Apart from the countless jaw-dropping moments along the road, it is probably the heart-melting bromance that has kept fans glued to this longest-running CW show of the fantasy genre. With the perfect dose of drama - the fun and the laughter, the pain and the joy - Supernatural has surely touched the hearts of every fan. Here is a treat for all of you! Binge it all over again with your AT&T TV!

With the 2020 lockdown season enhancing panic and what-not it seems just the right time to relive all the remember-able sweet and sour moments that the Supernatural fans have so enjoyed over the years. We therefore present you with the top memories all the fans can relate to!

Though a tough task, since there are numerous spotlight moments the show has granted us to cherish, we have made sure to attend to if not all then most. Hold your breath as you glimpse the most heart fluttering of them all. Please, don’t mind the gazillion we have not been able to mention, rather trust us when we say by the time you reach the end of this post, you will surely feel your adrenaline rushing. Why?

Because believe it or not, we literally went on a binge-party to narrow down these moments thanks to our super-fast AT&T internet. Rejoice as you read on!

1. The Spoon Prank-Season 2

The crazier the prank, the deeper the love! The Winchester spoon prank is sheer goodness. Season 2 shows the time when the Winchesters annoyed each other with crazy pranks quite like all brothers do. The spoon prank, wherein Dean put a spoon in Sam’s mouth while he slept in the car, never fails to stir a good laugh. Dean makes sure he captures a photo as he plays the prank on Sam. Sam wakes up super annoyed and warns Dean for a comeback episode that he would now pull. We see some cute brotherly love there!

2. Sam’s Death - Season 2 Finale

In that moment when Dean screamed aloud “Sam!” we could all feel our hearts sinking. It was indeed one of the most intense moments in the series. Many a heart literally skipped a beat as fans watched Sam backstabbed by Jake while Dean rushed to take his brother’s body in his arms; albeit, later Dean is successful at making a deal with a crossroads demon to save Sam.

3. Baby Sam Gifts Baby Dean an Amulet - Season 3

Supernatural’s vibrating Winchester bromance definitely gets you hooked instantly. One of the most touching moments comes when Sam gives Dean an amulet meant for John instead. With this reflection of a strong brotherly bond, baby Sam comes to realize his brother has been actually doing most of the parenting for him. Aww!

4. Holy Water all over Dean’s Face - Season 4

The funny moment in season 4, wherein Bobby employs every possible way to make sure Dean is not a demon or another monster, transpires when Bobby makes his final move to clear any remaining doubts and Dean gets to have a taste of splashing holy water all over his face. The whole Dean-Bobby interaction is undoubtedly source of a good dose of light-hearted laughter.

05. Dean Returns from Hell - Season 4

Marked by an emotional reunion, this moment from Lazarus Rising gave fans goose-bumps as Dean and Sam reunited following the hell incident. When Bobby and Dean visit Sam’s hotel room, initially he reacts as Bobby did when he first saw Dean upon his return from Hell. On the other hand, Dean and Bobby believe Sam must be responsible for Dean’s revival to life and are equally surprised by Sam’s reaction. The moment Bobby successfully convinces Sam, Dean standing in front of them was actually real, the brothers instantly hug each other with tearful eyes. And that is when you feel yourself gulping down a lump of emotion triggered by this heartfelt reunion.

6. Zachariah’s Death - Season 5

In season 5, it was disturbing to watch Dean as he witnessed Sammy and Adam being haemorrhaged by Zachariah nonetheless fans did feel euphoric when Dean finally knifed down Zachariah. He had been a nuisance to the Winchester brothers for the entire season. And seeing Zachariah killed by Dean kicked in a surge of pleasure and gratification!

7. Sam Saves Dean - Season 5

It was the moment from Swan Song wherein Sam manages to overcome Lucifer and rescues Dean. Dean convinces Sam to defeat Lucifer albeit that results in Lucifer severely beating him to near unconsciousness. Right when Lucifer smashes Dean against the Impala, Sam sights the army toy man in the ashtray inside the vehicle, and is struck with an instant flashback filled with the warm memories of their childhood together. Fans hold their breath as Sam finally manages to defeat Lucifer and opens the cage with the help of Horsemen’s rings. Michael appears suddenly and tries to hold Sam back, but Sam grabs hold of Michael too showing him the way to the cage. Dean looks upon the whole scene hopelessly, feeling the full intensity of the pain of losing loved ones; because of Sam, his brother gets to live a normal life for a year. The three and a half minutes from Swan song are packed with ultimate drama - a good dose of action, thrill and suspense while emotional pain underlines all that.

8. Bobby’s Death - Season 7

One great rush of emotions Supernatural fans experienced came with the moment wherein Winchester boys’ surrogate father, Bobby Singer, died. He was that one person who everyone liked; he was there whenever the boys needed him; and it was always funny to watch him complain about stuff later. It was in this traumatic scene that Bobby takes a bullet from Dick Roman. And while struggling for life, he manages to remain awake for long enough to write down the numbers he had obtained from Dick’s office. Bobby gives one final affectionate smile as he moves on from this world - the last word he utters is idjits.

9. Dean’s Funny Scene - Season 8

Hunteri Heroici from season 8 was a jam-packed dose of cartoon themed death and chaos to say the least. The exciting moment from season 8 comes as the old fanatic Fred apparently gets trapped in his own mind. A telekinetic freak, his powers become uncontrollable, while his cartoon-watching obsession results in his turning into a looney tune in real-life. Fans watch Dean and Fred encounter each other with a BANG-flag gun, fry pans, and dropping anvils as Dean attempts to take control of the situation.

10. Kevin’s Death - Season 9

We were definitely taken in by the painful moment from Supernatural season 9 when Kevin was killed – and we shed tears with Dean. The tough part was that an angel-controlled Sam murders Kevin making it even more painful. Probably the most touching scene from season 9, we all experienced a tear or two rolling down our cheeks; after all it was difficult to get over the loss of our genius but cool prophet who never wanted to be a prophet in the first place. Kevin, Dean and Sam had shared many memorable times together.

11. Dean’s Hilarious Karaoke Scene-Season 10

Realizing Dean was a Demon and watch him go nuts in the Karaoke session was surely hilarious. The funny scene where the drunk Dean becomes a pain for everyone with his annoying singing skills always brings along a hearty laugh.

12. The Carry on Wayward Son Song-Season 10

The Fan Fiction episode was surely a treat for all Supernatural fans. The most heart-warming moment of the 200th episode was when Dean and Sam end up in a Girls School as they search for a missing teacher. The Winchester brothers watching the Carry on Wayward Son song made for a cool moment – one that moved everyone as the girls performed the anthem song.

13. Maddie’s Room-Season 11

One of the highlights of Season 11 was when Sully summoned Winchester brothers’ help. An interesting scenario transpires as Dean and Sam meet Sully in Maddie’s bedroom; it all seems perfectly fine until Sully gives visual access to the brothers and they figure out the horrific state all around. Maddie’s mother enters the room and fixes things up only making it still more hilarious as she smears blood over her face without knowing. The boys find it gross but manage to put on a show as they attempt to hide their reaction.

14. Dean Kills Hitler-Season 12

In season 12, Hitler’s life is restored when the pocket watch bearing his soul is revealed. The spotlight moment of The One You’ve Waiting For is the point when Dean kills Hitler and later makes sure everyone knew that. He also wants the pie because after all… he killed Hitler!

15. Dean loses his Memory- Season 12

One of the most heart touching moments from season 12 was when Dean loses his memory following a spell cast by a witch. It starts with him forgetting names while he initially thinks it is because of the crazy drunken night. He recalls his own name and the names of family members as he stands in front of the mirror, his eyes all teary. The fact he is forgetting everything hits him really hard.

We hope you enjoyed the rollercoaster ride and had as much fun as we did while we travelled through time to gather all these breath-taking moments from the Supernatural legacy, which incidentally carries on. It is surely one of the most amazing shows ever and makes history, with all the Supernatural hard-core fans anxiously geared up for great entertainment even in its last season the same way as it does in the first one!

If you haven’t watched it yet then don’t worry Supernatural’s last season is coming to Netflix as well. If you have watched it – maybe it’s time to binge it up?