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10 Great High School Football Prospects

Author: Zain Updated: 19 Sep, 2019

The sunshine of spring is upon us which means that the NBA playoffs are just around the corner, hockey season is in full swing and baseball is also underway. However, fans who need their football fix should be paying close attention to the up and coming players – the high school class of 2020 – who will soon be hitting college fields.

Some college prospects have already committed their future while others are still weighing offers and evaluating the best team for their career goals. We’ve profiled some of the most exciting nationally ranked players who look set to achieve success at the next level.

These are probably the pro stars of the future and we will be cheering them on in the NFL as well. Get to know these young athletes so you can brag about your knowledge and of course make the best picks for your fantasy football teams.

Let’s now meet the athletes.

Bryan Bresee

A 6’5’’, 290 lbs Defensive Tackle who hails from Damascus, MD. Bresee is a Swarmin’ Hornet, a team which has 3 consecutive state championships! (2015, 2016, 2017).

That’s not all. Bresee led the Damascus High School Varsity football team to a state record 51-game winning streak. That’s the best winning run in the nation.

You know he’s good when he’s considered the class of 2020’s top recruit at this school. Bresee has also been a varsity basketball player.

In 2018 he had 36 Tackles for Loss and 12.5 Sacks. Bresee has visited several colleges and received dozens of offers already. It has been reported that he is most likely to attend Clemson. QBs beware!

It’s no wonder Bresee has been successful because of family support and nurturing of a competitive spirit.

You know he’s good when he’s considered the class of 2020’s top recruit at this school. Bresee has also been a varsity basketball player.

In 2018 he had 36 Tackles for Loss and 12.5 Sacks. Bresee has visited several colleges and received dozens of offers already. It has been reported that he is most likely to attend Clemson. QBs beware!

It’s no wonder Bresee has been successful because of family support and nurturing of a competitive spirit.

Jordan Burch

Burch is a 6’5’’ 250 lbs Defensive End from Columbia, SC. His Hammond High School is independent so he may not have the most skilled opponents but his team dominates due to the quality of its football program.

He had 10 sacks in 2018. Burch’s preference for college is reported to be Clemson. Although he has visited colleges and received offers, he is yet to commit his future. Oh and he’s a pretty great basketball player too!

If you watch Burch’s plays he is a tricky pass rusher. He can hold the point against a T/TE on the strong side. It’s a bit unfair to label him as just a DE because he is also a decent running back! A versatile player is a coach’s favorite resource.

Paris Johnson Jr.

Johnson Jr. is a 6’7’’ 280 lbs Offensive Tackle from Cincinnati, OH. This wonder kid was named as a Division I first-team all-state selection. He is pretty much the best player in the football-crazy state of Ohio.

Johnson Jr. committed to the Buckeyes in summer 2018. Other strong teams like Clemson and Alabama among many others had also offered him a place.  

With Johnson Jr. at the LT position it is unlikely that any pass rusher is going to get through. The QB can sit in the pocket for longer than without Johnson Jr. in the OL.

This talented guy can even create rushing lanes by executing blocks effectively.

Besides his on the field talent, he has a good attitude which is so necessary to success. On his Instagram page, Johnson Jr. says “I do it for more than myself..everything is for the family. He is a kid with a great future ahead of him and NFL fans can only hope he ends up on their favorite team.

T.J. Finley

Finley is a 6’6’’ 233 lbs quarterback from Ponchatoula, LA. He has committed his future to Louisiana State University.

In the 2018 season, he attempted 333 passes for 158 completions, 2736 passing yards, 23 TD and 5 INT. Impressive numbers!

Finley says he likes to make decisions and make his teammates better. That’s why he prefers playing QB, and why he’s good at it.

His coach at Ponchatoula started playing spread offense rather than option offense and attributed the change to Finley’s skills. Finley’s inspiration is Carson Wentz and he wants LSU to beat the likes of Alabama to become champions.

Luke Doty

Doty is a 6’2’’ 195 lbs quarterback out of Myrtle Beach, SC. Doty led his team to a state championship in his first season as a starter.

He is known to be an accurate passer who attempts red zone throws and also is good at running with the ball.

In the 2018 season, he completed 3037 pass yards, 36 pass TD and had only 6 INT.

Sports 247 compares his style to Mitch Trubisky.

Despite several offers, Doty has committed his future to South Carolina.

Avantae Williams

Here is a 5’11’’ 170 lbs multitalented athlete native of Deland, FL. His best position is Safety.

Watching his school games’ highlights shows you how good he is at anticipating throws, tackling and even zipping towards the end zone after he has plucked an interception out of the air on good throws.

In December 2018 “Tae” Williams committed to play for the Oregon Ducks.

His game intelligence is superb. Williams has an uncanny ability to read the routes of the offense in real time and adjust his own run to make a hit. It’s like he instantly does advanced math to know where his target is going to be and how to bring him down ASAP.

But scouting websites rate him as an “athlete” which means he can perform at other positions too.

Williams’ Instagram page shows a man devoted to his child and the game of football. No doubt he is a player with a bright future ahead of him.

Jordan Johnson

Johnson is a 6’2’’ 180 lbs Wide Receiver from Saint Louis, MO. He possesses all the necessary skills for a receiver. He is agile, can dodge defenders by zigzagging at lightning speed, jump high to grab an arced throw in the red zone, and create separation on his route running.

Johnson’s Instagram shows artistic shots of his football career. His devotion to family and his social popularity is also evident.

This guy has over 2 dozen offers from good schools and he will announce his commitment on 7/28/2019. Will he go for Texas A&M, Missouri, or Notre Dame? We can’t wait to find out and watch Johnson in action again.

Roydell Williams

Williams is a 5’10’’ 202 lbs Running Back from Hueytown, AL. It is said that there’re simply too many good players available for the RB position which is why the pay is not relatively great for professionals.

But this kid is something special. If you watch his highlight reels, he’s a type of runner that defenders chase but have trouble even touching. He could get way above average yards per carrying even in flag football.

Williams has a decent stiff arm, but he doesn’t need it a lot because he is able to find lanes with open space and get ahead of defenders. He averaged 9 yards per carrying in 2018 racking up 32 rushing TDs.

Williams has committed to wearing Alabama’s Crimson Tide colors in 2020. Here’s to hoping we see him in action for one of the top teams of the country.

Harrison Bailey

Bailey is a 6’4’’ 200 lbs Quarterback from Marietta, GA. His physical attributes place him in the sweet spot for this position. Unlike Drew Brees or Russell Wilson, you won’t see people questioning whether he can make up for his height.

Bailey’s forty, shuttle and vertical verified results aren’t the best, but he has been improving year-on-year at his job; passing the ball.

In 2018 Bailey had 212 completions out of 335 attempts for 2809 passing yards and 29 TD with 6 INT.

He has committed to Tennessee. We think that by the time he gets to the NFL draft, he will have improved enough to be considered a potential starting rookie QB.  Keep an eye on Bailey!

Fred Davis II

Davis II is a 6’1’’ 182 lbs Cornerback from Jacksonville, Florida. Lately, Defensive Backs have been involved in some controversial plays (2019 NFC Championship anyone?). Now, rule changes in the NFL have allowed for challenges to pass interference penalty calls or even no-calls.

That’s why it is so important to have a Cornerback who can cleanly defend against the pass.

Davis II has a decent verified shuttle and vertical results. He doesn’t often allow separation between himself and the pass recipient. In 2018 he had 48 tackles and 12 passes broken up and a pick-six. His focus is more towards breaking up plays and tackling and he can improve in the interception aspect of his game.

Clemson and Ohio State are said to be chasing after Davis II. We hope to see Fred showing his skills at the college level soon!

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