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ADT Home Security Equipment and Services

ADT products have been designed in a way to provide complete peace of mind and convenience to users with its top-notch home security and monitoring systems.

ADT Home Security Systems – The protection your home deserves

ADT is one of the pioneers of the home security industry in the United States and has been working relentlessly towards the automation and protection of homes and businesses for 140 years, now. With the ADT home security and alarm systems, you can be sure of the safety of your belongings and loved ones, at all times.

Features of the ADT home security systems:

Adt Professional Installation

ADT Command Panel

This panel lets you have the entire ADT home security system at your fingertip’s command.

Adt Door and Window Alarms

Door and Window Alarms

The high-decibel siren will go off alarming you and the ADT team if any unwelcomed presence tries breaking into your home.

Adt Security Key

Security Key

With a simple button, you can disarm the complete home security and monitoring system of your home.

Adt 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Our experienced team of professionals stays up to ensure that you can have a relaxed day and sound sleep without any worries.

Adt Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

These smart motion sensors cover an impressive range of your home and can alert you about any suspicious movement while disregarding your pet’s furry little trail.

Adt Decals and Yard Signs

Window Decals and Yard Signs

Ensure that every passerby knows that your home is well protected with ADT home security systems.

ADT Fire & Life Safety Alarms – Valuing your things and family

With the extensive fire & life safety alarm system employed by ADT, our monitoring centers can immediately alert the first responders to come to your aid in the event of any fire or CO leak.

Adt Smoke Detector

ADT Smoke Detectors

These advanced smoke detectors can sense the temperature rising and indicate a fire before it becomes big.

Through the monitored FLS alarm system, your home and loved ones are 24/7/365 protected.

ADT smoke detectors are smart enough to differentiate between real and fake threats for maximum efficiency.

Adt Flood Sensors

ADT Flood Sensors

If the flood sensor detects even a hint of a leak, you will receive alerts on your smart devices immediately.

The ADT Flood detectors can be easily installed and are recommended to be placed where flooding can be expected.

Adt Carbon Monoxide Detectors

ADT Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You may not be able to sense the odorless and colorless carbon monoxide, but these detectors very well can.

At the slightest hint of carbon monoxide, these detectors will notify the ADT monitoring team that will ensure a quick response time of the front-line fighters.

What’s more, the thermostat turns off if the smoke or CO detector goes off and unlocks the smart locks to let first responders enter the home, even when you are not around.

Adt Smart Home Automation

ADT Smart Home Automation

Transform your home into a smart home with ADT smart home automation service.

Access your doors, locks, lights, plugs, thermostats, cameras, and the entire security system with an easy tap on your smartphone.

Not only this but your ADT system works with Hey Google so you can control your security system with just your voice.

Home Security Cameras – Keep a check on your home from virtually anywhere

Want to have complete autonomy over everything that happens at your home? Well, look no further since ADT has got you covered. ADT provides the best home security and alarm options for you to feel confident about your home safety during those international business tours.

Whether you want to peek inside your home, around the garage, or at the door – ADT has all the home security cameras to meet your requirements.

ADT Pro HD Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

ADT Pro HD Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

Clear vision during day and night, ADT indoor security cameras give you a chance to watch everything happening in your home at 1080p HD video quality.

These security cameras can even detect important events in and out of your home and can send you alerts about them.

On account of their two-way audio feature, you can talk to anyone close to the cameras through the ADT app.

Google Nest Doorbell

The Nest Doorbell lets you see what’s happening at your door and answer it from anywhere.

It knows the difference between a person, package, vehicle, and animal, and alerts you when there’s activity

With 30-day video history, you can even slide back to any missed event or notification.

Hear announcements on Nest Mini when someone is at the door.

ADT Google Nest Doorbell
ADT Pro HD Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

Blue by ADT Smart Cameras

Without any long-term commitment or heavy investment, Blue by ADT security cameras let you work independently around a home security system with ease and flexibility.

These cameras operate on Wi-Fi and need at least 2 Mbps internet speed and can be controlled via smartphones with the latest Android™ OS or iOS.

Not only are Blue by ADT security cameras inexpensive, but they also deliver 1080p HD live video quality via your mobile app.

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ADT SoSecure – Make Security a Priority

This mobile safety app is a godsend means to remain safe in unsavory situations. Whether you are feeling unsafe or you want to look out for your loved ones, you can contact ADT discretely through SoSecure.

Going out for a run in an unknown part of the town or following your heart to go on a blind date has never been easier than with the ADT SoSecure mobile app.

ADT SoSecure Features:

Adt Emergency Connection

Emergency Connection

Make an emergency connection with ADT by choosing one of the three ways:

  • SOS Chat
  • SOS Video
  • SOS Slider
Adt Track movement

Peace of Mind

Maintain your peace of mind wherever you go.Use SoSecure to:

  • Track your movement
  • Keep an eye on you
  • Call 911 on your behalf
Adt 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

SoSecure makes sure that you are never alone in case of emergencies by offering:

  • Crash detection
  • Roadside assistance
Adt Real-time location

Real-time location

With its real-time location sharing feature, you can create groups with your friends and family to:

  • Monitor location
  • Favorite spots
  • Ensure safety
  • Receive alerts about someone’s movement

ADT SoSecure Plans

Subscribe to a plan that makes the most sense to you!

Features Basic Plus Premium
SOS Chat
SOS Slider
Location Sharing
SOS Video
Works with Hey Google
Crash Detection
Roadside Assistance
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The ADT Mobile Apps

ADT mobile applications enable you to control your home security and monitor your alarm system virtually, and works with Hey Google or Amazon Alexa for voice control of your smart home devices.

ADT Control

ADT Control app brings the flexibility of the ADT Control Panel to the tap of your finger and gives you remote access to your entire home security system.

With the ADT Control app, you can:

  • Arm or disarm your home security and automation system remotely
  • Receive alerts about sensors changing their statuses
  • Control lights and thermostats virtually
  • Access real-time security footage


Take virtual charge of your ADT account with the MyADT mobile app.

  • Control your verbal security keys and passwords
  • Execute system tests remotely
  • Manage the EasyPay feature
  • Check and pay your subscription bills
  • Access the MyADT Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

iOS users can get the ADT SoSecure through this link, while Android users can download it from here.
Download the ADT Control app through these links: For iOS users | For Android users
All ADT home security plans include motion sensors, a digital keypad, and door and window sensors.
As long as you already have a camera, you can synchronize it with your ADT security system through the ADT Control platform.
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