all. Once you’ve bought the domain don’t forget to list it on a website that deals in domains. Every product needs a shop and a display!

Wrap up

There are a number of ways to earn money and the internet is the newest gateway to infinite opportunities. All businesses require capital, hard work, and consistency. Sprinkle it with creativity and you may have a formula to success
Implement this formula to the ideas mentioned above and who knows you may be the biggest success story of 2019. These businesses require little to no capital and in return give an opportunity to make a career, make money, and get to the highest towers of fame. Every day comes with new opportunities and these are the newest ideas for you to explore.


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Good luck with your efforts!



Andy has a keen interest in technology, digital marketing, and sports. He loves to write about these topics and stay updated with emerging trends. He regularly writes for Spectrum internet and other digital platforms.