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Xfinity X1—All the Entertainment you Need!

Watch all the movies, shows, and sports on one powerful platform.

xfinity cable packages

Xfinity X1

Xfinity X1 is a multi-featured entertainment operating system. It is one of the coolest set-top technology in the market and merges your cable tv, internet, and home phone services into one unique platform.

What Makes the X1 Platform Special?

The X1 platform does more than supply your programming, it also works as your DVR. Use it to record and manage your favorite shows. You can set it up to record a show or even an entire series for up to fifteen days in advance. Manage your recording schedule via the Xfinity TV App or online with Xfinity Stream portal. Access all your content from your computer, laptop, and mobile devices. Another way to download programming is to use X1 Cloud* by using your WiFi or mobile network.

  • Intuitive universal voice control remote
  • Integrate cable and phone connectivity
  • Phone to DVR video streaming
  • Personalized recommendations
  • On Demand library of 163,000+ titles
  • Manage your DVR from anywhere
  • Simultaneous recording of 6 shows
  • Netflix integration
  • Search across multiple devices
xfinity cable packages
Xfinity x1

One Platform, One Device, Endless Entertainment

X1 gives you tons of entertaining choices. Browse through thousands on shows and movies in the Xfinity On Demand catalog. Add premium services such as HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz, and more to enjoy the hottest shows. Download shows and watch even when you don’t have internet access. X1 is an entirely new way of experiencing television.

Convenient Channel Listing

X1 displays a visual channel listing that shows content titles and short descriptions instead of channel numbers. All the information you need to discover that next binge-worthy show. It also provides broadcast schedules, relevant information such as episode summaries, release dates, parental guidance ratings, and cast details.

xfinity cable packages
xfinity cable packages

Universal Search Function

The X1 is designed to be extremely user-friendly and has an intuitive app-like interface. The search engine works universally and checks multiple sources to find you exactly what you want! Just type in a few letters and a ton of suggestions will pop up. The recommendation engine learns your preferences over time and displays a customized list of top 100 shows, this way you can watch your favorite shows right away.

Watch Netflix on Xfinity X1!

X1 integrates with Netflix to give you access to all Netflix movies and shows directly within your native entertainment operating system. The recommendation feature will help you find Netflix originals based on your favorite shows.

If you are a current Netflix subscriber you can log in to your Netflix account within X1. Simply go to the Apps section under Main Menu or select any Netflix program On Demand. Want to subscribe to Netflix? Sign up using X1 and get one month absolutely free.

xfinity cable packages
xfinity cable packages

Unmatched Sports Experience

Level up your sports watching experience with Xfinity X1. The screen displays real-time scores and player stats while you watch the game. You can even watch one game and track the stats of another. Stream your favorite sports channels live on-the-go. Sign up for Xfinity and never miss a big game!

Access Social Media

Staying connected with friends and family is easy with the X1 platform. You can access your favorite social media accounts right from your TV! Stream smartphone videos directly to your tv and enjoy those memorable moments on a bigger screen. You can also save and share smartphone videos and photos on cloud storage and share them with the whole family.

xfinity cable packages
Xfinity x1

The Multi-Featured Xfinity X1 DVR

The Xfinity X1 DVR lets you record show up to 6 shows simultaneously. Watch whenever you want or save them for offline viewing. Here are some of the reasons why entertainment aficionados need the amazing X1 DVR:

  • Get 500 GB of storage space
  • Save hundreds of hours of Standard Definition content
  • Record up to 4 shows while you watch a fifth one
  • Your DVR comes preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 tv shows

Xfinity X1 Voice Remote

X1 Voice Remote gives you power to search through the Netflix catalog using voice commands. Want to watch a specific show? Say the title and simply start watching!

The voice controlled search feature can instantly find you what you want. Search by actor, show title, or favorite team.

* Some markets may not have access to the X1 Cloud DVR, please call for details.

xfinity cable packages

Not available in all areas. On Demand selections subject to charge, indicated at time of purchase. See Offer Details